Menstruation dream meaning/blood/period/expelling/heavy etc.

Meanings of Dreaming about Menstruation

Many women at certain times in their lives have had to dream about menstruation. In most cases, because you have it at that precise moment. But did you have this dream unexpectedly? Menstruation dream meaning

It’s not a very common chimera and it’s not one of the nicest ones, but it may be holding a special meaning for you. You may find it strange to dream about it, but now let’s help you figure out what it is.

There are those who wake up with a particular feeling in their belly. However, sometimes it’s just the warning that they’re having that monthly visit. And they just wake up from the impression. But remember, you must keep in mind that it is blood related.

And seeing blood in dreams has multiple interpretations. Menstruation itself is an event of nature that is performed to discard useless elements from the human body. It is also the symbolism of fertility and femininity.

In the same way, having this dream is very much related to eliminating toxic things from your soul. As a method of purification, drag everything that isn’t useful to you. Obviously, you must take into account the area you are in during the dream and what feeling it caused. Some say that they experienced pain or despair.

There are also visions in which blood never seems to stop or fall when in a public place. Which leads to humiliation and shame.

Therefore, it is essential that you assess this point and relate it to your current feelings. You may have been through an embarrassing moment recently, and it amazes you so much that your subconscious releases you.

However, seeing menstruation in dreams is almost always indicative of something good. It has a lot to do with personal growth experiences and the fact that they are maturing. This doesn’t exactly refer to physical characteristics, but to maturing internally.

Possibly you are at a time when you accept things as they are and recognize that you cannot change the past. But you can change things for yourself if you focus on what’s important. And that you must stop dragging with you this weight that you have been carrying for so long. Menstruation dream meaning

What do dream about menstruation really mean?

As expected, any dream in which blood is seen can make an impact and we immediately assume it’s bad. But in case you see menstruation in dreams, there is no need to fear. Because this type of blood was not shed for harm to the person, nor is it a vital waste.

Otherwise, talk about being natural and recognizing bad situations. He may be telling you that you’ve been through some embarrassing and unfortunate times, but periods of tranquility and happiness soon approach. You are about to come to terms with yourself and accept all your mistakes for the sole purpose of getting better.

Likewise, depending on the situation and how it is presented to you, it may be a warning that you must change. Lately, many things are happening in your life and you don’t know how to handle them well.

And now your subconscious is helping you to understand that the only way to lighten things up is to separate them. You must let go of what affects you immediately, to achieve liberation. The stress you are carrying in your life is not good and will bring problems sooner or later.

You can also be a person who likes to be in everything and accepts other people’s problems as well as his own. This is a mistake and can easily lead you to have this chimera over and over again. You must find a way to relax and understand that the world doesn’t spin just because you’re in it.

In this content, we offer a series of the most common dreams about menstruation and their interpretations. Keep reading to find out what yours is saying.

dreaming of menstruation blood

As we’ve already made clear, menstrual blood in dreams is positive. It is a symbology of the good things to come and that you are purifying yourself. You may be experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety and doubts right now.

But you can calm down, what this dream is saying is that you will be out of your troubles soon. Also pay attention to whether the blood drops quickly or slowly. Since it could be interpreted as the time it will take your life to compose. Menstruation dream meaning

You may find yourself in a process of many changes, such as a job, moving or losing friends. But everything will work out in the long run. These things, even if they hurt you, are for the good, meaning they weren’t benefiting you.

You must adapt to the facts and change the way you see things to see how everything starts to evolve. Remember that menstruation speaks of a cycle, and each cycle must end to allow another to begin.

Likewise, it indicates that you are in a mental conflict with your person. There is an important phrase you should take up shortly. However, you know that you will choose the most appropriate decision. Although it’s not what I like the most about the rest. Also, seeing menstrual blood, whether yours or someone else’s, can be a warning of pregnancy.

Dreaming of copious blood during menstruation

This dream indicates that you are going through moments of intense worry, you need to end everything that hurts you, therefore, you feel the need to eliminate from your soul everything that disturbs you. Being a process of elimination and expulsion, the dream tells you that at this moment you must take the opportunity to renew yourself and start a new life.

dream about your period

This dream is very recurrent as the organism alerts your subconscious to let you know that you are about to experience this cycle. So it should come as no surprise to you that this eventually happens, concentrating on that fact is not very good, because you are not going to live in a relaxed way.

You should know that the menstrual cycle benefits your body. It’s a very positive and regenerating dream. It is also noteworthy that it may be a reflection of your anguish, when having sex with your partner without any protection. Menstruation dream meaning

It’s a way of draining what makes you feel guilty for not having followed the predictions and letting yourself be carried away by what your desires compelled you to do. This dream doesn’t alert you to possible pregnancies, don’t worry. It’s just a reflection of your emotional turmoil.

dreaming of expelling menstrual blood

For women these dreams mean purification of the soul, you may have a lot of mixed feelings due to suffering and you don’t know how to eliminate them, so dreaming about it makes you reflect on some changes that are needed in your life.

dreaming of heavy menstruation

That particular dream, if your blood is yours, wants you to know that you’ve been judging a lot lately. You may be speaking ill behind the back of another person or friend. And then the dream warns you to stop, because it will surely have consequences. Gossip is not good and you know it.

It could also be that you are making misjudgments against a person for a first impression. Give yourself a chance to get to know her and see if you were right or not. After all, this warning indicates that you are not a bad person. Show that, on a semi-conscious or unconscious level, the situation is bothering you and you would like to remedy it.

Believe it or not, it’s not surprising that women who have the menstrual calendar in their minds dream of this. Especially if it’s always necessary, but at some point they’re late. Heavy menstruation would then be interpreted as the desire to show up soon and the fear of being pregnant.

dreaming of your own period

Dreaming that you are the one who presents with menstruation has different interpretations in dreams. For example, it could mean that you’ve been keeping a lot of stuff inside of yourself recently. You may have told some lies that hurt someone else and you need to confess. Menstruation dream meaning

This dream, most of the time, is related to certain feelings of guilt. And the desire to externalize what you feel soon. It is recommended that you talk to your friends or a trusted person. Rest assured it will make you feel a lot better.

Thus, this dream vision is recurrent in women with fertility problems. The desire to be a mother is so strong that, of course, they dream of this natural process. It is important not to become obsessed with these ideas as they can be harmful.

If the dream repeats itself over and over, talk about feeling great frustration at not being able to conceive. At this point, it would be advisable to visit an expert to help you release pent-up emotions.

Dreaming that menstruation comes to you

Regarding this dream, we have to present it in several cases. As with heavy menstrual sleep, those who have registered their menstrual cycles are more likely. Since they unconsciously always know the day or date they must come.

So it’s no surprise that they dream of it if the next cycle is near. However, not removing this idea from your head can cause your own mind to play tricks on you. This will be interpreted by your body. For example, you can move your period forward or even twice in the same month.

It is noteworthy that if you had sex recently, even more without protection, this is the reflex of not wanting to get pregnant. This doesn’t exactly mean that you are, but that you are afraid. As in the previous case, obsessing about it can delay your cycle. Menstruation dream meaning

Dreaming of expelling clots during menstruation

This dream is telling you that you are stuck with strong emotions. Right now, you’re not sure how to end a relationship that hurts you. You have lived with your partner for a long time, but this relationship was never sentimentally stable, but economically it was very fruitful.

You feel uncomfortable, you feel stuck between the status that that relationship gives you and your self-love, so you must reconsider in time, as you are missing opportunities to find true love.

The dream alerts you to change, but it does not give you the tools to do so, it depends on you, you have to manage this new cycle of your life, with calm, patience and sanity.

Dreaming of dark menstrual blood

This dream is an omen of loss for you. The fact of having dark spots at the time of menstruation is something normal, the discomfort occurs when it is very recurrent. The dream’s meaning may be related to serious problems and negative attitudes you experienced in your work environment.

Due to your lack of judgment and personal stability, you have been bothering your co-workers a lot, so much that they put you aside, no longer share their experiences or want to relate to you.

The dream announces problems with debt payments or financial problems to be resolved, you must stop wasting money or you will suffer deep penalties. It is not a pleasant dream, as dark blood conveys restlessness and fear that something will go wrong.

Furthermore, the dream portends death and destruction. You must be prepared for many events that will harm your health, avoid overeating, alcohol, late night and junk food, your high levels of fat can harm your body and cause you a lot of discomfort. Menstruation dream meaning

Dreaming that menstruation disgusts you

This dream indicates a strong taboo, you are a very modest person, you do not like to share your intimacy with others. This attitude makes you an isolated person, so you have not found a solution to the conflicts you have with your partner. For fear of expressing what you feel, you’re about to screw it up, think again, it’s time.

The traumas that inhabit your mind, condition you not to understand that what is forbidden is something normal and part of human relationships, coexist with each one of us and appear at any moment. You must understand that you put limits on your mind, try to be a little more flexible with what you want.

dreaming about menopause

It indicates that you shouldn’t wait too long to carry out your plans, you should make the most of all the resources you have, time, money and disposition. This is no time to wait, make the most of these extraordinary ideas you have and start new ventures, you will be very successful.

You must focus your inner strength to activate yourself with the changes your life needs to experience. Other meanings claim that it symbolizes death or the end of a cycle. If you have already felt tired in your work activity, you should analyze your situation, maybe you need a good rest, or stop doing this activity.

Your subconscious is telling you that it’s time to experience something new, change your routine and experience sensations and realities that you haven’t experienced before.

You must be passionate about other projects, you need to have a broader view of your surroundings to get out of the stagnation. If you miss out on opportunities, you’ll never get what you wanted so much, having a good economic and professional situation. Menstruation dream meaning

Dreaming of menstrual blood running down your legs

This dream is related to losing money. It is possible that you will experience an assault in the next few days, this dream is alerting you to be active at all times, you must not let your guard down because you will regret it. If this dream is repeated often, it is possible that it is associated with the desire to not want to become pregnant.

There are several meanings to this dream. But most are related to fears and fears. If you are pregnant and dream that you can’t stop bleeding, you should go to the doctor so that he can have a check-up and make sure everything is ok.

Don’t let too many days go by, remember that prevention is the most important thing right now. But don’t be afraid, adopting a calm posture will prevent you from becoming anxious and transmitting these bad energies to the fetus.

Dreaming about someone else’s period

In this case, if you can see or touch the menstruation someone, it means that she will ask for a favor. If you can see the person who’s bleeding, you’ll know who it is.

Dreaming about menstruation during pregnancy

Having this vision in your dream is a sign of concern. You can go through bad times, if you have relationship problems, it’s a bad time to try to resolve them. They won’t understand each other, so it’s not convenient for you to force the rapprochement between the two, as this could end up separating and driving them apart.

If you are expecting your first child, it will feel strange. This dream will get you out of control, as you will associate it with the possible loss of your baby, but this situation should not worry you, your subconscious is telling you that you must have a lot of strength at the time of Delivery. Menstruation dream meaning

On the other hand, this dream is very common in infertile women. The desire to bring a child into the world and not reach it causes the subconscious to represent it over and over again. It’s important that you calm down because you could end up very exhausted and sick, let time and life decide, if you don’t change your attitude you will never be happy.

If the dream appears repeatedly, it is a sign of frustration. It is advisable to go to an expert so that you can overcome this situation.

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