Mars in the signs/complete description

Characteristics of Mars in the signs

When it comes to astrology, it is common for people to identify themselves only by the sun sign, the one where the Sun was positioned at the time of birth. However, when it comes to defining personality and astrological self-knowledge, it is important to understand that we are an extremely complex map of combinations between planets and signs. Mars in the signs

Mars , one of the planets present in the birth chart, is the Roman god of war, also known as Aries and, therefore, it is linked to our wild impulses and desires, to anger and love, especially with regard to sex and passion, both symbolizing, in a way, essential feelings for war.

It is a masculine planet, linked to strength, courage and all the extreme moments that each sign can feel. Also linked to the initiative, where we usually put our energy and where we feel most excited and agitated, which inspires us to move forward.


The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, so all influences from the planet in this sign are extremely strong, making this adept an extremely impulsive, encouraged and self-assured person, in addition to being often seen as aggressive. Mars in Aries also influences the financial impulse, and turns out to be somewhat harmful by being rash and prone to waste.

The influence of Mars on Aries is very present in sexual relationships. These tend to have a lot of sexual appetite and like to establish strong connections when having sex. They like to try out the most diverse fantasies and feel given over to total pleasure in that moment. With these people, sex has to be breathtaking. Mars in the signs


People with Mars in Taurus are extremely sensual and captivating, they can make suitors feel magnetized easily, so they can be dubbed conquerors, often being pampered by lovers and others around them.

These people also tend to be very objective and decisive, stay focused easily on something they want very much and do everything to achieve that desire. Mars in Taurus also brings a lot of evidence of the possessive and jealous side, and also the desire for stability and difficulty in accepting changes, typical of this sign.


Definitely, people with Mars in Gemini do not tolerate being silent, in addition to feeling an atrocious need for news, not putting up with sameness and, therefore, being very fickle and fickle. They tend to have a hard time reaching long-term goals and objectives because of a lack of patience and a loss of enthusiasm.

The sexual side of Geminis needs stimulation linked to intellectuality and admiration. For him to feel true desire, it is necessary that the contact, in addition to being physical, is rational and communicative. Still linked to communication, Mars in Gemini brings to the individual a very strong need to express themselves, to meet many people and feel their energy to feel alive.


People with Mars in Cancer need emotional involvement with all the things they do to feel whole. If they are in a job they don’t like, for example, the tendency is for them to become depressed and anxious, which ends up reverberating in other spheres of life. They can be impulsive and are likely to give up when they realize they are not doing what their heart asks.

The same goes for relationships and sex life. People with Mars in Cancer tend to have a very maternal instinct, they like to feel like home to their loved ones, and for sex to be good they need to feel in their veins that they’re being reciprocated. Only then will they surrender completely and feel alive and sensual. Other characteristics of Mars in Cancer are dramatic reactions to any loss and very fickle mood. Mars in the signs


Mars is a planet of Fire, which already has an intensity in its own identity. It is allied to a sign ruled by the Sun, which is Leo. Impulsiveness, need for vibration, maximum adventure and living to the extreme are very strong characteristics of this combination.

People with Mars in Leo are fascinated by being sexually involved with people who have something intellectual that appeals to them, they also need people they admire and who feel worthy of their surrender. They like to try out the most diverse fantasies with their partner and need exaggerations to feel satisfied.


Mars in Virgo reinforces the self-critical characteristic of this sign. However, in a positive way, it makes them feel the need to surpass their own expectations about the world. It brings energy and willpower to plan and put goals into practice.

On the sexual side, Mars in Virgo brings the need for romanticism, intellectual connection and intimate care. It makes them only able to surrender in relationships to people they can trust in every way, so that they feel safe and comfortable, free to desire with the certainty that they will be reciprocated.


Mars in Libra makes its adherents feel the need to conquer, so they like to feel that they have done something to deserve the position. They need to feel deserving of something, which is what they think is fair. Mars in the signs

People with this combination also like to feel balance in their sexual involvement, they do not appreciate very intense passions, as they know that they always end up giving up on themselves for it to last. They need to feel good about themselves to be able to surrender.


Mars in Scorpio forms an energy that makes the individual enter into even deeper and more intense waters than those who have the Sun in this sign. People with Mars in this position are often extremely sincere and like to think for themselves, even if they are upsetting everyone around them.

Sexually, people with this combination are very sensual, like to feel reciprocated, and can be extremely jealous and possessive. If they feel betrayed, they are stubborn to seek revenge many times stronger than the betrayal itself.


Freedom, justice and adventure are words that describe a lot who has Mars positioned in Sagittarius. They like to feel disconnected from relationships that require a lot of effort, they love meeting new people and, sexually speaking, they like to experiment a lot. They are people very attached to their own way of being, do not tolerate demands and can be seen as sloppy and lunatic.


Mars in Capricorn strengthens the planning and strategic energies of people who have this combination. Mars in this sign makes the person very determined and linked to material goods.

Sexually speaking, people with Mars in Capricorn like to conquer. With that, they tend to be very romantic and determined to reach the person they aim for, it’s like a new goal. They are very energetic, loyal and passionate. Mars in the signs


Mars in Aquarius is a sign of a great thirst for revolution. People with this combination like to be updated on the social, economic and political contexts around them and tend to form their own opinions and defend them with great force.

On the sexual side, they like freedom and prefer involvement with people who are not dramatic, possessive and jealous. They hate the feeling of demand and prefer to be alone rather than submit to the wishes of others.


Mars in Pisces strengthens the characteristics of empathy and emotionality, and people with this combination are generally easy to make friends with and are quite enthusiastic. On the other hand, they may feel a very high need to completely isolate themselves from the world for fear of emotional hurts.

With regard to sexual appetite, people with Mars in Pisces tend to be more attracted to people who surrender emotionally, as it is something these people naturally already do and feel the need to feel in return. When this happens, there is usually a lot of intensity and connection during and after.

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