Mars in Leo/complete description

Mars in Leo: check out the general characteristics of this influence on Leo’s life

Do you have Mars in Leo , but have you ever stopped to think about what that means? It is important that you understand the influence that Mars in the Birth Chart has on your life, as it does not only make a difference for men – as people say – but also for women.

But, after all, what does all this mean? Mars in the Astral Chart determines which important aspect of our “I” and our lives?

In this article, you will learn all about Mars in Leo, what are the characteristics of Mars in Leo and how they influence your personality and your life.


In astrology, Mars in the Astral Chart is known as the “Little Malefic”, but what does that mean? The evils that arise under the effect of this planet are not small and/or minor.

However, it can be said that they are “easier to manage” than those that are represented by the “Malefic Major”, Saturn.

Mars is the governor of conflicts, arguments, confusions, our aggression, hatred, etc.

On the other hand, it also shows how our workforce, action, impulses, way of acting, our assertiveness, energy and initiative will be.

And not only that: it is one of the planets that governs our desire and our sexuality, not only in men, but also in women.

In the Astral Chart of a woman, for example, Mars will reveal the type of man that awakens her eroticism. In a man’s Map, the Red Planet reveals how he usually acts during the conquest.

Leo is part of the Fire element sign group. Ruled by the Sun, Mars in Leo natives behave with self-confidence, leadership, positivity, determination, creativity, etc.

It can be said that the force of Mars in the Astral Chart complements the characteristics of the sign of Leo, because it is a planet of the fire element that is positioned in a sign that is part of the same element.

As such, it is a very favorable position to create natural-born leaders, as this characteristic belongs to both the Leo sign and the Red Planet.


There is no difficulty or obstacle that the natives of Mars in Leo cannot overcome, as they are very determined and never give up.

They love a competition and always go in to win. They are very proud of the success they have and the goals they achieve.  

People with Mars in Leo are always ahead of their time and can’t bear to waste time on things that don’t add up to anything.

The natives of Mars in Leo are very self-sufficient. They like to show off all their sparkle and get attention from the people around them.

One of the main characteristics of Mars in Leo is the fact that natives of this placement have energy to spare. Because of this, the practice of physical activity is of paramount importance.

Physical activity is also important to have and/or maintain the ideal body, something very important for people who have Mars in Leo. In this way, aesthetic procedures are very important for these people, who care so much for their image.

Shown even in the workplace, people with Mars like to be in power, where they can lead. They also like creative work, like architecture, for example.

They are warm people who have a natural charm. They have an almost romantic view of themselves, something that can make them easily manipulated by sycophants.


Due to the strong personality of Mars in Leo, they are usually authoritarian and imposing. Because of this, it is no exaggeration to say that the natives of this position are always creating conflicts.

For all its charm, Mars in Leo can turn violent and even abusive towards its friends.

People with Mars in Leo are very stubborn and hardly accept that they are wrong. Therefore, it is important that they start to listen more to the people around them.

There is no constructive criticism for individuals who have Mars in Leo, for them, any kind of criticism, however much it is for their own growth, will reach the great ego, characteristic of the sign of Leo, and will go against them.

This is because they have extreme conviction in everything they do, say or demonstrate.

People with Mars in Leo behave as if they are always on stage, in the spotlight. They crave other people’s respect and applause, and feel extremely offended when they don’t receive it.

Despite high ideals and striving for their goals, individuals with Mars in Leo are not the best when it comes to discipline. That’s why they have great ideas and are very excited, however, they can hardly continue those projects that require discipline and persistence.


Individuals with Mars in Leo are attracted to everything that shines. Because of that, simplistic people are real repellents to them. Furthermore, they despise everything that is too easily achieved.  

In this way, individuals with Mars in Leo fall in love with people who have high self-esteem and who shine as brightly as they do. Furthermore, they are also attracted to people who offer a high standard of living.

Native women from Mars in Leo are attracted to men who have prestige and who are in good social or economic standing. They prefer men who are respected by other people.  

Mars in Leo likes to live as if in an epic battle, so they don’t mind vying for the love of the person they want. They like burning passions and having exclusivity.

For them, respect is essential, without it, love ends very easily.

The native men of Mars in Leo enjoy great achievements and work hard to please their mate. For them, the ideal match is the one that helps to inflate their ego.

They are attracted to women who have high self-esteem and don’t care if the person is a little over the top.

Women, in turn, are attracted to men who have good social status and prestige.

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