Mercury in Sagittarius/complete description

Mercury in Sagittarius: characteristics of the planet in the life of Sagittarius

The sign of Sagittarius, the ninth of twelve in the Western Zodiac, is part of the trio of signs of the Fire element, along with the sign of Aries and Leo. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and has the centaur as its symbol. Sagittarius’ main characteristics are an appreciation for freedom, good humor and extravagance. Mercury in Sagittarius

However, just as the planet Mercury can show us in the astrological chart, the Sun (which represents the ruling sign of your chart, in this case, Sagittarius) is only one of many components responsible for the characteristics that emerge in individuals.

Ahead, you will be able to observe what are the characteristics of these people and stay on top of everything about Mercury in Sagittarius . Do you imagine what this could mean?


The planet Mercury, in the birth chart, symbolizes the intellect. This attribute represents the way we reason, speak, act, write, communicate, and also how we move in the world.

Just as most signs have many differences, the position of the planet Mercury influences people in different ways, as you will see below.


The communication of the person who has Mercury in Sagittarius happens in the most direct, formal and refined way possible, even if he is not in a place that has this verbal characteristic as a necessity. She tends to say what she thinks without delay.

People who have Mercury in Sagittarius are cheerful, lively and great thinkers. They appreciate the opportunities that life gives and are the most sincere and transparent people to have around. They are extremely determined and curious, and are often studying something new. The cleverness of people who have this astral placement can be notorious. They are very studious and tolerant. Thus, his view of the world is quite vast and allows for a quick interpretation of all the situations that this person witnesses.

Mercury natives in Sagittarius like to be role models and popular with society. But, they are not always well intentioned. When faced with something they think is obvious, Mercury-Sagittarians can act like “know it all” and be seen as pretentious. They need to be more open to listening to people and willing to look at their own noses before jumping overboard.

The person who has Mercury in Sagittarius tends to worry about their interior, often seeking the path of spirituality, religion, philosophy or other factors, in search of a transformation from the inside out. 

Furthermore, Mercury-Sagittarians have a well-defined notion of justice and do very well when they are in the social milieu. These are people who enjoy a healthy conversation with friends and who can talk about almost any topic.


People who have Mercury in Sagittarius are very caring and kind to people and are always willing to make them feel good. These people appreciate partners who are interested in travel and appreciate their free time. During a love relationship, there is no possession on the part of Mercury-Sagittarius.

When they are in a relationship, they aim to build a solid relationship and emotional intelligence. However, when they donate to their partner, they expect the person to return in the same way, with an exchange of efforts and interests. Even after the end of any relationship, these natives aim at the happiness of the other, even if they are no longer by their side, showing a mature behavior regarding relationships.


The professional field is highly valued by the person who has Mercury in Sagittarius. In this way, she acts in the best and most sincere way possible, avoiding attitudes that could deprive her of carrying out her work. In addition, they value opportunities to gain new knowledge, such as learning new languages ​​and traveling.

Relative to co-workers, people who have Mercury in Sagittarius are humorous, fun, responsive, and appreciate encouragement, regardless of their role. Despite having tendencies to impose limits and, thus, alienate some people, they are beings in constant learning and that they exceed their limits and expectations frequently.


As distracted as they may be (or overly thoughtful), people who have Mercury in Sagittarius are great listeners and are always willing to understand new points of view and ideas. They’re the type who prefer small talk in the elevator to silence, and this aspect can make it easier to make friends. However, they are very transparent. If there’s one thing Sagittarians abhor, it’s falsehood.

It is important to emphasize that, due to the lack of total attention to what is heard, the information can arrive distorted for the person who has Mercury in Sagittarius, which can lead to some misunderstanding or confusion. As often as this happens, it is not on purpose. The mind of the person who has Mercury in Sagittarius is only concerned with focusing on the main subject of what is being talked about.


A person who has Mercury in Sagittarius tends to want to be in control in any situation. This aspect may call for self-reflection on the limits of self-centeredness and arrogance, characteristics easily found in people with this astral positioning and which can lead to great arguments.

One of the hardest lessons for Mercury Sagittarius to learn is that you can’t charge for what you’re not even willing to give. And despite his thirst for control, he cherishes his freedom. So if he wants to be free, he must first be willing to let people be free too.

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