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Mercury in Scorpio: Planet characteristics in Scorpio life

The sign of Scorpio, the eighth of twelve in the Western Zodiac, is part of the trio of Water element signs, along with Cancer and Pisces. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto and has the scorpion animal as its symbol. Scorpios are known to be mysterious, determined and analytical beings. Mercury in Scorpio

However, just as the planet Mercury can show us in the astrological chart, the Sun (which represents the ruling sign of your chart, in this case, scorpion) is only one of many components responsible for the characteristics that emerge in individuals.

Further on, you will be able to see what the characteristics of these people are and stay on top of everything about Mercury in Scorpio . Do you imagine what this could mean?


The planet Mercury, in the birth chart, symbolizes the intellect. This attribute represents the way we reason, speak, act, write, communicate, and also how we move in the world.

Just as most signs have many differences, the position of the planet Mercury influences people in different ways, as you will see below.


People who have Mercury in Scorpio are considered the most mysterious in the entire Zodiac. This is in large part because Mercury-Scorpios have sides that only select people know. They are very focused and determined, especially in relation to their concerns and questions. This aspect can enable them to overcome previously feared obstacles. They are also very curious, strategist and intuitive, which can make them see what the naked eye does not see.

The communication of these people tends to be done objectively, without beating around the bush or wasting time. That way, they don’t think twice before speaking, because if it’s to think, they prefer to be silent. Due to their high perception capacity and their investigative skills, there is a possibility that they may act in a cold and aggressive way, which could hurt the person they are addressing. That’s because, in some situations, for them, things are so clear that they don’t even allow the possibility of not being clear to other people to cross their minds.

People who have Mercury in Scorpio hardly allow an uncomfortable episode to go unnoticed. Added to their investigative minds and their good memory, revenge can be a path for them to follow.


People who have Mercury in Scorpio are somewhat undecipherable. They tend to have unpredictable nocturnal habits and attitudes. Scorpios suffer excessively for unrequited love, especially for the inability to control, which can explode at any time bringing problems, such as jealousy and possessive attitudes.

While they hold great passions, they can hold a lot of grudges. They are very discreet people, they always prefer silence and rarely reveal their true intentions.


People with Mercury in Scorpio are very responsible and intense: once they start a project, they do their best and carry out their activities with real excitement and commitment. And if it weren’t to be that way, they wouldn’t even bother to start such an activity. This is explained by the non-tolerance of superficial feelings. For this reason, they give 100% to whatever they are ready to do.

Furthermore, as discreet as they are, they recognize and value the loyalty and loyalty of those around them. Although they are very intuitive and have the ability to observe things that a person with another rulership might not notice, it is advisable not to make fun of them and their attitudes.

Due to the preoccupation with getting hurt, these people tend to go carefully and unhurriedly through the stages of growth of the professional field. Despite this, when they are doing something, regardless of the importance, they do it in the best way possible: with agility, focus, dedication and commitment. Also, they tend to have control of their tasks and everything around them, which can be a positive point within the professional sphere.

People who have Mercury in Scorpio have immense intellectual and creative ability. They tend to be attracted to areas of research or psychiatry.


People who have Mercury in Scorpio are great listeners, especially when they are receiving suggestions or criticism, as they understand that this information can lead to new inventions and creations arising from new ideas.

Mercury’s friends in Scorpio are humorous, lively, understanding and very intuitive. So it could be that a strange feeling coming from that friend is a sign accompanied by some meaning. People who have this astral placement listen a lot to intuition when it comes to people around them.


The person who has Mercury in Scorpio greatly values ​​the family relationship. They have a notorious position in their homes and are always willing to help those in need, especially if they are family members. All matters that run in the house are theirs too, which makes them aware of everything that happens inside the home.

There may be some arguments and fights, as people who have Mercury in Scorpio don’t have a mouthful. Despite this, they are great people to have on your side during any situation, as they tend to show a path that has not been seen before.

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