Jealousy in dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about jealousy really mean?

At some point (or several) in your life, you must have been jealous of someone. After all, this is a spontaneous human reaction, although not always positive. Jealousy in dream meaning

We are often jealous of the attention someone we love pays to someone else. Or the prestige a co-worker is getting in our place. We feel jealous of our loving partner, our parents, siblings or friends. We can even feel jealous of our pet!

Silly jealousies, which come and go quickly, are acceptable. But when this feeling becomes obsessive, it can be very harmful to our lives.

If you dreamed you were jealous, it could be related to your fear of losing someone you love or a lack of trust in a boyfriend or husband (wife).

Also, according to psychoanalysis, jealous dreams have to do with an unresolved situation with the parents, which makes someone feel insecure about the person they love. Is this your case?

When jealousy gets out of hand, even therapy is advisable to learn to deal with the feeling. But what happens when jealousy appears even in your dreams? Let’s look at this issue and help you understand what it means to dream of jealousy.

Jealousy and insecurity: the message of the dream

If you had a strange dream in which you had a jealousy fit, even if it’s not in your nature, it’s important to try to analyze the meaning and messages hidden in that dream.

Broadly speaking, the meaning of dreaming jealousy is related to (sometimes unrealistic) fears of loss. The stronger the feeling, the greater the intensity of the jealousy. Whether in real life or in dreams. Jealousy in dream meaning

To understand what this means, try reviewing details of that dream – where did it happen, who were you with, what situation aroused your jealousy?

It’s possible that, as you produce this dream, your subconscious is alerting you to correct immature and childish behavior that you’ve been exhibiting in your closest relationships. Not necessarily in a love relationship, but with people in general – friends, siblings, children, etc.

To better understand, let’s know the meaning of some common cases of jealous dreams.


This dream shows an excessive preoccupation you have with pleasing the person you love. It indicates that this feeling of insecurity and fear of losing can lead you to behave differently from your usual self: either too solicitous, considerate, or too passive.

The advice hidden in this dream is: It’s not worth changing your personality to please anyone. Also, dreaming of being jealous of a boyfriend can be a wake-up call for you to put yourself first in your life. After all, the more you value yourself, the better it will be for your relationship.


If in your dream you are fighting or arguing because of someone’s jealousy, there is some area of ​​great insecurity in your life.

It may not necessarily be in relation to a husband, boyfriend, but a warning that, in some area of ​​your life, you are not giving yourself enough value. Jealousy in dream meaning

Try to assess how proud you are of yourself or do you always need attention and recognition from others?


This dream is a warning for you to try to police your feelings and reactions more. Don’t let any of your dissatisfaction lead to an explosion

The jealous reaction, even in the dream, shows that you are frustrated with the lack of recognition you are receiving in some area of ​​your life. It is possible that you are increasing a situation or even creating “sweets” from something that doesn’t even exist. Take time just to take care of yourself, without depending on anyone else.


This dream can have two interpretations, but both are related to caring for the relationship.

First, you may be frustrated at not getting your partner’s attention or praise – and feel unappreciated. That’s why your unconscious is bringing up this problem: to remind you that it is not in the other that you should look for appreciation, but within yourself.

The second: are you giving your partner the proper attention? Perhaps you are so turned towards yourself that you don’t realize that the other person also needs care and affection. Changing attitudes can improve the situation for both sides.


This dream may indicate an unresolved problem in the past: a breakup you couldn’t process right, someone you don’t forget, even if you’ve already moved on. On the other hand, this dream may reveal a pattern of your behavior: you can’t let go of anything.

Even if you don’t want it anymore (a love, an object, a job), you don’t accept the idea that someone else owns something that was yours. Work on this feeling better, discover the root of this attitude and free yourself to live better. Jealousy in dream meaning


It may be that this dream is revealing that there is someone in your life who behaves like a possessive person. Your unconscious is sending a message that it is unhealthy to live with so much pressure and demand.

But, it can also indicate that you are the one with possessive and obsessive behavior that is bringing suffering into your life, even if you don’t even realize it right away.

Whatever the case, are we going to work on the root of all this insecurity and demands? Also beware of negative people around you so that they don’t steal all your energy.


This dream reveals that you carry a great insecurity within you. It also indicates that you often act immature in relationships, whether in love, family or friends. To better understand, remember that a child always requires attention, not least because he is still dependent on care. But not an adult.

This is the message that this dream brings to you: grow up and let go of childish attitudes.

On the other hand, the child dream may indicate that you feel unappreciated by someone who represents the father/maternal figure in your life. The need for approval is bringing up these issues in dream form.


This dream shows that you are feeling pressured and overwhelmed in your work (or on a specific project), which makes you feel like you are not getting the recognition you need.

Try not to take professional problems personally. To be valued, you first need to value yourself more and trust your abilities more.


In principle, this dream seems to indicate that you are a self-confident and well-resolved person. However, the hidden message is that you are a little afraid to get involved, so you stay very in control in relationships.

Being jealous isn’t a very good thing, but the total absence of this feeling can mean that you’re not really giving in. Look for balance – in love, friendship or family relationships – and be happy!

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