Pisces ascendant appearance/complete description

Ascendancy of the signs with Pisces

The sign of Pisces comprises people who were born between February 20th and March 20th . These people, who are ruled by the planet Neptune, tend to have romantic, sentimental and intuitive characteristics, showing a particular fondness for the arts and an affinity for spirituality. Pisces ascendant appearance

When Pisces ceases to be the sun sign to be the ascendant, it imprints some of its characteristics on the ruling sign, forming different and interesting combinations.


The sign of Aries is seen by many as constituting people with more rigid personalities, often even coarse in their dealings with others. The truth, however, is that Aryans can sometimes show themselves to be quite sensitive and generous, always enjoying challenges and new adventures.

The Pisces ascendant inclines the Arian to have a little less control over himself, especially in the financial matter, being driven to spend more on impulse with himself and with friends and family. Extremely communicative, Aries often does not allow his real emotions to show, preferring to keep them to himself.


The influence that the Pisces ascendant exerts on the sign of Taurus usually results in people with a great emotional need, always preferring to be close to those who constantly reinforce how much they appreciate their company. Often a Taurus with a Pisces ascendant becomes someone who strives to get attention and keep it in him, so that everyone focuses on him.

In general, Taurus with a Pisces ascendant is a very creative person, due to the influence of his ascendant, and who manages to leave the world of ideas and put his projects into practice, a fundamental issue in relation to the Sun sign of Taurus, as many times Pisces is too volatile, creative, and imaginative to get out of the unreal world and settle down long enough to complete a project. This person, still, always seeks to have someone to feel in love with and believes in the search for perfect love.


The sign of Gemini with a Pisces ascendant usually produces a personality that is somewhat averse to responsibilities and finds it difficult to assume them, as Pisces increasingly pulls Gemini into the realm of ideas, the unreal, the imagination. Pisces ascendant appearance

These people are very attached to their childhood period and, due to this, they tend to act immaturity throughout their lives. Also because of this great childhood influence, the family is shown as a very important element in the life of a Gemini person with a Pisces ascendant, both as an attachment to the current family and as a nostalgia for the family composition that he had in childhood. The typical Gemini instability is still present, but the influence of Pisces makes the subject afraid of changes and becomes someone insecure.


The sign of Cancer is known for its sensitive and sentimental nature. When this combination occurs, the Pisces ascendant only intensifies this characteristic. Often, such a mixture leaves the sensitivity a little out of control, which can result in episodes of depression or other psychological syndromes in some people, as Cancer has its emotions a little more on the surface.

Importantly, this is just a possibility that something might happen, but it is not a rule. When a Cancer person with a Pisces ascendant finds himself in love, he surrenders deeply to the feeling, leaving him vulnerable to having his heart broken.


In general, Leos are regarded as the most self-centered people in the Zodiac, but the Pisces ascendant is able to balance and even diminish this typical Leo trait, causing them to consider their neighbors a little more and themselves a little less.

The sign of Leo with a Pisces ascendant is very sensitive and has a special connection to your intuition. Dedicated, Leo likes to feel recognized and receive praise. The subject governed by this combination is someone with little control over reality, deluding himself easily and running the risk of living a fantasy invented by his head. Remember to keep your feet on the ground.


Virgo and Pisces are quite opposite signs, and because of that, the combination of Virgo and Pisces ascendant seems to be quite confusing and contradictory. The typical Virgo organization meets Pisces creativity and inconstancy, which can result in a slight bipolarity, in a person who has difficulty deciding how to act in different situations or even in balanced and intuitive people.

The latter case would be the ideal balance between Virgo and Pisces, however, it is much more common for the person resulting from this combination to be organized in some things and fickle in others, still in balance, but a little less functional than the previous scenario. Pisces ascendant appearance


The sign of Libra tends to be very sensitive and gentle people and, when connected with a Pisces ascendant, they tend to become even more sensitive and lose a lot of their self-confidence. Still, these people have a strong tendency to indecision and their surfaced creativity awakens room for imagination, which can make them lose themselves from reality, immersed in illusions.

His insecurity often makes love relationships difficult, making Libras with a Pisces ascendant fearful of getting involved and getting hurt, even though they live with their characteristic lack.


Combining the sign of Scorpio with the Pisces ascendant often results in people being dissatisfied, but this is a tendency and not a rule that will always occur. In general, these people are always looking for the next plan to make or the next goal to achieve. 

The Pisces ascendant gives the Scorpio a lot of imagination to leverage their ideas and plans, which is not to say that they will come true, or when they do, that they will be successful.


Sagittarius is usually someone with a particular taste for adventure and freedom, especially when those two are accompanied by adrenaline. The ascendant in Pisces gives the sign of Sagittarius a greater detachment from everything material, thus being a traveler or wanderer, always ready for the next one and with few roots.

Routines end up oppressing a little Sagittarius with a Pisces ascendant, leaving him angry and even explosive due to his dissatisfaction. The Pisces ascendant also makes Sagittarius more naive, dreamy, and generous. Pisces ascendant appearance


Capricorns are usually a more closed person, with few friends and very attached to routine. The fluidity of the Pisces ascendant, however, gives him more naturalness, being someone more sensitive and understanding, with closer friendships.

In addition, Pisces makes the Capricorn’s work come out of the first place on the list of importance in his life.


Aquarius and Pisces, at least outside the sign world, is a combination that makes sense. However, when the sign is Aquarius and the ascendant is in Pisces, there is a risk that logic disappears a little from life and the person gets lost in grandiose dreams and a lot of imagination.

It is important that the person with this astrological combination has someone around to anchor him to reality, so that he or she also accepts less creative and more routine tasks. They are often very dear to those around them, especially for their inclination to help others.


The astrological duplicity of a person who has the Sun sign Pisces and the ascendant in Pisces only reinforces their creative characteristics and their great capacity for imagination, and they can often get lost in their private universe. The sign of Pisces with a Pisces ascendant is also often inclined to religious or esoteric practices and subjects.

Freedom is also present in his personality, in a tireless search that often gets in the way of his commitments and makes it difficult to assume responsibilities. Sensitive by nature, a Pisces person with a Pisces ascendant is often an incorrigible romantic, but this sensitivity can also express itself as sadness if he doesn’t get the result he wants or the recognition he believes he deserves. Pisces ascendant appearance

It is a combination that can present cases of depression. It is important to note that the possibility of developing depressive episodes is a possible tendency and should never be taken as an absolute rule.

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