Libra birth chart/main characteristics

Libra in the birth chart – See its main characteristics

Libra , the 7th sign of the zodiac, carries the symbol of the scales of balance. Of course, the buzzword here is “Balance”. And not surprisingly, most Libra individuals are tightrope walkers to varying degrees. Also, a pair of scales always has two aspects, two sides. So those born in Libra also have two sides to their personality and thinking. Libra birth chart

But unlike Gemini, Libra individuals don’t let this aspect dominate their personalities. They are, in contrast, what you would call “the weighing and deciding options” (choosing the peaceful option). They also value justice above most things, in addition to being natural harmonizers. On their own, most Libras will avoid conflicts or arguments, and will not choose to create or cause conflicts and misunderstandings.

People born under the sign of Libra place great importance on finding the right kind of individual for a life partner. Those who are already in a relationship will do their best to keep it running smoothly. It’s rare to find a lone Libra, but when one is found, he looks really sad. Therefore, they need to be surrounded by people. And like lovers, they are expressive, creative and balanced.

Check out what having Libra in the birth chart can represent in your life:


People with Moon in Libra are looking for security in a relationship, with the need to make someone happy and want to have a rich social life. However, later on, they must meet and the things that satisfy them must prevail. These individuals also have a strong need for balance and harmony.


People with Mercury in Libra love the balance of theory and practice. They often make funny but diplomatic comments about people and situations. Your unique way of thinking is reflected in your writing. 

With a bit of exaggeration, it can be said that while people with Mercury in Gemini prefer to write reports, those with Mercury in Libra will go straight to writing a novel because they need to develop their ideas rather than putting some information on paper.


People with Venus in Libra understand and value art and social life. They have a sense of harmony and perceive life in terms of beauty and justice. This sensitivity comes from your mind, not your emotions. The nature of their feelings is likely to influence how they want to use their artistic skills and charm. They are aware that beauty is important, so they wonder if there is more to their current relationship or not.


People with Mars in Libra are not very social. They find it difficult to make a decisive move or statement without other people’s prior permission or consent. So, they try to get what they want and synchronize with other people’s social values ​​and emotional demands. 

They need to be more assertive and independent. Until they manage to unify their needs and values ​​with their desires, where they will likely be dominated by someone they want to have a sexual relationship with. They also attract aggressive, energetic and irritable partners.


People with Jupiter in Libra are able to make the greatest progress in life when they learn to form relationships in a wise and honest way. Ethical and religious influences directly affect the success of these people’s personal relationships. Furthermore, they tend to have the most conventional moral attitudes. 

On the other hand, they believe that this does not suit their needs and desires, and so they are likely to experience at least an emotional turn that will mean a change in their moral philosophy and sense of action.


Saturn in Libra represents a balance between the individual’s needs and desires, on the one hand, and the requirements and conditions of life and society, on the other. Their most important life lesson is to establish the right relationship between them and anyone or anything within them. 

For this reason, Saturn is very influential in Libra, as Order and Authority manifests most deeply through Balance and Justice.


Uranus in Libra brings sudden, intense energy to the traditional desire for harmony and tranquility. People with Uranus in this position do not accept traditional forms of relationship, in love or other interpersonal relationships. Thus, they can bring new elements to politics and art.


Neptune in Libra gives people great artistic potential as well as ideals and new ideas. These people are often talented at writing poetry and creating things intuitively. Neptune is a planet that suggests a lack of clarity and brings that negative attribute into relationships.


People with Pluto in Libra have a good sense of balance, but as Pluto is falling into this sign, it can also bring sudden and profound changes in the family or unexpected transformations in relationships and so on.

In general, this position brings fears and uncertainties to relationships. These people are adaptable and responsible, but also unstable. Thus, personal transformation can be accomplished by developing the ability to relate to other people.

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