How to win a Virgo woman/complete description

How to win a Virgo woman?

People in the sign of Virgo are those who were born between the days August 23 and September 22. Virgos are super down to earth. They like stability and security and are not the spontaneous type. They are careful, suspicious and extremely critical. They demand a lot from others, but a lot more from themselves. They are known for their perfectionism and passion for detail. As an Earth element sign, they are very centered! How to win a Virgo woman?

Despite all this serious and demanding part, Virgos are very dreamy, incredibly loyal and great friends. They like intellectuality and organization. We know that judging is wrong, but you can be sure that she will always notice everything when they meet, especially your appearance and cleanliness (are your nails cut? Is your hair combed? Is your shirt wrinkled?).


Virgo women are very shy. She keeps her feelings deep inside. It’s hard for her to open up and share something personal, especially her feelings. So you will have to take the initiative. She likes to be pampered and pampered. But don’t play hard to get. It makes her mad. Want to know what to do and what not to do to win a Virgo‘s heart? Keep reading!


A Virgo girl suffers, ok? She is very suspicious so it is very difficult for her to allow herself to love. Sometimes she even passes for cold and aloof. She knows she has to fight it, but it’s stronger than she is. Often, the boy even thinks she is disinterested, but he is really cautious. If you think your Virgo crush is worth investing in, know that you’ll need patience to wait her time.

Plus, you’re going to need to earn her trust so she can open up to you. She likes guys who are nice to talk and who are smart. This no doubt counts a lot of points for a Virgo native.

Have you ever heard of “body language”? If the answer is no, then take a few lessons, because you’ll need to get to know Virgo by the way she talks and moves, as she’s only going to talk about her own feelings on St. Never! It’s all very subtle and very implicit.


Despite having difficulty expressing her feelings, the Virgo woman is very sensitive, so be careful with the words you use with her. She can get hurt easily. She likes to be complimented and pampered. Be romantic and patient with her.

She takes everything literally. It’s good to re-evaluate your games too. Chances are, what works for other women won’t work for her.

She doesn’t like to be pressured or criticized. She is already very critical of herself. Knowing that you have wronged or let someone down is almost devastating for a Virgo. It’s not that she doesn’t like unpleasantness – like the Cancer, for example – but she just doesn’t like to make mistakes.


Virgo doesn’t handle change well. She likes the common, the sameness, the habits. She even tries new things, but only if she feels the comfort of knowing exactly what is going to happen. She is very rational, that’s why she plans, analyzes and calculates if it is worth making a certain investment or change. It’s probably the same thing she does before she gets emotionally involved in anything.


She is very organized and thorough. He likes everything in its place and often ends up developing OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). If anyone takes anything from the place she thinks it should be, she freaks out! The house will always be in order. But remember that messes make you mad, so it’s up to you to help keep the house clean too.

She is very concerned about her children‘s education. Dedicated almost entirely to the family. Do not like fights and friction, so try to keep the atmosphere always calm.


Cleanliness, especially in appearance, is essential for a Virgo native. If you show up on a sloppy date, don’t even try! You can be sure it won’t work. That’s brooch for a Virgo woman. Virgo people in love like to be tidy and the other to be tidy too.

But the most important thing is: DON’T BETRAY THE VIRGINIA’S TRUST! If you do, be aware that you will only confirm all the cons on the list she made before she decides to stick with you. After that, she’ll get up and chances are you won’t be able to change her mind. Don’t lie to her. Don’t be unfaithful!


Virgo‘s personality may seem difficult at first, but she’s so worth it, believe me! Knowing what to do to win a Virgo woman is very easy: make her feel safe and secure, be organized, don’t make up too many things, and don’t give her any reason to distrust you. Simple and objective.

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