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Leo Sign: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

The natives of the sign of Leo are people who are optimistic, happy, attractive and like to be in power. Your presence will usually stand out wherever you are. They don’t usually settle for little, which they can achieve high positions and more respect in professional and love life. Leo description

Its main characteristic is independence. They only rely on themselves to get where they want in life. They are endowed with energy and sincerity. They have a hot temper, but their heart is loyal. They are usually either loved or hated, but they will never be treated indifferently. Discover now some features and curiosities of the sign of  Leo .

Leos have Fire as their element and are ruled by the Sun, the king star. The individuals under his protection shine brightly, possessing immense charisma and showing up wherever they go. They are natural leaders, others accept their orders and follow their ideas. Leos hardly accept being in the background. So are the natives of Leo.


Born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August and as the fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo comes before Virgo, another perfectionist sign. However, unlike the Virgo, the natives of the sign of Leo have Fire as an element. It is also one of the four fixed signs, along with Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. The Fire element is related to the signs Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.

Those born under a Fire element sign are very creative and lively. It is understandable that they are ardent when it comes to love. They are also the sexiest signs of the zodiac, knowing what to do to win their “prey” and sparing no efforts to do so.


Represented, in Greek Mythology, by the figure of a lion, the first of the twelve works of the demigod Hercules was to kill, in the Peloponnese, the Lion of Nemea, a huge animal that terrified people and no one could exterminate it. Leo description

After the animal’s death, Hera, Zeus’ wife and who hated Hercules (because he was the result of one of her husband’s various relationships with mortal women), as a way of honoring the animal, turned it into the constellation Leo. The graphic symbol of this sign, in addition to giving the idea of ​​the Lion‘s mane, the circle with the central point, shows the positive and concentrated force of the Sun, its powerful ruler. This circle sometimes also appears with a crown, representing the sign’s connection with royalty and the centralization of power. Nothing defines Leo energy better than these three words: brilliance, power and leadership.


Nobility, grandeur, domination, vanity, self-grooming and a lot of affection, these are some of the adjectives that identify the sign Leo. Among the signs of the Zodiac, Leo plays the role of maintaining the courage to conquer, of chasing after the proposed goals and to see life as a possibility for growth and elevation.

Fidelity to his ideals and extreme sincerity without thinking about whether he will hurt feelings or not are characteristics of Leo. They are also attached to material goods, like luxury, comfort and everything that can give them greater status and recognition


Have you ever asked someone your sign and the person responds: Oh, mine is the best! And you just say: Leo, right? Why? Leos usually have a very well-resolved self-esteem, they are very self-confident and well placed, sometimes a little imposing, but they have a lot of energy in what they believe. It is necessary to consider that Leo is the Fixed Fire, so it is that: “I command!”, “I know!”, “My way is correct!”.

Leo is the most dominating sign in the Zodiac. He is creative, outgoing, ambitious and independent, he is completely confident of his abilities. Your profile is to have no doubts about what to do.

The lion is domineering, authoritarian, but benevolent. Burning in his passions and a great master in the art of love, he translates well the energy of a Fire sign. Leo description

He doesn’t have any kind of complication in leading, he knows where he wants to go and puts all his effort and creativity in achieving his goals. It does not fear obstacles, on the contrary, it grows before them.

They are generally good, idealistic and intelligent. They can be stubborn in their beliefs, but always with absolute faith and sincerity. Leos tend to like luxury and power.


Regarding the profession, the native of the sign of Leo will succeed in positions of authority, always focused on reaching the highest levels of power. They are ambitious and good managers. A Leo artist can become a big movie or theater star.


One of the negative characteristics of the Leo sign is that its flaws can sometimes be as great as its strengths, and an excessively negative Leo can become a proud, arrogant, and bad tempered individual. They are able to take advantage of any type of resource to destabilize their competitors. They may also have a certain air of arrogance and superiority.


The natives of Leo are open in their personal relationships, trusting and sincere.

They are extremely truthful when it comes to saying what they think, but always in a loving way.

Leos, most of the time, trust people who don’t deserve it and, therefore, take a long time to get a relationship right.

They are lovers of sexual relationships and tend to have many long-lasting relationships during their lives. Do not cheat and are sincere while love lasts. However, it is not considered the most faithful sign of the Zodiac.


Leos are givers and intense when they are with someone and they are also sensitive to what can happen in the relationship.

They invest in the relationship by giving their best and preventing the relationship from falling into a routine. They demand a lot from the loved one, who needs to reciprocate all their expectations. They are dedicated to a true and lasting relationship. Leo description

In a relationship of love or friendship, the signs that go with Leo are:

  • Aries – This combination is probably the most likely to work. Aryans are playful and love to be with the people they love, they always do something to wipe a smile off their faces.
  • Leo – despite not being each other’s astral paradise, it is a relationship that has many chances to work. Just knowing how to give in at the right time.
  • Libra – is Leo’s astral paradise, as Libra is always willing to listen to what he has to say and is very helpful.

THE AGE OF LEO (10,740 BC TO 8780 BC)

According to astrology, the raw material of the Age of Leo was ‘creation’, its element being Fire, whose intensity gives life and warmth. Its manifestation took place through the element Air, in Aquarius, a sign that is the complementary opposite of Leo.

Leo, a sign commanded by the Sun, which is indisputably our source of life and light, represents the symbol of creativity, royalty and splendor. Leo description

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