Mercury in the signs/complete description

Mercury characteristics in signs

In addition to the sun sign, many other stars and strategic points present in the universe are part of the definition of our personality. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the meaning of each planet present in your birth chart in order to better understand its own characteristics, both its weaknesses and its strengths. Mercury in the signs

Mercury is a planet that provides communicative and intellectual abilities to signs, it is linked to the mental capacity of each one and to the way people deal with the world around them. In mythology, Mercury is the god of travel and commerce, and hence the need to know how to deal with different people in different situations.

This is one of the planets that have the greatest influence on the signs after the main points, which are the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. It indicates capabilities that manage to place you in a context in the world and, thus, evolve. Check out the main characteristics of Mercury in each sign below and understand more about its own strengths and weaknesses.


Thinking fast is one of the main skills of having Mercury in Aries. They usually have a well-developed argumentation and like to elaborate their thoughts and words well before speaking. They are very strategists and always like to be right.

It is sometimes difficult to have a dialogue with someone with Mercury in Aries without being verbally attacked. They end up feeling such a need to compete and be right that they can act aggressively. But this is something that can and must be controlled. If they listen to their creativity, they can go a long way with their ability to put their own ideas into practice.


Mercury people in Aries are generally very ethical, like to act correctly and are quite creative, especially in thinking about ideas for the job market. They are very concentrated and are not usually chatty. Mercury in the signs

They like to talk about things they find fun and pleasurable, like their own hobbies, or more professionally oriented subjects. They may have slightly delayed opinions, as they do not like change very much and find it difficult to adapt to the new.


The presence of Mercury in Gemini in the birth chart indicates great communication skills and emotional intelligence. People with this combination are usually quite rational, not easily irritated, and quite curious.

They are very logical and practical people, they are also dynamic and can easily adapt to new environments, rules and situations. A common problem with these people can be lack of focus, as exacerbated curiosity can make it difficult for them to establish a path to follow.


People with Mercury in Cancer usually have a great memory, often most of their attitudes are based on a past that they take as a reference. Their intelligence is always more emotional than rational, they are usually creative and dynamic.

Your skills with emotions can make people with this combination blackmailing and manipulative, who try to control situations from the other person’s control. These people can also be easy to hold grudges, but if they try to clear their hearts and open up to new experiences, their intellectual abilities will take them far! Mercury in the signs


Mercury in Leo indicates a lot of stubbornness and opinions that are difficult to contradict. They are very energetic and quick thinking people. Creative, they can easily put their own ideas into practice.

They are very good with leadership, although they can be arrogant at times. In general, they admit the need for everyone to actively participate in activities and can see the skills of others to delegate well what each one should do.


Analytical ability and methodically are two key words in defining people who have Mercury in Virgo. they are often quite reserved and feel better working alone.

They are very intelligent, reason well and easily, manage to develop skills on their own, without needing the constant company of someone teaching, just with observation. They are very practical people who feel better and more creative when they manage to maintain a routine and live in an organized environment.


Libra is a sign that seeks a lot of balance. People with this combination are rational, while they can handle feelings very well. They are usually very sociable and can be placed as group advisors.

A downside is that their personality is quite changeable and influenceable, making them often need to seek advice from someone they admire, rather than making decisions alone, which makes them vulnerable to other people’s thoughts about their choices.


People with Mercury in Scorpio tend to have quite an enigmatic intelligence. They enjoy solving problems and are great at logical thinking, guessing, and collecting investigative clues. Mercury in Scorpio requires dedication to dreams and work on the mind. They are usually people who love to study and learn about new things. Mercury in the signs

The communicative abilities of those who have Mercury in Scorpio are related to their desires. They are often ambivalent, like to think a lot before speaking, but are not afraid to raise their voices and express themselves openly.


People with Mercury in Sagittarius are quite curious and like to be always up to date with new information, so they tend to be assiduous readers and enjoy cinema, arts in general and culturally insert themselves in the environment in which they live.

In addition to learning a lot, Sagittarians also like to pass on their knowledge and have many developed communicative skills, such as writing, they can dance, act and do other performances through which they can transmit knowledge.


People with Mercury in Capricorn are very disciplined and determined. Their ability to concentrate and be self-taught is quite high, as they usually have big dreams that require a lot of their own effort to achieve.

They tend to be quite reserved and introverted, are generally materialistic and connect much more with their personal achievements than with other people. They give a lot of value to their careers, they always seek to be informed about updates in the market in which they work, and they are very persevering.


People who have Mercury located in Aquarius are usually very original, good readers, like to be updated on the context in which they live and are usually inspired to change the world.

They are very communicative, manage to learn easily through the exchange of experiences and contact with many different people. They tend to be quite faithful to what they believe and defend their opinions with determination, stubbornness and determination. Mercury in the signs


People with Mercury in Pisces have enormous communication skills and are able to capture the energies of the environment, learning from an early age about different situations that are happening around them.

The thought center of those who have Mercury positioned in Pisces gives the emotions, which can make them very emotionally intelligent and even able to manipulate situations through the use of those emotions.

But on the other hand, they may be suffering from depression and have difficulty making decisions on their own, often relying on someone emotionally.

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