Mars in Cancer/complete description

Mars in Cancer: check out the general characteristics of this influence on the Cancerian’s life

Have you, who were born under Mars in Cancer , ever stopped to think about what that means? In order to understand 100% our personality and what happens in our lives, it is very important to analyze the influence that Mars has on the birth chart.

Normally, we speak of Mars in the Astral Chart only as something that makes a difference only to men. However, women are also more influenced than you might think.

Are you curious to know what all this means? After all, what important aspect of your “self” and your life will Mars in the Astral Chart determine?

You will understand everything about Mars in Cancer in this article, namely the characteristics of Mars in Cancer and the way in which they influence the most important areas of your life.


First of all, we need to understand what the meanings of the Red Planet are. In astrology, we know Mars as the “small malefic”: this does not mean that its evils are insignificant, however, it is easier to manage them than those represented by Saturn, the “greater malefic”.

Mars in the Astral Chart is the ruler of conflicts, arguments, confusions, aggression and hatred. Sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? But, it’s not just negative aspects that we gain from the Red Planet.

Mars also governs our workforce, our action, our impulses, the way we act, our assertiveness, and where we put our energy and initiative.

There is also a very important aspect of our lives, which is ruled by Mars: our desire, eroticism and sexuality are also influenced by this planet.

In the Woman‘s Astral Chart, Mars will influence which type of man will arouse her desire. On the other hand, in the Man’s Map, the Red Planet influences the way he usually acts during the conquest.

And where does Cancer come into this? This sign is part of the Water element, having the Moon as its ruler. Mars in the Astral Chart in Cancer brings a passionate self-affirmation, full of emotion and determination.


One of the most striking features of Mars in Cancer is the fact that, unconsciously, its natives will always have a lot of influence from the Moon, its ruler. Therefore, your feminine energy, full of emotion, will always be in your lives.

Because of this, it can be said that Mars, in this placement, is in its fall, in other words, the male energy of the Red Planet, ruled by Ares, the God of War, is not comfortable with all this emotion.

Because of this, it is as if all the fire on Mars was extinguished due to the insecure, sensitive and touchy personality of the sign of Cancer.

Therefore, it is possible that Mars may be under tension, however, if this emotional energy is well used, another very strong characteristic of Mars in Cancer emerges: the natives of this position are excellent heads of families, protecting all their relatives and loved ones . When the people you love most need it, they will spare no effort to help them. Furthermore, they are also very loyal to their friends.

When they’re treated well, great, however, when their feelings are hurt, they become very moody and moody.

At work, they will prefer positions that are emotionally demanding, such as in social work.

Full of willpower, they always go all the way when they start a project, as Mars in the Astral Chart gives all that energy the sign needs.


Mars in Cancer causes the emotions to be very intense, including the negative ones that appear when in this placement. Thus, frustrations, bad mood and irritability can be constant.

There is a built up anger, internalized deep within your being. Therefore, they can end up causing discussions with family, friends or co-workers.

This is especially so if Mars in Cancer is not in the safe and stable environment he cherishes.

Mars in Cancer can end up causing its natives to take some excessive care, which can become stifling to those around them. In addition, they can also become authoritarian with their family members.

As they are very emotional, they will hardly be able to forget when someone hurts or betrays their feelings. Furthermore, the natives of Mars in Cancer are also not easy to forgive.

So, even if they return with the relationship – which can be family, friendship or love – the resentment will eventually surface, through rude comments.  

When Mars is under stress, it can end up causing accidents at home, especially related to fire. It can also cause digestive problems, since the solar plexus is the chakra, which connects emotions and is located in the navel, that is, in the digestive system.


The ideal partner of a Mars native in Cancer is one who has the ability to emotionally connect with him. In other words, people who are ready to share the same dreams and have a sincere and true connection.

In a time of intimacy, people with Mars in Cancer prefer slowness, softness, and romance. In other words, eye to eye, caresses, kisses full of love, etc.

People who have Mars in Cancer are very sensual partners and, above all, caring. As they have a highly developed intuition, they know very well what the needs of their loved ones are and will do everything in their power to meet them.

Women who have Mars in Cancer are looking for men who can protect them, who are cute and don’t hide their feelings for them. They don’t like aggressive sex, prefer it slow, full of care and attention.

Men who have Mars in Cancer prefer to conquer the woman little by little. They like to do favors that show how considerate they are, show that they are always there, whether in person or with a message.

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