Mars in Libra/complete description

Mars in Libra: Check out the general characteristics of this influence in Libra’s life

Are you a native of Mars in Libra , but stopped to think about the meaning of this? It is important to understand how Mars in the Astral Chart influences our lives.

And believe me: for you, being a man or a woman, the Red Planet does make a lot of difference, yes. Contrary to what some people imagine.

But, after all, what does this all mean? After all, what important aspect of your “I” and of your life does Mars in the Astral Chart govern?


Before talking about the action of Mars in each of the signs, it is necessary to talk about what Mars in the Astral Chart means.

In astrology he is called the Little Malefic: this does not mean that his evils are small or minor. What happens is that they are more “manageable” than those represented by the Greater Malefic, Saturn.

Mars governs conflicts, arguments, confusions, aggression and hatred. Looking at it this way, it looks like a pretty negative planet, doesn’t it? Know that this is not the case:

The Red Planet also governs our workforce, our action, our impulses, our way of acting, our assertiveness and where and how we manifest our energy and initiative.

But not only that: it is also an important ruler of our desire and sexuality.

In a woman‘s Astral Chart, for example, Mars reveals the type of man who will awaken her eroticism. In a man’s Map, in turn, the Red Planet reveals how he tends to act during the conquest.

Libra is part of the Air element signs. Governed by Venus, this positioning is a detriment to Mars, that is, it is not a position that makes you comfortable, because it is not natural for Libra to impose itself as is typical of Mars. 

Also, Libra is the sign where Mars is furthest away from its home. So it can be said that this is where the influence of this planet is at its weakest.


Mars/Ares is the God of War. However, he did not expect wars to be waged in order to influence the native, as Mars – the planet of action – conflicts with Libra, a typically balanced, pondered, etc. sign.

On the bright side, all of Mars’ anger, impatience, recklessness, selfishness, and brutality is tempered by Libra‘s influence. Therefore, It is a placement that has more harmony and balance.

On the downside, that all-active side of Mars ends up being hurt because the sign of Libra can bring more hesitation.

Of course, the influence of Mars amplifies certain Libra characteristics, not always to the positive side. For example, Libra doesn’t like injustice. Mars, then, potentiates this feeling until it causes real upheaval.

One of the main characteristics of Mars in Libra is sociability and the need to have close people and relationships built on balance and harmony.

Another aspect of Libra that is powered by Mars in the Astral Chart is duality. In an hour, the Mars native in Libra can be very excited and full of energy. In another, it ends up being much calmer.

Mars in Libra does not have that physical energy that is so present in other placements, nor so much willpower. Therefore, they are not lovers of physical activity.

As Libra is ruled by Venus, that is, Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty herself, the focus of all energy is directed to the arts, such as dance. Every move must be elegant.


When Mars in Libra is afflicted, people who have Mars in Libra can force those around them to adhere to social conventions.

Despite all the balance of the sign of Libra, Mars in Libra individuals under stress may have problems with diplomacy as they will start to create conflicts and arguments.

People who have Mars in Libra may end up with cynical and sarcastic behavior, which other people may take as a provocation, an attack. Then, they end up having a “Gabriela complex”, in other words, “I was born, I grew up like this, I will always be like this”.

The indecision, typical of the sign of Libra, can end up so potentiated that the natives of Mars in Libra will always end up changing their minds along the way. Therefore, they will always have unnecessary headaches. Furthermore, they may end up paralyzed, unable to finish anything they set out to do.

Because they like balanced relationships, people who have Mars in Libra can end up poking their noses where it’s none of their business. For example, trying to resolve conflicts between two people and ultimately making both sides angry.


Mars in Libra is by nature charming, a characteristic that brings people to its side. Very romantic, the natives of Mars in Libra seek to seduce with refinement.

As they end up being people without much action, individuals with Mars in Libra look for people who are their extreme opposite, that is, people who are very assertive and active.

They are the kings and queens of love at first sight and amorous melodramas. Also, they tend to marry young.

Inside four walls, people who have Mars in Libra are very romantic and, therefore, like to make every moment unique and special. A harmonious decoration full of beauty awakens even more your sensuality.

Women with Mars in Libra like gentle men who are refined and polite. Wearing a good perfume, having a beautiful body and having a charming appearance awaken all the sensuality of women with this positioning.

Men with Mars in Libra, on the other hand, conquer for their exquisite intelligence, for their ability to communicate.

For them, sex is even better when it is full of news, such as new scenarios – especially when traveling.

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