Midheaven sign/complete description

Midheaven Characteristics in the Signs

In addition to our famous sun sign, which is the one we first remember when we talk about astrology and which identifies us as Aryans, Taurus, Gemini etc., we are defined by other stars and strategic points present in our birth chart, which shape our personality and form both our inner and outer selves. Midheaven sign

Among these elements that form our character, Midheaven shows us those attributes and qualities that we tend to develop throughout life, to become qualified professionals and people dedicated to a successful career. The Midheaven can be abbreviated as MC in the birth chart, and is related to our way of being in society, in which position we are inserted and in which we wish to be.

Knowing the highest point of our birth chart, which is the Midheaven, is of fundamental importance for us to know how to identify those special characteristics that we have and that have great chances of leading us to great personal and professional development. Get to know the characteristics of the Midheaven now in relation to the sign where it is found.


Midheaven in Aries makes it take the individual a while to find the path he really wants to follow, as he needs to feel really engaged and excited about his position to be able to really move forward in it, striving for the achievement of goals that she proposes.

Thus, a career may not be started by people who have the Midheaven in Aries, however, due to willpower and determination of this sign, the tendency is to take off in the career with ease when it really finds its place.


The Midheaven in Taurus brings good characteristics for group work and for activities that involve precision and rationality. They are generally very good at exacting, finance, statistics, and geographic areas, and tend to look for jobs where they are not bosses, but have a high chance of being promoted to important positions.

Because they like stability, they always try to be aware of their finances and seek to improve their curriculum frequently to be able to maintain a good status in life. They can also create very positive careers in pleasure-oriented areas such as cooking, the arts and tourism.


People who own Midheaven in Gemini are perfect for jobs that involve communication and information gathering, such as journalism, marketing and advertising. They like to use their own extroversion to increase their own networking, they also take the opportunity to acquire more knowledge that can improve their careers through these contacts.

This Midheaven brings great intellectual strength to individuals, who will generally enjoy long academic careers, combined with their communicative jobs. They tend to enjoy conducting research and sharing their knowledge with the world very much.


Cancer is a sign ruled by the Moon, the Midheaven in this sign brings skills for professional achievement combined with maternal qualities, care, sensitivity and education. Still, inspirational like its ruler, those who own the Midheaven in Cancer are often very creative and resourceful.

They are generally good at jobs such as educators, pediatricians, writers, actors, among others that require creativity and intuition. They are people with great memory, which also facilitates their learning process. They usually don’t repeat the same mistakes and like to learn through observation.


The Midheaven in Leo inserts in individuals the need to occupy positions of prestige, they like to have an audience and to be able to speak openly about what they believe. People with Midheaven in this sign are also very fond of learning from their position, they need to be continually inspired to feel happy and fulfilled.

Political, religious or television and cinema-related positions are generally quite targeted by people with Midheaven in Leon. They are dreamers and always seek to achieve the goals they set, they hardly ever give up on a dream, even though they have many problems to achieve it .


People with MC in Virgo are usually very pragmatic and methodical, like to follow the rules and do not see problems in the bureaucracy of positions such as banking or those linked to public administration and legislation. These natives aspire to personal development and are very organized, set goals and go all the way to fulfilling them.

They may have some problems with interpersonal relationships because they are self-critical and insecure, they are better off obeying orders than delegating activities, but they tend to do excellent work, they are perfectionists and they are very ambitious.


The Midheaven in Libra brings balance as one of the key points of career and personal development, they like to occupy good positions, but do not give up their own rest and mental health that a stressful position can often offer.

They are usually very good at working in groups, but they may not be very good leaders because they have opinions that are easily influenced by the people they admire. They like to deliver on everything they promise and expect the same level of commitment from people.


People with Midheaven in Scorpio are very ambitious, like to occupy positions of power and where they can truly express themselves. They may have difficulties in relating as a team or being subordinate, as they have strong opinions and are not afraid to defend them.

The Midheaven in Scorpio can cause the individual not to devote their entire life to a single activity, they generally like to change and broaden their own horizons.


People with Midheaven in Sagittarius have a nomadic soul, they don’t like to be tied to a place or a position, but rather to experience a little bit of everything. They have, however, an inclination towards more humane areas, such as historians, archaeologists, among others.

They may also have desires for professions that take them even further, such as jobs in aeronautics or aerospace. They are very communicative people and deal very well with different people, they are generally well received and make many friendships wherever they go.


Determination and strength are two key words for those who have the MC in Capricorn. They are often very connected to work and are very planners. Usually they enter a career very early, they are seen as young prodigies.

Capricorns will always want to be in the best schools, the best universities, and the best jobs. They have great entrepreneurial potential, are great for executive positions and others, such as law and press relations. They are usually very methodical and professional.


This is the hipster of signs, the one who puts his ideals above his social position. Thus, people with a Midheaven in Aquarius tend to seek positions that are much more human-oriented than financial.

They can be good teachers, free artists and probably, if they don’t dedicate themselves fully, at least a little time of their lives will be dedicated to volunteer work. Where they feel they can change the world.


Midheaven in Pisces brings very enthusiastic characteristics to bearers. They are people who are very socially involved, and who tend to seek positions where they can feel human and have contact with other people, such as psychology, pedagogy, medicine, among others.

People with MC in Pisces are very affectionate and seek to feel that they are serving others in some way. It is a very focused career, which is positive, as they are empathetic and very generous, but it can cause some hurt, disappointment or feelings of meaninglessness in what they are doing.

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