Pigeon dream meaning/white/gray/black/attack you/dead/flying etc.

Meanings of Dreaming about Pigeons

In general, dreaming about birds represents some interesting aspects. Like freedom when flying, cunning or treachery (when seeing crows). So you might ask yourself: what is the  meaning of dreaming about pigeons? Pigeon dream meaning

These types of dreams are full of different suggestions that can speak to many aspects of your life. Whether it’s family, emotional or work. It also reveals your inner concerns.

Doves signify peace and, in the dream world, they usually indicate inner peace. Psychoanalysts point out that dreaming about pigeons bodes well. Pigeon dreams reflect harmony, tranquility and maturity.

Although the dream scene has a lot to do with it. In this way, dreaming about pigeons in your windows can show the resolution of family conflicts. While dreaming of a black dove can indicate that dark moments are coming for you.

What do dream about pigeon really mean?

So what is the meaning of dreams about doves? These visions turn out to be a good omen, in most cases. Remember, these birds were used in ancient times to send messages from one place to another.

You may need to share your opinions and feelings with others. It should be noted that dreams must be interpreted from a personal point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive to every detail of the dream to discover the message that the subconscious sends you.

dream about white pigeon

This dream is a very good thing. Remember that the color white is associated with tranquility and the white dove is the universal symbol of peace. So you can be calm, it just portends good omens.

If you see a single white dove, it means you are at peace with yourself and your life. Things are going well and this is reflected in your general behavior with other people. Pigeon dream meaning

However, you must keep in mind that the meaning can vary depending on the number of pigeons and their actions. So if you see more than two pigeons, it indicates that there will be a truce, a reconciliation in the family. There is a dispute that has been bothering you for a long time and it will finally be resolved. It doesn’t involve you directly, but it still affects you.

On the other hand, if you see a group of white doves flying, be prepared as good news is coming. It is indicative that you will soon have an unbeatable opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

dreaming of gray pigeons

Seeing a gray dove in the meaning of dreams indicates that you have mixed feelings. But it’s more on a personal level than an emotional one. You’re at a crossroads and you don’t really understand who you are and what your purpose in life is.

Likewise, it is associated with insecurities. You’re not sure if your job is what makes you happy, but you’re afraid to change. You must dare to make new tumbles to find more surprises.

dreaming of black pigeons

Dreaming of black moths does not bode well. In the dream universe, the color black is representative of bad things. So you can imagine what the future holds for you. This reverie reveals that moments of anguish and sadness are coming. It has to do with sadness and despair in the dreamer’s life.

It’s very likely that you don’t quite know what it is right now, because everything is going as it should be. But what the dream tells you is that soon things will change and not for the better. It can be related to the economic part.

Likewise, if black doves during sleep approach you and make their murmur, it is an announcement of death. In particular, it is someone in the family or very close to you.

dream that pigeons attack you

Seeing in your dreams how a group of pigeons attack you is an indicator of bad news. Remember how, since the beginning of time, pigeons have been used as messengers. So with this dream you can deduce what the pigeons want to tell you. Pigeon dream meaning

He knows from his work, that it’s quite possible that this bad news will come from here. Be aware that someone may be spreading false rumors about you. It’s also related to your finances and the investments you’ve made over the past few days.

dream with many pigeons

When we dream of many doves or a flock of doves, we must understand that this has multiple meanings. And it all depends especially on their color, so don’t trust them. You should also be aware of the feeling they give you. If you feel ecstatic or anguished.

It can indicate so much that new paths and opportunities will open up for you. Or that moments of great sadness come.

dream of dead pigeons

A single dove dead in dreams indicates the “death” of a romantic relationship. But it talks more about you than your partner. This dream is not so much an advertisement as a state of mind of understanding and resignation. Your mind is telling you what you’ve known for some time.

The relationship with your current partner is not paying off; you feel stagnant or there is simply not a spark left. You’ve been thinking about the decision for some time, but it scares you.

As mentioned earlier in dream interpretation, doves are symbols of freedom and calm. So if you see them dead, it means you’re not in a good emotional balance. Your mood is fluctuating and this is causing a lot of problems. Pigeon dream meaning

dreaming of flying pigeons

This is a clear symbol of how you feel internally. Here you should pay special attention to the color of the flying pigeons and their behavior. It can be an indicator of the hopelessness and boredom you feel. And that you want to fly away to leave all your problems behind.

If flying pigeons are light in color, it is because you perceive a lot of calm and peace with yourself. Both internally and externally. Life smiles on you, things are going well and all your projects are being carried out as they should. This is one of the best pigeon dreams you could ever have.

Dreaming of dove droppings

Although it may seem a little ironic, the meaning of dreaming about dove droppings is quite positive. This is due to several old stories in which people who had been defecated by doves had immediate good fortune. Since then, dreams of dove droppings are taken as a sign of omen.

So if you had a dream like that, you have the freedom to feel lucky. There is a possibility that you will soon receive positive news. So, after having a dream like that, you should feel surrounded by positive energy to receive this news in the best possible way.

dreaming about pigeons at home

If there are several pigeons flying around your house, it means there are changes to be made that you have been putting off. It may even be modifications that the house itself needs, and you are already beginning to feel the weight of your indecision.

Likewise, it can represent a journey you are about to take, a long journey or an unexpected one. However, if one of the pigeons lands on your shoulder, it indicates the arrival of a new member in your home. On the other hand, if it’s just a group of pigeons on the windowsill, they bring good news. Pigeon dream meaning

Dreaming of colored pigeons

This chimera is very private and can be difficult to decipher into the meaning of dreams. So consider where you see them, whether they’re flying or walking, and how they make you feel. And watch the colors you see.

In general, in dreams, the most common shades are red, white, black, blue and yellow. Also see which color stands out the most. For example, if you see colored doves but there are more blue doves, it means that despite the complications, calm will come.

dreaming of a red dove

You must remember that the color red represents disaster and tragedy. Therefore, dreaming of a red dove is a bad omen. It is advisable to correct the problems that are open and prevent them from continuing to grow, so that you can live more calmly and relaxed.

dream of killing pigeons

Why do you kill pigeons? If you kill them because they’ve already attacked you, it’s a good dream, since you’re ending the danger around you or what is the same, the problems that trouble you.

But sometimes you can also kill pigeons because you don’t want to take that inner journey that these animals propose to you in dreams, you don’t want to see reality, you don’t want to fly; you don’t want to or don’t feel capable.

dream about pigeons shitting on you

Although it sounds strange, this dream is not bad luck; Quite the opposite. There are some stories that tell how, after being defecated by pigeons, two new potatoes appeared. The case of Pope Fabian and Pope Peter. Pigeon dream meaning

During their respective elections they were attacked by the droppings of these animals, so they started to relate it to happiness. For many people, this dream means the arrival of new riches and good news.

dreaming of injured pigeons

This dream is presented as an announcement of tragic things. Important news is coming, but it won’t be pleasant. You better prepare yourself well to be strong. Because what awaits you will not be easy to digest.

Dreaming that you watch doves

Perhaps you are in a park and have sat down to observe these urban pigeons, how they relate to each other and also how they approach people without fear of other types of birds.

What do pigeons have in particular so that they have this closeness to people who don’t have other birds? And what is your particular point? Pigeons are safe, confident and sociable.

Dreaming of a square full of doves

You’ve certainly seen the image of a square full of doves more than once. There are many pigeons, there are more pigeons than people in your dream and something strange is happening.

As if it’s not the natural order of things, as if something negative is about to happen, as if something in your life is upsetting your balance. Pigeon dream meaning

Dreaming that you feed the pigeons

Feeding pigeons is nothing more than feeding all the qualities we mentioned before. What you want is to increase the symbolism of the doves in your life, find inner peace, purify your emotions, free yourself from negative thoughts and let the wind take you with your wings spread.

dreaming of a pigeon’s nest

A dream pigeon nest is a positive thing in the dream world. Because it represents the comfort that your environment produces and the security that people around you provide.

You are very lucky because you and your family are in a time of happiness and prosperity. For those who distrust their partner, this dream indicates that whoever is by your side is faithful and takes care of you.

Dreaming that you have a dove as a pet

In your real life you love dogs, but in your dream you have a dove as a pet. It is not in a cage, but it roams around the house like any pet.

This dream indicates the need to do things differently without following conventions and is very positive because it can mark the beginning of the transformation of your life.

dream that you are a dove

The same meaning has this dream where you are a dove and see yourself flying with other doves. It would be fantastic to travel the skies in company, with a community like you, free, pure, authentic.

What does this dream mean to you? Wake up and analyze how free you feel in your environment and what kind of social relationships you are establishing now. Can you be yourself?

dreaming of a messenger dove

There are two possible meanings that can be given to dreams of messenger doves. If you see a dove flying with a card on its leg, it means that it will receive news soon and it can be positive and negative.

On the other hand, if within the dream you find yourself tying a message to a dove, the meaning is also very clear. This means that you are eager to communicate a message, but have not yet found the right way to do it.

Dreaming of several doves flying

Now, the meaning of seeing doves flying in your dream will depend on how they were flying. If they fly desperately and flee quickly, it means you want to run away from some situation in your life.

On the other hand, if they are calm doves and they are mostly white doves, the meaning is quite peaceful. This dream indicates that you are in a moment during which nothing will be able to disturb your inner peace.

dream of walking pigeons

If in your dream the dove appears walking peacefully on the ground or resting in its nest, the meaning is positive because it highlights the good environment of its surroundings and the stability that is currently in its life.

It’s also a symbol of your partner’s loyalty, so if you had any doubts about it, this dream is a sign that you shouldn’t worry about anything, because in your life everything is where it should be.

dream of hunting pigeons

This dream means that you are solely responsible for not achieving your goals and hunting them represents the frustration you have for not being able to achieve what you set out to do.

It’s time to stop blaming others and rethink all aspects of your life in order to find the blame for your actions and start over. This dream is the sign that you must work for what you want, recognizing your mistakes and improving yourself as a person.

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