Moon in Pisces meaning/complete description

Moon in Pisces: know all about its influence on Pisces feelings

Do you have Moon in Pisces but stop to think what it means? It is important to understand what influence the Moon in the Birth Chart has on our lives. Moon in Pisces meaning

But after all, what does that mean? What important aspect of our “I” and of our lives will the Moon in the Astral Chart determine?

In this article, you will understand everything about Moon in Pisces, what are the characteristics of the Moon in Pisces and how they influence the most important areas of life, such as Moon in Pisces in Love, at work, in friendships and in the family.


The Moon determines several important things in relation to our personality, such as: our feelings, instincts, affective relationships, how we see the world, how we react to different events, what gives us comfort and security, what bothers us, what it gets out of the “ bad ” etc.

In other words, the Moon in the Astral Chart has to do with our feminine and maternal side (a side that is present even in men) and, furthermore, with what is subjective to us, that is, everything that belongs to us. to our intimate.

Pisces is part of the Water signs, being considered the most romantic and dreamy among them.


Generally, natives of Moon in Pisces have a very strong connection with the occult, the mystic and the esoteric. This is because they are endowed with great mediumship. Moon in Pisces meaning

As they are very sensitive to the environment, perceiving everything that happens in the environment, they end up getting emotional with everything that happens. Even a movie about dogs moves them a lot.

Very dreamy, Moon in Pisces natives have a very fertile imagination, which can cause some problem with fantasizing too much and even running away from reality whenever there is a problem that generates emotional pressure.

Very generous, they end up being used by some people – and, in fact, they don’t mind sacrificing themselves for them -.

Learning to listen to your intuition and not waste your kindness on malicious people is a great lesson for people who have Moon in Pisces.


One of the most striking features of the Moon in Pisces is that they try to live life as lightly as possible, and that involves acceptance. They end up doing what other people want to not create a bad mood.

They are very intuitive and perceive the finest in human nature. They often demonstrate this subtlety in a being of humor that other people might consider a bit silly.

They are natural artists, as they like to express their emotions through painting, poetry, music, etc.

Another feature of Lua em Peixes can be somewhat contradictory: while they like to be with people, they also need moments of solitude.

They are great fighters and do not deny help to anyone. However, as they are people who end up having their energy drained easily, they end up preferring anonymity. Moon in Pisces meaning

In addition to being drained of energy, they can be a magnet for bad situations, especially when they are negative and immature people. Therefore, it is necessary for them to leave the position of victim and start taking the lead in their lives.


Moon in Pisces in love seems to have the best position, because this star concerns our intuition, our intimacy. Incredibly, the natives of this Moon seem to be experts in all subjects, even without having had the experience.

Very romantic and sentimental, they tend to idealize the person they will spend the rest of their lives with. However, no one is perfect and this can cause great disappointment. 

As they don’t like to create conflicts or hurt someone, they end up keeping the relationship even if the love is gone. However, this can cause great suffering, especially in relation to abusive relationships.

For them, the ideal partner is someone with whom they can share their escapes from reality and their trips to the “world of the Moon”. They love it when they receive attention, especially from the person they love.

They also want a partner who understands their fickle tendency to either withdraw or need someone’s presence.


Moon in Pisces at work will go to great lengths to help other people. Therefore, areas that are linked to health – such as psychology – or social assistance are the most appropriate.

Another way they find to take care of others is through food. In this way, they are usually happy working in a restaurant or a bar. Moon in Pisces meaning

In addition, they may be interested in professions where they can give free rein to their imagination, especially those linked to art, such as painting, writing, theater, cinema, etc.

As they are ruled by Neptune, the blue planet, whose name is a tribute to the Sea God of Roman mythology, they will also be very fond of professions related to the sea, such as the preservation of marine creatures, for example.  


Moon in Pisces in friendship likes to be with friends and is always ready to help them.

Due to their silly sense of humor, they tend to amuse the people around them and are always ready to brighten the day. Thus, the natives of Lua em Peixes are the best at parties with friends.


Moon in Pisces in the family has a very strong bond with their loved ones. Because of this, they always try to take time to spend with their family and help with whatever they need.

Since the Moon is linked to the feminine and the mother figure, the natives of this Moon have a very strong bond with the mother. Moon in Pisces meaning

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