Mars in Aries/complete description

Mars in Aries: check out the general characteristics of this influence on the Arian’s life

Do you, who have Mars in Aries , know what this means? It’s important to understand what Mars’ influence is in our lives, as it doesn’t just make a difference for men, as some people say, but for women as well.

But after all, what does that mean? What important aspect of our “I” and of our lives Mars in the Astral Chart will determine?

In this article, you will understand everything about Mars in Aries, what are the characteristics of Mars in Aries and how they influence the most important areas of your life.


The Red Planet, also known as “Little Malefic”, represents the problems that we can solve more easily than Saturn – The Major Malefic of Astrology – such as arguments, anger, aggressiveness etc.

This is because Mars is named after the Roman god of war, which corresponds to the Greek god Ares.

However, Mars is not only made of negative things, it also governs our determination, assertiveness, initiative, the way it expresses itself, etc. Another very important aspect that this planet rules is the ability to say “no”.

Mars is known as a planet that rules our sexuality, something that influences both men and women:

In men, it demonstrates what kind of behavior they will have when it comes to conquering someone.

In women, it shows what kind of man will be the target of their desires.

When it is positioned in Aries, Mars is at home and, because of that, it is where it awakens all its power. In this way, individuals with Mars in Aries are very aggressive, objective and competitive.


When Mars is at home, energy is unlikely to be contained. In fact, this placement on the planet is the only masculine where the Mars in Aries characteristics are really strengthened.

Everything about Mars in Aries is about courage. Also, people who have Mars in Aries are also very impulsive and challenge-loving. They put their ideas into practice with a great deal of creativity.

They ardently desire to be number one at what they do, so they fight tooth and nail to get what they want.

For this, they also do not hesitate to position themselves in the front line, encouraging people around them to participate in the projects they create.

People with Mars in Aries are always at 220. That’s why they don’t have the patience for people with no attitude and who tend to give hints. So they don’t play games themselves and don’t like to depend on people, especially as they don’t appreciate outside interference at all.

Other characteristics of Mars in Aries are related to its natural stubbornness, which can be both positive and negative: On the positive side, we have a great chance of achieving their goals, especially if they are in the habit of planning before taking action.

Now, on the negative side, we have the problem of impulsiveness, which makes them act without thinking.

People with Mars in Aries are very competitive and have great energy and disposition, so they will be great at sports, giving preference to tournaments.

In fact, it is in sports where individuals with Mars in Aries will discharge all their accumulated energy. Because of this, when they lead a sedentary lifestyle, they feel completely unhappy.

But that’s not all: they can also excel in professions such as the army, medicine, etc.


The characteristics of Mars in Aries that are negative also have to do with its energy, impulsiveness and determination. For example, as they are always electric, they can be dispersed very easily.

Even with things that individuals with Mars in Aries are interested in and start out with all the enthusiasm, they may simply end up losing interest before they can achieve their goals.

When they are struggling to achieve their desires, they may be able to bypass some people.

When it has some conflicting aspect, Mars in Aries tends to show a lot of aggression and impatience. Part of this is caused by a certain inferiority complex.

Therefore, they tend to try to reassert themselves in front of other people, even if it is necessary to use force.

It is not the sign in which Mars has the greatest experience in life and, therefore, various problems can occur during your life.

All this aggression can lead to headaches, and people with Mars in Aries can easily get hurt. In addition, they can also get involved easily, especially with falls and car accidents.


People who have Mars in Aries always have the energy to give and sell, so they like to involve their partner in their adventures. They even love to spice up their relationship.

While there is absolutely nothing calm about people who have Mars in Aries, these natives can also be very affectionate to those they love.

The sexuality of the native woman of Mars in Aries is strong. Therefore, companions with courage and a spirit of leadership make her head. And that’s not all: they also like the rebel, troublemaker, bad boy, etc. profile .

It can be said that men who are more “toddlers”, that is, those who are more immature, attract women with Mars in Aries, since the “youth” factor is exciting for them.

The native men of Mars in Aries want to conquer their partner, as if she were prey. That’s because this type of man usually likes to dominate his territory and demarcate it. Therefore, they tend to be direct and not worry about romanticism.

In the sexual act, they are very aggressive, good in bed and they know it because they are very confident.

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