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Phrases of Leo: See the phrases that best suit Leos

The sign of Leo corresponds to the fifth sign of the zodiac, belongs to the element Fire, and its natives are those who were born during the passage of the Sun in this sign, that is, between the 22nd of July and the 22nd of August. Having as a ruling star the Sun, the Lion, not by chance the king among animals, presents this proud and radiant personality, always centered on himself. Leo Quotes

Carrying the vital energy typical of the Fire signs, the drive, the will and the taste for victory, Leos will only feel comfortable if they feel they have significant achievements, something they can be proud of having done. This leads Leos to show a more selfish side when they fail to consider the feelings of others.

In the astrological circle, the entry of the Sun into Leo, its return to a Fire sign represents a return to oneself, because, after dealing with the issues that surround you and establishing yourself in community, it is time to assert yourself, to consolidate in this new world and show yourself and others what you came for.

Taking into account this moment in which one seeks to transform a potential into an actual action, some of the best phrases that match the Sign of Leo were selected.

Follow below the phrases of the sign of Leo, according to your decan. The dates of the decans will be given, but you can find out more about this topic in your birth chart.

  •  “Never stop being yourself.”

The first decanate of the sign Leo corresponds to the period between the 22nd and 31st of June, they have the Sun as the ruling star, so they are the most authentic and full of personality natives.

They are the most characteristic part of this sign, and, at times, they can be seen as arrogant, largely because of their ability, self-sufficiency and the taste they have for being what they are. Proud and determined, they are able to go through difficulties and conflicts and refuse to change what they are due to social pressure. Leo Quotes

Another aspect present is competitiveness. Sometimes, the Leo from the first deanery is so full of himself that he ends up getting into unnecessary conflicts; it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that Leo’s phrase talks about being what he is, what can be done without having to invade someone else’s space.

It is only with this balance that Leos will be able to reach their fullness, as we live in society and, sometimes, it hurts a little pride to have to accept help, but humility is necessary to achieve growth.

You, who are the first deanery of the sign of Leo, should relax and enjoy the fullness of the star king. It’s great to love yourself and feel good about yourself, so be sure to enjoy the good times that life gives you.

  • “I’m free to be whatever I want.”

The second decan of the sign Leo corresponds approximately to the days between the 1st and 11th of July. This decan ends up receiving greater influence from the planet Jupiter. In general, Leos in the second deanery are more free and unconcerned with the way they are seen in public.

They are also individuals who are not so attached to the image they build around themselves, or to old achievements, they are more flexible individuals. Leo‘s phrase indicates this Jupterian tendency to always seek growth, and the members of this deanery know that getting too attached to the past and even the present ends up hindering progress.

Because they are more focused on their development and projects, the second dean of Leo is the most introverted among this sign, does not have much need to shine in public and ends up being more socially withdrawn. Sometimes, it ends up not having fun. It is very important to value moments of relaxation, after all, it is not necessary to leave social life to be an authentic person.

For a sign as energetic and full of itself as the sign of Leo, the Jupterian presence represents a relief, a tranquility in dealing with so much energy. Jupiter has to do with long-term plans, so the Leos of this deanery are not so anxious and flustered, they have more temper to pursue some more distant goal or ideal. Leo Quotes

Furthermore, flexibility is essential in order to be what you really are. Humans are constantly changing, and Leo pride can trap a person into something he or she is no longer. Without the ability to adapt and change, we can become hostages to ourselves.

It is also important to mention how difficult it is to be authentic when we live in a society full of judgment and prejudice. It is at this time that the Lion demonstrates his true strength, once independent of the acceptance of others, sometimes it is necessary to impose himself to be respected and tolerated, it seems to be easier to give in to pressure, but freedom has everything to do with Leo‘s pride .

  • “Nothing and no one can stop me.”

Born between the 12th and 22nd of August, the third decanate of Leo is ruled by the planet Mars, which indicates a more impulsive and aggressive personality. In general, they are people who are not afraid to say exactly what they think, who are not silent when they witness some injustice, and are the type who do not take shit home. Leo Quotes

Probably the third decan of Leo is the most energetic due to the strong influence of the Fire element, which can be reflected in an irritable and belligerent personality, because the Martian impulsiveness indicates more conflicts, and the solar presence indicates a heightened pride, it’s quite It’s hard to see any native of Leo backtrack on something, apologize and accept that he was wrong.

On the other hand, this energy and aggressiveness represents great potential, it’s all a matter of channeling the energy in the right way. Leo‘s phrase for the third deanery indicates that when a person applies his full potential to his goals, nothing will be able to stop him from achieving that.

As with everything in life, the issue comes down to balance, no influence in itself is harmful, the problem arises when a tendency becomes an exaggerated behavior. Having self love and conviction in your ideals is a positive thing, but such excessive behaviors become negative things like self-centeredness or authoritarianism. Leo Quotes


Taking all the phrases for the sign of Leo into consideration, the advice that can be given has to do with making the most of your potential, use all your energy and your will to win in your favor, always remembering that humility and collaboration is also needed for this to happen.

The purpose of selecting phrases that correspond with the different facets of Leo is to induce self-knowledge, there are several ways to get to know yourself better, and only with a deep knowledge of yourself will you be able to deal with your weaknesses and take advantage of your qualities.

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