Libra in love/Complete Characteristics

Libra sign in love

The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, allowing for gentle speech, a pretty face and great individuality. 

In this way, the Libra personality in love wants to be surrounded by art, culture, beauty and harmony. Under the influence of Venus, one of Libra’s main characteristics in love is that she loves good food and expensive things. Sometimes his passion is focused on luxurious things, making him greedy and a big materialist in the eyes of others. 

Libra people want, at the core of their personality, everything to be balanced, so they cannot tolerate injustice and conflict. But they often know how to persist, even when they recognize that it would be better to avoid confrontation. 

The biggest desire of the sign of Libra in love is to have peace and harmony. He strives to be objective and always strives for the right, doing it with style.

Libras often know how to be lazy, hating anyone who rushes them. It also pretends that everything in its path is resolved whenever it wants to, even if that means delaying it by many hours.


The man with the sign of Libra in love is one of the most attractive and beautiful in the zodiac. 

Librans have a constant need to look nice and clean. He spends a lot of time in front of the mirror, making sure he looks hygienic, fit and styled. 

The sense of beauty helps a man with a Libra in love horoscope feel balanced. Your home always has to look elegant and smell like freshly picked flowers. Libra in love

For him, the world is full of injustices, so if his house isn’t pretty, where else would he look for a balance between all the insignificance and greed that exists?

The man with the Libra personality is known for romantic relationships, so he is the best version of himself when he has a romantic partner with whom he can share his life. 

In turn, the Libra woman, when she falls in love, begins to question the decision to be in love, as if it were possible to control. 

The rule of Venus comes to focus here, as she will do anything in her power to fight love, especially if the person she has feelings for is socially unacceptable by her standards. In general, this is a sign that lacks initiative and, due to the position of her Sun, this Libra woman in love may see the men in her life as weak and passive. 

For that reason, you’ll always show initiative when you’re in love, even if it’s not the time or place for it. It’s almost as if Libra wants to show how liberal she is, but she’s under the influence of Saturn and is irreducibly focused on traditional values ​​and proper behavior.


Like a romantic idealist, the sign of Libra in love roams the earth looking for the perfect partner. In fact, Libra people can wait for the right company for years, leaving family and friends to wonder if there’s anyone who can charm them. When they finally fall in love:

1 – The sign of Libra has the personality of trying to be the best version of yourself. The sign of Libra in love strives to be dressed more elegantly than usual, constantly standing in front of the mirror, making sure everything is where it should be. It will also seek to pass the love interest’s workplace and invite you on a romantic date, looking like a movie star.

2 – People with the Libra horoscope in love will always be smiling. When the Libra personality is in love, it is dominated by happiness. It’s enough to completely forget about your daily duties and make mistakes, but that doesn’t matter because you’ll always have a smile on your face.

3 – Libras in love only notice their partner. It is common to say that eyes speak more than words. This is absolutely true when it comes to loving a Libra. People with the Libra horoscope in love cannot take their eyes off the love interest.

4 – The sign of Libra in love knows all of the partner’s friends and family. One of the surest signs that a Libra is in love is when he meets friends, colleagues, family and everyone else in his partner’s usual environment. This is the way to “mark your territory” by telling others that your romantic interest is “accompanied”. 5 – Libra people in love have a personality that cares about their partner. Is Libra worried about his partner’s well-being? If that person was out late, would he offer to take it home? If the partner is in some kind of trouble, does he leave his friends, business and everything else to be on his side? If the answer to these questions is yes, it shows that Libra is very much in love with his partner. 

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