Lion attacking dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about a lion attacking really mean?

Dreaming of a lion attacking means that conflicts involving people you are close to are about to happen. Symbolize wounded pride. Someone who harbors this feeling will initiate a discussion that will gain volume as they realize that they lack reason to support their point of view. Lion attacking dream meaning 

Being a stubborn person, he won’t let go and, with that, what seemed to be a simple exchange of opinion, will turn into a big tumult.

The meaning of dreaming about a lion attacking is a sign to be aware of, as it indicates the approach of some danger, some plot created by someone trying to harm you. Try to be more cautious when you are with friends not to talk about your life plans and work projects. Not all of them want your good.

The lion figure symbolizes power, courage and strength and, therefore, indicates leadership. However, what it means to dream about a lion attacking may be wanting to warn you that an attack against you is being planned, just because they do not accept your professional growth. Enemies wearing sheep‘s clothing lie in wait. All care will still be little even to end certain friendships.      


To dream of seeing a lion attacking is a bad omen. You are getting a warning that you should get away as soon as possible from some friends who have approached you recently with the excuse of wanting to help you resolve some professional issues. Lion attacking dream meaning 

In fact, they want to extract more information from you, and then take you down and occupy that space conquered long ago in the workplace. Follow your intuition and distance yourself without bothering to explain. Satisfaction you owe only to your superiors.


Dreaming of a fierce lion attacking means danger approaching. It can be in the professional field or in your personal life. Re-evaluate your actions and see if somehow you haven’t provoked the enemy‘s wrath.

This dream indicates that some attitude of yours in the past has done some damage to the feelings of those who no longer sympathize with you and who are now having an opportunity to fight back. Fierce lion attacking symbolizes brute strength in action. Be cautious and do not allow for any unreasonable discussions.


Dreaming of a lion attacking its prey means that you are suffering with a financial situation to be resolved and you don’t even know where to start to act. He feels tied up not knowing how to find a solution and sometimes sees himself as prey in a lion‘s mouth. No chance of running or staying and presenting a way out of the problem.

In principle, the solution would be for you to stop thinking about the issue and start from scratch creating an exit plan. For that, you’ll need to put your head in the right place and forget about your actions that, until then, have not yielded results. With great calm and wisdom you will find the solution. The prey in the lion‘s mouth has a chance of getting away. 


Dreaming of a lion attacking another lion is a harbinger of victory against some of the problems you are facing. Quite complicated problems that, in the face of their strength, it seems they will be overcome. But it’s not true. You’ll fight with the strength of a lion to be able to overcome all obstacles that impede the flow of your life.

Look for inspiration in this dream and put yourself in the place of a lion fighting the other lion and see that one of them is you and the other those issues that plague you so much. Problems will be overcome by your willpower and your courage to face them. Lion attacking dream meaning 


Dreaming of a lion attacking someone else means you are going through a period when your pride seems to command all your actions.

You don’t admit your mistakes and failures, you don’t listen to the advice of those who care for you, you don’t act with respect and care, even to the people who are dear to you. His attitudes go so far as to humiliate other people who are on his side. Stop and meditate if this is the path you want to take.


Dreaming of a lion attacking you means that you’ve been weakening in front of someone you know, letting yourself be dominated even in small, unimportant or domestic matters.

Something strange is happening to you that seems to undermine your strength, your determination, causing you to accept interference in your intimate, private life. Don’t let someone else’s dominion over you lead you to the bottom of the pit. Be strong and regain your self-esteem.

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