Moon in Taurus meaning/complete description

Moon in Taurus: learn all about its influence on Taurus feelings

Have you, who has the Moon in Taurus , ever stopped to think about what this means? It is important to understand what influence the Moon in the Astral Chart has on our lives, because as some Facebook jokes say, the Moon represents the “drunk and alone” individual. Moon in Taurus meaning

But after all, what does that mean? What important aspect of our “I” and of our lives will the Moon in the Astral Chart determine?

In this article, you will understand everything about Moon in Taurus, what are the characteristics of Moon in Aries from Moon in Taurus and how they influence the most important areas of life, such as Moon in Aries in Love, at work, in friendships and in the family .


The Moon determines several important things in relation to our personality, such as: how are our feelings, instincts, affective relationships, how we see the world, how we react to different events, what gives us comfort and security, what upsets us, what makes us get out of the “ bad ”, etc.

In other words, the Moon in the Astral Chart has to do with our feminine and maternal side (a side that is present even in men) and, furthermore, with what is subjective to us, that is, everything that belongs to us. to our intimate.

Taurus is a fixed sign of the Earth element. Ruled by Venus who, in Greek mythology, is none other than Aphrodite, the goddess of Love and Beauty. Therefore, people who have Moon in Taurus are kind, they tend to enjoy the pleasures of life, etc. Moon in Taurus meaning


Did you know that Moon in Taurus is considered one of the best placements? This is because it is an Exalted Moon, meaning both the positive and negative lunar aspects are strengthened.

The positive aspects are related to affection and affection. In this way, they become wonderful fathers, mothers, companions and friends. In addition, they also know how to manage finances well.

However, when the aspects are negative, the attraction to material things can turn out to be harmful, as Moon in Taurus people often take their anger and frustration out on compulsive shopping. There will also be an excess of laziness and stubbornness.


Being completely emotional is dangerous for most people. However, Moon in Taurus deals with this emotional side very easily.

The reason for this is that, in the midst of this sea of ​​emotions, people with Moon in Taurus have great tranquility and, therefore, are able to handle situations well.

Like the sign of Taurus, people who have Moon in Taurus appreciate material comfort and, therefore, usually have a house well decorated with beautiful objects and works of art. For those who have Moon in Taurus, their home will be the most important place there is. 

In addition to the taste for beauty and sophistication in material things, one of the characteristics of Moon in Taurus is that it has the same refinement in food. Therefore, people who have Moon in Taurus usually go to more sophisticated restaurants, and it is a great pleasure for those who have this combination to have meals with their friends, family or peers. Moon in Taurus meaning

For people who have Moon in Taurus, everything should be felt with fullness and intensity. Therefore, Moon in Taurus is a position that highly values ​​the five senses.

Since stability is something that people with Moon in Taurus are very fond of, it is a big mistake to try to pressure them in any way or to rush them, as they can end up behaving even more slowly and with a great deal of stubbornness.


People with Moon in Taurus don’t usually take action in the relationship. However, when they fall in love with someone, they are persistent and fight hard to have the person on their side.

Relationships with people with Moon in Taurus usually last a long time, especially since Moon in Taurus is not to be argued with, as it is very difficult to make them mad. In addition, we also have the fact that the sign of Taurus is fixed, meaning it doesn’t usually like changes, and separations are one of them.

However, if something happens and the feeling ends, whoever has Moon in Taurus tends to be very sincere and not wind up with their partner, preferring to finish it at once. Taking this decision, it is very difficult for the person with Moon in Taurus to go back.

People who have Moon in Taurus, despite being very attached to love, do not like public displays of affection. And that’s not all: they have a real horror of arguments in the middle of the street. For them, everything must be done within four walls.

Also, because they are very conservative, people with Moon in Taurus are not very fond of surprises.

They are very sensual and have an insatiable sexual appetite. Therefore, they usually teach their partner to understand more about their own body. Moon in Taurus meaning


Moon in Taurus people have their feet firmly on the ground as they see work as a way to create the security and stability they so desperately need.

As they like routine, people with Moon in Taurus don’t like freelance work.

They have a very strong artistic vein, so they like to work with singing, painting, music, etc.


Moon in Taurus people cherish lasting friendships. They are very loyal and like to be always there when their friends need them.

However, they are possessive friends who usually demand a lot of attention.


A person with Moon in Taurus sees his family as a safe haven. Therefore, the family will always be in the first place in the choices you make.

In addition, just like in friendships and at work, people with Moon in Taurus like to see their family members well, so they do everything they can to help. Moon in Taurus meaning

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