Peacock in dream meaning/white/green/feathers/attack/dead etc.

Meanings of Dreaming about a Peacock

Dreaming of peacock is a good sign. This animal has gone through many facets in human history, before becoming an exotic bird and exclusive to kings. But over time, it became a pet bird for many people. Today, it is an animal of great value and appreciation. Peacock in dream meaning

From the above, we understand that dreams of a peacock value you as a person. In other words, it is a sample of your security and what you are capable of doing, impressing other people. Although it sounds hard to understand, imagine that you are a peacock and that every feather on your body will be your cover letter.

However, just understanding the color of the feathers, whether it was attacking, calm or perhaps dead, could indicate a different meaning to peacock dreams. Therefore, it is necessary to describe every possible scenario and try to remember most of the details that happened in your dream.

What do dream about peacock really mean?

It should be made clear that dreams of peacocks are not common. Sometimes you dream about them because you wore them during the day or you were chased by one, as most of the time these animals are defending their territory and do not tolerate strange visits. Peacock in dream meaning

If you’ve recently had an experience similar to this one, you’re likely dreaming of a peacock, so describing its meaning is meaningless.

But if the case above is not your case and you suddenly have a dream about a peacock, try to describe mainly its color and its calm or aggressive state. To properly understand this dream, we will describe the most common scenarios and colors.

dream of a peacock

If you don’t remember the details but dreamed of a peacock, that means you are someone very self-confident. As I mentioned before, a peacock always wants to show everything he has in his body, so this dream portends that you are ready to take on the world. However, dreaming about a peacock can also be negative for you.

When you go to extremes, you become very vain, self-centered, and intolerable. You can become someone who just wants to show off your plumage, forgetting about humility and being sociable. When you dream of a peacock, don’t forget that the important thing in your life is your feelings, but always get help from other people.

dream about white peacock

It is a dream with an excellent prediction, when a white peacock appears when the dream is an indication of safety. The dreamer’s subconscious knows he is experiencing good economic stability. It is the feeling of expressing the harmony and tranquility of well-executed planning and work, which leads to the comfort of those who dream. Peacock in dream meaning

The white peacock of dreams is the face of health and the desire to live with the environment. He could be referring to the fact that people’s tranquility is based on achieving security and harmony, you must always be aware and take care of everything.

dreaming of a green peacock

The green peacock dream means that luck will be in your favor. This is related to protection, which favors the growth of your economic life.

The peacock’s green color in this dream reflects your own freedom and financial independence along the way. So this is a good time to dedicate yourself to working for prosperity.

Another interpretation of this dream suggests the protection of babies. This means that you or someone close to you is or will be pregnant. This indicates that the birth will not have serious complications and that the baby’s mother will be safe. You must relax and enjoy this moment of happiness.

dreaming of peacock feathers

Dreaming of peacock feathers can be interpreted positively or negatively. In this dream, your personality depends a lot, as it describes your behavior towards others. Normally, you become shallow, self-centered, vain and materialistic. You are someone unknown to those who distinguish you for a long time and it starts to bother them.

If you dream of peacock feathers, it’s up to you to decide your future, because for some people vanity and material are the most important. Now, if you don’t want that path, then this dream tells you that you should control this behavior a little, so as not to scare your social circle.

dream of flying peacock

Did you dream of a peacock flying? Therefore, you have great self-esteem and self-confidence. Regardless of your current situation, this dream describes you as someone attached to your goals and objectives. Peacock in dream meaning

You are willing to overcome the barriers that have arisen in recent weeks, as you feel that something greater awaits you at the end of the path. If you dream of a flying peacock foreshadows good luck, good feelings and good people.

Dreaming about the peacock attack

If you dream of a peacock attacking, that’s good news, even if the path is a bit confusing for you. It is a time when news, experiences and new situations enter your life unexpectedly.

In some cases, it is considered an omen for the arrival of a new member of your family, whether it is a son or a nephew.

dreaming of a red peacock

When the presence of a red peacock is visualized in a dream, it is a way for the subconscious to indicate its gratitude to those who are caring and close. It is the manifestation of the recognition of teamwork and the participation of different social groups, allowing everything to flow in harmony for those who dream.

However, it is a dream that also gives glimpses of the many opportunities for evolution in the dreamer’s life. It is a sign of the possibilities of increasing the economy through labor activity and professional development.

dreaming of a black peacock

It’s one of the few not-so-positive dreams of dreaming about a peacock. When it is black, it indicates that the dreamer is filling up with negative energy and it is recommended that you take it out of context. It’s not good to surround yourself with toxic people who just seek to enjoy the success that surrounds those who work and plan well for life and the environment. Peacock in dream meaning

It can also indicate that you are surrounded by people who are masquerading as friends but are actually shadows. This steals energy, you must ward off these types of influences. One should not trust all individuals in the environment, more than opportune, it would be selective for the good of all, avoiding misunderstandings.

dreaming of a yellow peacock

When dreaming of a yellow peacock, it is a warning image to be aware of all the decisions we must make in life. This color is the one that announces being alert and in the dream it is precisely the announcement of attention and care. If you don’t want to receive surprises in what must be done, be always prepared and alert.

This dream is an invitation to analyze everything related to relevant decisions, such as looking for a partner, starting a new work project, making an economic investment. Success is just around the corner and you just need to exert a little effort with confidence and dedication to achieve it.

dream of blue peacock

When a peacock appears in dreams where the color blue predominates, it is an indication that a period of good fortune is approaching the dream. It is the representation of fortune in any area of ​​the dreamer’s life. It is an excellent forecast to take a little risk and invest in capital goods.

The blue color is the symbol of stability and serenity. When dreaming of peacocks that have this dye, it is the prediction of this feeling present in the dreamer’s life. As long as between him and the environment prevails, respect, harmony and cooperation can succeed, full of good energy everywhere shared. Peacock in dream meaning

dreaming of a dead peacock

If a dead peacock is perceived in dreams, it is the subconscious warning of being in the presence of people that can lead to a misunderstanding. Therefore, it is necessary to be alert to distance the figure of toxic beings close to the environment and that this does not harm the harmony of the environment.

It may also be referring to the presence of people in search of fights and disputes, discrediting those who dream. It is a sign of attention to indicate that you should be more careful when selecting friends, not trusting too much.

dreaming of feeding a peacock

When a peacock appears in a dream and is being fed by the dreamer, it is a sign of good omens and good luck. It is the announcement that there will be an expected reconciliation in a cause that has been considered lost.

The moment of regret passed thanks to the dedication and consideration shown by the dreamer and excellent future meetings are expected.

When the peacock is visualized being fed by the dreamer, it is the welcome sign of the consolidation of success through conscious work. It is the acceptance of conquest and harmony achieved through the exchange of positive energy with the environment that surrounds the dreamer.

Dreaming of a burning peacock

Dreaming of a peacock on fire is a foretaste of great changes to come in the dreamer’s life. It also refers to the reunion visit of distant relatives or relatives in a farewell meeting with wonderful news for all present.

Fire symbolizes cleansing energy. It is removing the part full of negativity, when in the dream a peacock appears among the flames, it is the symbolism of cleaning the environment. The bird in its magnificent plumage represents on this occasion the beginning of changes full of success and complete harmony.

dreaming of riding a peacock

When a peacock appears in a dream, those who experience it can realize that soon their life could change drastically and with it many surprises will come. If at the moment of the dream one realizes that they are in the bird, it is a magnificent sign of prosperity, good luck, it indicates that the projects are progressing correctly.

The perception that he is riding the peacock may be signaling that the dreamer is correctly carrying out his activities to achieve his goals. However, it is important not to be filled with vanity or exaggerate the pride it produces.

dreaming of a dancing peacock

When it’s time to dream, you notice a peacock dancing, it suggests that several people are aware of the projects you are working on. Everyone expects an excellent result from this, as they consciously know the dedication and dedication of those who have the dream.

It is a dream where the subconscious manifests itself indicating that it is an active, energetic being and that it works to obtain excellent results. Dance means celebrating the accomplishment of a work that is properly crystallized for the benefit of the group in which the individual finds himself.

Dreaming of a closed-tail peacock

The peacock’s appearance with its tail closed indicates that you feel that someone has judged you and it has hurt you with pride. Even though you don’t seem to care about your vanity, this criticism has undermined your security.

This feeling appears in dreams as soon as we let our guard down. Pay attention and interpret this as a warning not to expose yourself for free to opinions that sooner or later accuse you of wrongdoing.

dreaming of a little peacock

Best of all, in the coming days, is to be aware and not trust anyone, but if you dream to feed the peacock, it means you will reconcile with the person you fought with, or you will find A common language with A stranger, if you hearing the screams or songs of a peacock symbolizes that someone will spread rumors about you.

If you dream of a peacock on fire, it means that big changes are taking place in your life and could change very seriously. If you see a dead, sick, or injured peacock in the dream, it is a sign that you will soon be meeting relatives. or friends who will bring good news. Peacock in dream meaning

dreaming of a giant peacock

In dreams, the bigger a symbol is, the more its meaning frightens you. In this case, a giant peacock could be the reflection of someone who bothers us, who considers himself superior, beautiful and deserving of all attention. It is important that you identify and avoid these feelings; start looking at it in “real size” and you’ll see it can’t intimidate anyone

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