Persecution dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about persecution really mean?

Dreaming of persecution means you are sabotaging yourself. Don’t limit yourself, have faith in your own abilities. Potential you have, use it to reach your goals! Persecution dream meaning

Have you ever been persecuted? If so, you must know that the feeling of having someone following you is very bad. You start to feel scared, you feel suffocated, unable to run away… The chase may be happening by someone bad who wants you harm, or someone who wants to get something from you. But what about dreaming about the chase?

Being chased in a dream, just like in real life, gives you a feeling of inadequacy and fear, where you go through very unpleasant moments. Did you have this dream but don’t know the meaning of dreaming about persecution?

What it means to dream of persecution may be linked to how difficult it is for you to believe in yourself, to realize that you have great potential. The persecution dream warns you that you may be hurting yourself when you doubt you can achieve your own goals.

If you had a chase dream and want to know even more about its meaning, look at other explanations that might make a lot of sense.


Dreaming that someone is chasing you means that you are struggling to calmly deal with the simplest issues of your life. Everything for you has been something difficult to deal with, even if it has been part of your routine for a long time. Sometimes the things that seem so hard to deal with are commonplace issues, and you may not be trying hard enough to bring these issues into play.

How about rethinking some of your attitudes, observing the way you deal with problems, and trying to make your life lighter, with less complaining? Persecution dream meaning


Dreaming that a man chases you means that if you are in love with someone, your love is being returned. However, if you don’t give in completely to this opportunity, you may miss out.

It is necessary to seize this moment and not run away from the situation: why be afraid to follow your heart? Give yourself to this novelty and do everything to live the good times that a relationship can provide you.


Dreaming of being chased by a woman is a good time to create new friendships. This moment is when you will realize who are the people who will really be with you in all situations, and you will end up moving away from those who don’t add to you anymore.

It’s okay to stay away from these people, but it’s worth going in search of new friends. At this point you will end up meeting people with whom you will create very strong bonds of complicity. The ideal now is to take the time to have fun with old and new friends and further strengthen relationships with whoever is showing up.


Dreaming that a car is chasing you means the inner fear of not being able to deal with the problems that surround you. You are afraid that bad people are manipulating you, preventing you from doing things and organizing your life.

Bad vibes may be plaguing your life right now, but you have to believe that you can let go of it. Nothing is bigger than you, and it’s only you who will be able to solve the hairiest problems.


Dreaming that you’re chasing someone means you’re not doing all of your duties. This dream came to warn that you need to rethink your attitudes and actually make the commitments.

This is an ideal moment to think about issues like “Am I doing what I’m willing to do?” or “Am I being fair to myself and others about the responsibilities placed on me?” If the answer is no, you need to change your attitude. Persecution dream meaning

Being responsible is not just about you, it’s about all the people who depend on you for that reason. Take your responsibilities and fulfill what you promised them, many people can be in your role.


If you see another person being chased in a dream, know that your life will be very long! In addition to living many years, your life will be full of health and comfort, and during the many years that you will inhabit this world, you will not experience great situations of difficulty.

Of course, no one lives fully happy for a lifetime, but what it means is that you will either manage to lead a life without any major problems or not let yourself down by them. But don’t forget that, although a dream means longevity, you shouldn’t neglect your health today: the future completely depends on your present. Take care of yourself today and always.


If in your dream you are chased but manage to escape, it is a sign that even when big problems arise in your life you will be able to solve them. Even when you believe that the problem at the moment is too great for you, the answer will be easily found.

Being able to successfully solve problems will, little by little, make a person more confident and capable of solving their own life and being the right arm of many people. Persecution dream meaning

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