Moon in Aries meaning/complete description

Moon in Aries: Learn all about its influence on Aries’ feelings

Do you have Moon in Aries but stop to think what it means? It is important to understand what influence the Moon in the Birth Chart has on our lives, because, as some social media jokes say, the Moon represents the “drunk and alone” individual. Moon in Aries meaning

But after all, what does that mean? What important aspect of our “I” and of our lives will the Moon in the Astral Chart determine?

In this article, you will understand everything about Moon in Aries, what are the characteristics of Moon in Aries Moon in Aries and how they influence the most important areas of life, like Moon in Aries in Love, at work, in friendships and in the family .


The Moon determines several important things in relation to our personality, such as: our feelings, instincts, affective relationships, how we see the world, how we react to different events, what gives us comfort and security, what bothers us, what it gets out of the “ bad ” etc.

In other words, the Moon in the Astral Chart has to do with our feminine and maternal side (a side that is present even in men) and, furthermore, with what is subjective to us, that is, everything that belongs to us. to our intimate. Moon in Aries meaning

Aries, Fire sign, is ruled by Mars, the God of War. Therefore, people with Moon in Aries will have the emotional characteristics of this sign, such as courage, impulsiveness, aggression and the feeling of urgency.


Have you ever heard of “inner fire”, “burning passions” etc.? Unintentionally, the person who invented these phrases was describing people with Moon in Aries.

This is because, regardless of the characteristics of the Sun and the Ascendant, natives of this Moon will have this burning side, which will lead life with great passion and intensity.

Despite this, Moon in Aries is considered a defensive position, because of the Arians’ habit of taking everything personally and trying to solve all problems right away.

Those who do not know the characteristics of the Moon in Aries may end up getting scared, as these natives tend to be very direct about their opinions. Often, then, they end up being impolite without knowing it.

The main thing that people who have Moon in Aries need to learn, then, is, precisely, to be more patient. In addition, you also need to deal better with frustrations and be less self-centered, thinking more about the people around you.

And, of course, since everything about Moon in Aries is about courage and passion, these are the two characteristics of Moon in Aries that the natives have to teach.


People who have Moon in Aries are always on the 220, as they devote a lot of energy to their projects, both personal and professional.

However, they end up getting frustrated and tiring easily if they cannot reach their goals quickly and easily. Moon in Aries meaning

In fact, whoever has Moon in Aries will have this immediacy sense with everything in their life. One of your biggest difficulties, therefore, is to understand that everything has a certain time to happen.

And it’s not just events that people who have Moon in Aries tend to behave this way: they also believe that other people are much slower than they are. Therefore, they always assume the role of leader.

Despite the emotions on the surface, this immediacy and heightened competitiveness, those who have Moon in Aries tend to see life with a lot of optimism and believe that people have a good side.

This is one of the characteristics of the Moon in Aries that most needs to be worked on because, in excess, it can cause a very strong ingenuity, which prevents you from seeing the faults of other people, even if it harms them.

If they experience difficulties in dealing with their feelings and emotions, low self-esteem can still arise.

Influenced by this faith in life, Moon in Aries natives are also in constant search of transformation, as they wish to show their good side.

People who have Moon in Aries are very active and like to be busy. Therefore, physical activities are very important to discharge all this energy.


People who have Moon in Aries tend to have a lot of intense passions. When they fall in love, they want that person so much that it becomes a necessity.

Because of this, Moon in Aries in love is not given to games or manipulation, on the contrary, they prefer to be very direct. Moon in Aries meaning

Anyone who falls in love with someone who has a Moon in Aries should be ready to socialize with someone who has an explosive temper and a sense of emergency, who doesn’t usually put the needs of others ahead of their own.

When they are together with someone, people who have Moon in Aries want to share everything in their lives with their partner. He likes to live great adventures and also to travel.

However, Moon in Aries in love is usually fickle, so it is important that natives of this moon are more aware.


Born leader, who has Moon in Aries at work will also demonstrate this very strong characteristic. This is because people with Moon in Aries believe that only they can perform a certain task at the ideal speed.

Other characteristics of the Moon in Aries that appear a lot in the professional sphere are its competitiveness and dynamism.

Therefore, people who have Moon in Aries tend to do very well in management, supervision, entrepreneurship, etc. positions.


Who has Moon in Aries in friendships will usually deal with this relationship in a very direct way. If you like someone, you will become a great friend. But if you’re bothered about something, it’s pretty straightforward.

Explosive behavior can also show up a lot in friendships, as people with Moon in Aries tend to tease their friends. Moon in Aries meaning


Moon in Aries in the family will have a relationship somewhat explosive, this is because his strong personality can cause some friction within the family.

It does not mean, however, that people who have Moon in Aries are not able to create emotional bonds with their family members, on the contrary: they tend to admire and love their mother a lot, for example.

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