How to win a Scorpio woman/complete description

How to win a Scorpio woman?

People of the sign of Scorpio are those who were born between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November. How to win a Scorpio woman?

If you know someone resolute, stubborn, and jealous, you can believe she is a Scorpio.

For the Scorpio native, everything is 8 or 80, there is no middle ground. Either she likes someone or she hates them. The Scorpio is very jealous. It is difficult for her to share things or people. The Scorpio is very affectionate and loving, but because she doesn’t like to be disappointed or look weak, she is cold and distant. It is common for Scorpio women to suffer in silence. So she is very misunderstood.

The Scorpio personality is strong. She likes to be in charge, is proud and very intense. The Scorpio woman likes the truth and has no means of finding it. She has initiative and is a natural leader. She is also always surrounded by friends. She likes to feel loved and wanted by others.


Although the Scorpio is reserved and calculating, she likes to be in a relationship. She may take a while to give in, but it’s worth the wait. She is a lifelong companion. Yes, she is very jealous and has a hard time forgiving, but everything about the Scorpio native is intense: love or hate. Below we will tell you more about the native of this very intense sign.


The Scorpio woman is careful and spontaneous, doesn’t do things without thinking. She likes to observe everything before making a decision. Mainly in love. She has a lot to give, but she has a great sense of preservation. It is common for her to give up someone she loves because she understands that this person will not do her any good.

Because she is very suspicious, she will first look at her partner’s behavior to decide if it’s worth giving up. It’s common for Scorpio to give only what they get, as a defense system so they don’t get their heart broken. If you feel your Scorpio doesn’t show her feelings, you probably don’t show yours either.


The Scorpio is faithful and loyal. It’s hard for her to give in to the relationship. But when that happens, it will be yours and no one else’s. How to win a Scorpio woman?

She is very dedicated in everything she does, having a tendency towards perfectionism. So, Scorpio’s goal in life will be to make you happy. Your heart will be yours. Be very careful what you do with it.


Of all the signs, Scorpio is one of the most jealous. It doesn’t matter if you are a family member, friends or a loving partner. She likes having everyone around and pampering whether it’s food, attention or a special outing. She will always be involved in a fight because she doesn’t know how to handle it well.

If you are thinking about having a relationship or are in one with a Scorpio native, be aware that if you give her reason to be suspicious, you will lose your love and respect. It might be bullshit in her head, but it doesn’t matter to her.


Remember I told you that for Scorpio it’s 8 or 80? In love it couldn’t be different. Either she loves it or she hates it. And it doesn’t have to do much for her not to like someone. One simple slip and that’s it. She will always remember what you did wrong. Even if she doesn’t talk about it after a while, she won’t forget.

It is very difficult for Scorpio natives to forgive. Sometimes they are vindictive and pay in kind. Be careful not to awaken this dark side of the Scorpio. Be honest and sincere with your feelings and intentions. Scorpio likes the truth.


If you want to drive a Scorpio woman crazy, just praise her. She is very dedicated to everything she does. Knowing that other people recognize your efforts is very pleasurable. Praise your appearance, your body, your intellectuality. This is very exciting for a Scorpio.


The family to the Scorpio is EVERYTHING. As she is very suspicious, she finds in her family a sense of security and peace. She is very devoted to her spouse and children. She is also very picky. He wants everyone to stand out and get along well. She is looking for a man who is as firm and determined as she is. Together they will conquer the world!


The Scorpio is very suspicious. Just because she’s in a relationship doesn’t mean she’s in love. She needs time to learn to trust and immerse herself in the relationship. But when that happens, you can be sure she will be the most dedicated and passionate of lovers.

Lies (or omissions) are like poison. A Scorpio woman does not tolerate falsehood and deception. She holds grudges for a long time and her pride prevents her from forgiving or asking for forgiveness. Chances are you’ll never see a Scorpio apologize. This is a sign of weakness for her.

If you’ve hurt a Scorpio woman, you’ll have to wait for her willingness to forgive you. Trying to rationalize with her won’t work. It will only arouse more hate and anger! Give her time to calm down. When she demonstrates openness and approach, then yes, you can arrive quietly.

If you do all these things, you will understand more about your beloved Scorpio and you will be successful in your relationship!

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