Moon in Virgo meaning/complete description

Moon in Virgo: Learn all about its influence on Virgo’s feelings

Do you have Moon in Virgo but stop to think what it means? It is important to understand what influence the Moon in the Astral Chart has on our lives, because as some Facebook jokes say, the Moon represents the “drunk and alone” individual. Moon in Virgo meaning

But after all, what does that mean? What important aspect of our “I” and of our lives will the Moon in the Astral Chart determine?

In this article, you will understand all about Moon in Virgo, what are the characteristics of Moon in Virgo and Moon in Virgo and how they influence the most important areas of life, like Moon in Virgo in Love, at work, in friendships and in the family .


The Moon determines several important things in relation to our personality, such as: how are our feelings, instincts, affective relationships, how we see the world, how we react to different events, what gives us comfort and security, what upsets us, what makes us get out of the “ bad ” etc.

In other words, the Moon in the Astral Chart has to do with our feminine and maternal side (a side that is present even in men) and, furthermore, with what is subjective to us, that is, everything that belongs to us. to our intimate.

The sign of Virgo is classified as mutable and its element is Earth. Governed by Mercury, the Planet of Communication, the Moon in the Astral Chart placed in this sign has the emotional, extraverted, analytical, discerning, etc. Moon in Virgo meaning


People with Moon in Virgo have a very strong connection to health and organization.

Being in a pleasant, organized and clean environment brings a great peace in your being.

In addition, they have a certain “toc”, as they like to organize everything by color, size, chronology, etc.

It is in these little everyday things that people with Moon in Virgo find their happiness, in other words, the details are what make a day special.

The natives of this sign analyze absolutely everything, even their own feelings. Therefore, they tend to have a strong sense of what needs to be corrected, adjusted, improved, etc.

People who have the Moon in Virgo are those who look for (and find!) security even in the small things of everyday life. They are detail oriented, so every little detail is already an achievement. That way, they rarely complain and enjoy life with what they have.

Natives of this Moon love to be helpful to people, even if it’s what some people don’t like, like speaking “inconvenient truths”, “constructive criticism” etc.

However, nothing that Moon in Virgo people say is unfounded, because they coldly analyze absolutely everything before saying anything. In fact, analysis and planning is essential for everyone who has this type of Moon. Moon in Virgo meaning

In fact, like the Earth element that rules this Moon, they are people who keep both feet on the ground, being more rational than emotional, which helps to dominate their instincts.


Emotionally, people who have Moon in Virgo are very reserved, selecting very well to whom they will open up.

However, there is always a struggle within you, as any emotion is instinctual. However, this Moon calls for a careful analysis of everything, including your own feelings.

Because of this, self-analysis is frequent and, with it, self-criticism. One of the characteristics of the Moon in Virgo that can shake the native’s emotions is due to excessive criticism: feeling that they are not worthy of the good things that happen to them.

Like Virgos, Moon in Virgo natives have a great capacity for learning and memorization. Therefore, since childhood, his intellect ends up standing out.

Curious and inquisitive, they are people who want to understand what, why, what for, how, etc. of everything. Because of this, in addition to enjoying learning from older and/or more experienced people, they also spend hours researching different things.

Studying and reading, by the way, are one of the little things in life that give more pleasure to someone born under that Moon.


In love, the tug-of-war between reason and emotion becomes even more evident: on the one hand, they feel a desire – and, why not, curiosity? – of loving with intensity and, on the other, the need to analyze one’s feelings and act with caution. Moon in Virgo meaning

Because of this caution, the natives of this Moon prefer to relate to people who have certain similarities, such as similar tastes, for example.

Furthermore, people with Moon in Virgo are able to analyze well what the future will be like, and if they can see that the romance is not going to work, they prefer to leave the scene before suffering when the storm arrives.

The sexuality of people who have Moon in Virgo is often quite repressed, especially since it’s difficult for them to fully open up.

However, when they finally accept that they are in love, they will be great companions, who will demonstrate their love with unparalleled care. Besides, it will be the role of those who have Moon in Virgo to keep the house well organized.


For Moon in Virgo natives, emotional security depends on how helpful you are to other people.

They feel good in professions that demand the pursuit of perfection, that have meticulous and critical details, such as health, arts, therapy, etc.

Routine at work suits the natives of this moon very well and, besides, they don’t mind having a simple career, but that they can exercise it to perfection.


Even though they have many friends, Moon in Virgo natives don’t usually open up very often.

That’s why they seem cold, cocky and obnoxious at first. However, it is enough that they have confidence that they will let go. Moon in Virgo meaning

However, they can receive all the affection in the world that they won’t feel deserved. Therefore, they tend to wonder why that person likes their friendship.

They are those types of friends who analyze friendships a lot and, because of that, always want to advise them, with constructive and alert criticism.


People who have Moon in Virgo are very traditional, preferring to live in tranquility.

However, it does not mean that they do not enjoy a party like Christmas, for example, as it is the opportune time to enjoy the company of their loved ones.

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