Pisces birth chart/main characteristics

Pisces in the birth chart – See its main characteristics

Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac. He is aware that he somehow takes on the different attributes of all the other 11 signs. Therefore, Pisces is dreamy and romantic, in addition to being known for his charming creative side which, for some, is like fluid poetry, while for others it is similar to a fresh flower. Many find their supporters generous, compassionate, and unselfish, while others may think they are somewhat rigid or insensitive. Pisces birth chart 

The sign of Pisces is represented by the symbol of two fish aligned in opposite directions, indicating that paradoxes abound. Thus, Pisceans are seen living in a world of their own, where they tend to excel spiritually by being focused on their inner journeys aimed at finding peace and harmony. Known for effortlessly traveling between waves without causing a stir, Pisces people hate confrontations. They prefer to take the roundabouts and do everything they can to avoid conflicts.

Finally, the sign of Pisces deeply yearns for physical and mental intimacy. In this way, these people are affectionate, tender and have a huge heart. They are also passionate lovers who need to be mentally connected. Shallow arrows are not for Pisceans, as they are true to feelings and, in addition to being loving, they are sometimes obsessive.

Check out what having Pisces in the birth chart can represent in your life:


Moon in Pisces has the greatest sensitivity and acumen of the surroundings. The person may experience feelings of insecurity, be passive and just wait and see what happens in their life. If the individual engages in creative or spiritual pursuit, he can become an artist or a mystic with great imagination.


People with Mercury in Pisces like art, mysticism and psychology. Therefore, they usually speak with emotion, as they have a sensitive mind that absorbs a lot of information. Ideas and solutions come easily, effortlessly. Because of this mental connection, sometimes these people are unsure if their thoughts are really their own. Pisces birth chart 

Unfortunately, they often resist the sensitivity of the mind, also doubting its credibility because it seems to them that some thoughts and opinions come from “somewhere else.” Resisting your brain’s sensitivity will eventually lead to some mental breakdown. However, if they stop worrying about it and let the ideas flow through their minds, those thoughts will give them a great inspiration.


Venus in Pisces gains importance because love and beauty can be fully expressed in this sensitive, imaginative, and compassionate sign. However, to reach the highest point, we must sometimes fall to the lowest point. 

Thus, these people must learn how to best express their universal sense of love, otherwise they will be condemned to excessive vulnerability and sensitivity, and their worrying nature will be misused. Pisceans consider everything alive and sacred, from humans to the smallest insects, and may have problems in their intimate relationships due to their love for the entire universe.


Mars in Pisces gives people the opportunity to work in professions where they do not come into direct contact with the public, but exercise authority in a prominent workplace. People with Mars in Pisces get what they want through gentle or indirect means. 

They tend to have secret love affairs and may hide that relationship from the public eye. Your actions are affected by strong emotional currents, and if you don’t want them to negatively influence your efforts to reach your goals, you need to find out what these emotional currents mean.


Jupiter in Pisces forms a hospitable, friendly and charitable nature. These people enjoy helping society’s castaways, as well as being true angels of mercy who help anyone whose body, soul or spirit suffers, including the sick and imprisoned. They are sensitive and therefore capable of perceiving influences from the invisible world. 

They have experience of a spiritual nature and often become occultists. People with Jupiter in Pisces may have been very kind in the past and much could have been expected of them. As a result, they may have become suspicious of other people’s intentions, and tend to exaggerate their problems.  


People with Saturn in Pisces need to strike a balance between the need to ignore the demands of their own life and the need to take care of other people’s problems. In order to find the middle way between these extremes, sooner or later they will have to find a way to call upon the wisdom of the Ancient Soul within themselves. 

They must discover their innate ability to help others while solving their own problems. You must go into the depths to discover lost wisdom and insight. The Ancient Soul yearns for ancient peace. Combines an ideal and strength. These people are predestined for life in seclusion and for philosophy, scientific research and solitude.


Uranus in Pisces can manifest in two possible ways. These people can be visionaries or idealists. They may have tendencies to become drug users who are trying to escape the harsh realities of life or who want to accelerate the development process. 

But this is obviously a path to self-destruction. They also like to hide in their fantasy world. They are generally good researchers who enjoy finding things out, and if Uranus is okay, they also have great intuition.


Neptune in Pisces is in its own sign. These people are idealistic and often religious. They are usually gifted with natural faith, as well as being kind and charitable. They also have a special ability, the mystical power of prayer, but it only works if it’s not intentionally used to achieve a specific goal. The most effective prayer is one that is sincere, spontaneous and without expectation of any result.


People with Pluto in Pisces are empathetic, sensitive, imaginative, and idealistic. Personal transformation can be accomplished through compassion and sensitivity towards others and the world around you. They can be very idealistic or naive. Pluto in Pisces, like Pluto in Scorpio, gives people hidden abilities, but in a superior form.

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