Mars in Taurus/complete description

Mars in Taurus: Check out the general characteristics of this influence on Taurus life

Do you know what it means to have Mars in Taurus ? Understanding how Mars in the Astral Chart influences our lives is very important, since both men and women have personality traits – and even more: sexuality – defined by the Red Planet.

In this article, you will understand everything about Mars in Taurus, especially the characteristics of Mars in Taurus and how several important areas of your life are directly influenced by this star.


To better understand how Mars acts on signs, it is important to talk about their meanings.

In astrology, Mars is known as the “little malefic”. In other words, unlike Saturn – “the greatest malefic” – the evils caused by the red planet can be managed more easily.  

Mars is the ruler of conflicts, arguments, confusions, aggression and hatred.

Seems like a pretty negative planet, doesn’t it? But it is very important for our lives, as it also governs the way we act, our impulses, assertiveness, action, initiative and where and how we spend our energy.

Furthermore, sexuality, both male and female, is also defined by Mars, as are desires.

In the case of a woman‘s Astral Chart, Mars will show the type of man who will attract her.

In the male Astral Map, the planet will reveal how the conquest will take place.

Taurus is part of the group of signs that are part of the Earth element, having the planet Venus as its ruler. It’s not a good placement for Mars, as it’s the opposite extreme to Scorpio, where the planet is at its strongest.


Mars in Taurus works tirelessly, as financial stability is one of the most important things for the sign of Taurus. In fact, for people who have Mars in Taurus, emotional stability will only come with financial stability.

That’s exactly why all the energy on Mars will be directed towards the conquest of material goods. Unlike Mars in Aries, Mars natives in Taurus don’t mind if it takes a while to get what they want.

Despite having a slower way of acting, it is a sure path, as they tend to have a constant rhythm. However, it is important to emphasize the need to never give up, even if it appears that you are not making any progress.

This is actually a contradiction, as the calm and centered demeanor of this sign puts the warrior side of Mars in check.

However, make no mistake: when individuals from Mars in Taurus get angry, it’s like an erupting volcano. That is, get out from below!

People with Mars in Taurus are very patient and work with precision and steadfastness. They prefer to keep their feet on the ground and work with the possibilities they have at that particular moment.

As financial stability is very important for people who have Mars in Taurus, they are very careful with the choices they make – and they are hardly fooled by other people – and, because of that, they are not ones to waste money.

They don’t have a very keen spirit of adventure and, therefore, prefer a more relaxed routine.


Despite so much balance, Mars in Taurus can bring problems if it’s in bad shape, for example: Taurus is very connected to pleasures and, connected to that, the more impulsive side of Mars can cause certain exaggerations in pursuit of them.

Because of this, they may end up spending excessively, and purely on impulse.

Mars natives in Taurus can have the aggressiveness of Mars surfaced, especially when their material possessions are in danger.

The stubbornness of the sign of Taurus is even more touched upon with Mars and, in addition, possessiveness, jealousy and they can feel a lot of resentment, staying “brooding over” for a long time what they suffered.

The brute force, characteristic of Taurus, ends up making them lose their reason. This doesn’t always happen, as Mars natives in Taurus tend to hold their anger as long as they can.

However, this pressure cooker full of accumulated anger one day ends up bursting, and in that moment, all that destructive and violent spirit of Mars surfaces.

It is for this reason that it is recommended that people who have Mars in Taurus not let so much anger build up and that they do some activity so that they can discharge it without harming those around them.


The sign of Taurus is very tactile, that is, the pleasure of its natives is given by stimulating the five senses. That’s why the perfect night is one that mixes massage oils and/or scented candles, good food, massage and good music, great ingredients to leave you in the clouds.

Likewise, the natives of Mars in Taurus value these stimuli even more than sexual intercourse itself. Therefore, it is essential that your partner knows how to play them with sensuality.

Although the sign of Taurus is not so adventurous, it may be that there is a certain attraction to intimacies in nature, despite being discreet, prefer not to be seen and do not risk public places.

Women from Mars in Taurus are attracted to men from the old days, that is, gentlemen who invite them to dinner, give them gifts, surprises, and so on.

Furthermore, as Taurus is ruled by Venus, that is, the goddess of Beauty – which corresponds to the Greek goddess Aphrodite – it is important that the “crush” is well-groomed and charming.

The native man of Mars in Taurus is very calm and persistent when it comes to conquering someone. As they earn their social standing through a lot of effort and hard work, they like to use it to get their partner’s attention. Also, they are very sensual and strong.

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