How to win a Sagittarius man/complete description

How to conquer a Sagittarius man?

The Sagittarius is the zodiac adventurer. Born between November 22nd and December 21st under the influence of the planet Jupiter and the element Fire, the man of Sagittarius is quite breathless. By the way, everything for Sagittarius is huge and fantastic. It has no limits. How to win a Sagittarius man?

The Sagittarius Man is an indecipherable enigma. You have to be always on the lookout to understand what’s on his mind. He is dreamy, mysterious and kind.

The Sagittarius seducer can be rude at times. The Sagittarius man, being very sincere, doesn’t realize that he may be hurting people. But he is not one of those who ruminate on misunderstandings for a long time. This is part of the Sagittarius man’s personality. A few minutes later he doesn’t remember anything. Learn from him not to hold grudges and grudges.

The Sagittarius man in love needs to be in love. You need to know that Sagittarians tire quickly if they don’t encounter challenges. But when he loves, he is faithful. Learn how to win over a Sagittarius and you can have him at your feet forever.

Use some erotic toys and fantasies intimately. The Sagittarius man in love loves new experiments and inventions. He’s often even a little wild in bed, no mom and dad and the everyday beans and rice. To grab this man you need to be very innovative and receptive in the couple moments.

Although Sagittarius values ​​freedom, he does not accept being betrayed. The Sagittarius man is jealous when he is in love. He may often opt for a more open relationship, but be aware that if you know how to win over a Sagittarius, he will take the relationship with the seriousness you expect.

Keep an open mind to learning. The Sagittarius man can be hooked by the intellect. In general he is studious and linked to esoteric and transcendental studies. How to win a Sagittarius man?


  • Be a companion. To conquer the Sagittarius man you need to be part of his life, accept his friends and party with him.
  • Be fun. The Sagittarius man in love wants more is to be happy. This story of frowns, disapproval and bad humor will only drive the man away from Sagittarius.
  • Use all your sensuality. Dress up sexy and make him hungry for you. The Sagittarius man when he loves is very creative and original.
  • Hold the ends and don’t give in easily. The passionate Sagittarius man loves to talk. A good chat and sensuality are the perfect traps to hook this fiery Sagittarius.


  • Don’t fall into a rut. The Sagittarius man in love loves to vary. Always try to attract him with something new, in bed and out.
  • Don’t try to arrest him right away. The Sagittarius man is faithful if he’s in love, but until you can hold him, respect his freedom.
  • Don’t try to trick him with lies and falsehoods. The Sagittarius man is always sincere and does not tolerate being deceived. As bad as it gets, it’s always better to face him with the truth. You will earn their respect.
  • Don’t show a bad mood. The passionate Sagittarius man wants a joyful and companion woman by his side. If you’re the boring and complaining type, it’s out of the deck.


  • Be secure in the relationship. The Sagittarius man in love is attracted to strong, opinionated women.
  • Abuse of foreplay. When the Sagittarius man loves, he loves caressing, especially in his most sensitive area, the inner thighs. But he is also open to many other games.
  • Take control in bed. The passionate Sagittarius loves that his wife shows that she knows what to do to please him intimately. He will go crazy and you will benefit too.
  • Choose an open-air spot for a few hours of love. The Sagittarius man is crazy to have relationships in unusual places, like a deserted beach, in nature during a walk or by the river during fishing. How to win a Sagittarius man?


  • Try to arrest him. The Sagittarius man goes mad if he feels he is losing his freedom. Who loses with this is you, because he will find a way to escape quickly.
  • Disapprove of your personal values. The passionate Sagittarius will soon lose the hots for you and he will go hunting for someone who will accept him.
  • Show disinterest in sex. He will be frustrated and disappointed. The Sagittarius man loves physical contact and sex when he loves. If you notice your disinterest, you will soon leave for another.

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