How to win a Pisces man/complete description

How to conquer a Pisces man?

Born between February 19th and March 20th , the Pisces man is considered one of the most romantic in the Zodiac. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, this conjunction of planets makes Pisceans have a generous and helpful nature. How to win a Pisces man?

Easy to live with, they try to adapt to any person or environment. Lovers of peace, prefer to avoid friction and arguments so as not to hurt anyone. Because they are very sensitive, they have a bit of difficulty making decisions based on reason, so they end up getting stuck in some situations.

But the good news is, he’s an adorable companion who will make you feel like the most loved woman in the world. If you want to know how to conquer a Pisces, check out some Zodiac tips. And find out how to have a happy ending with this very special man.


They say that live fish live outside of cold water. But the Pisces man is hot in every way. Loving and devoted, he will never be lukewarm in attitude and words.

If you’re looking for a sensitive, romantic companion, you can go for it. He is a firm believer in love and will do anything to preserve the relationship. With romanticism to the surface, Pisces is an old-fashioned lover.


Happy is the woman who conquers a Pisces man. One of the most affectionate signs of the Zodiac, when he falls in love, he demonstrates the feeling in the most diverse ways, not always very discreet.

Get ready to be surprised with flowers at mid-hour or a very original wedding proposal. For him, all romanticism is still too little. Another characteristic of Pisces is that he does not hold grudges and forgives easily, being able to insist on a relationship, giving second and third chances, just because he believes that everything will get better. How to win a Pisces man?

Of course, this patience will not last forever. As he loves being in love, Pisces may even give up on a relationship, but he will never give up on finding true love.


As a sign that plunges headlong into a relationship, you may be wondering if Pisces is jealous. This is exactly where the Pisces person needs to take care of himself. Because he gives so much, he ends up waiting for his partner to do the same, which can result in a twinge of jealousy when that doesn’t happen.

But don’t worry, he’ll never make a scene. It is a very peaceful and loving sign and the best way for him to face a crisis will be on the basis of dialogue. When he is sure of being reciprocated, the Pisces is the most relaxed of partners.


If you were lucky enough to find a Pisces candy on your way, discover now some tips and secrets on how to conquer a Pisces man and hook him forever. Check out:

  • Support some social cause – He is a humanitarian and is always thinking about the collective.
  • Learn about spirituality – Pisces appreciates everything that involves esoterism: soul mates, angels, karma. He believes that a great love is planned in the astral. Share that interest and he will be delighted.
  • Invest in romance – He loves delicacies and fantasies. He usually envisions a perfect relationship and will want to live it with you. Enjoy, The best thing in life is dreaming.
  • Show true affection – He needs to be loved as well as breathing and is insecure if he does not feel firm in his feeling.
  • Be kind – Pisces needs calm and tenderness in a relationship. Brawling, rowdy women tend to push him away.


Pisces is very true to his feelings. So, if you want to win him over, be aware of some attitudes he doesn’t like in a partner.

  • Don’t want to be what you’re not – Pisces are extremely intuitive and sensitive, and can tell if you’re not being sincere. How to win a Pisces man?
  • No shacks and aggressiveness – Pisces people don’t like violence and tend to run away if they feel that their partner is explosive and aggressive. He just wants peace!
  • Excessive materialism – Every woman is concerned about her appearance and has a tendency to consume. But you need to know how to dose. A Pisces person appreciates in a woman what is beyond beauty. 


In terms of love and sexuality, the Pisces is a great lover, creating atmospheres and romantic situations to make you hallucinate. Sex with him can be an unforgettable experience, full of magic, as he does not only value physical attraction and will make your relationship a meeting of souls. If you want to know how to make a Pisces man crazy about you, write it down:

  • Keep a little mystery. He likes to unravel little by little and doesn’t like anything too direct.
  • A touch of magic – Pisces is curious about everything that involves magic and esoterism. How about lighting scented candles and incense to purify the energy on your next date, or giving him your complete birth chart?
  • Be delicate and sensual in the right measure – Surprise him with provocative lingerie and a very delicate massage.
  • Explore Fantasies – Pisceans are very creative, even when having sex. To further entice this man in love, send suggestive messages on your cell phone hours before the date.


The Pisces man is not ashamed to show feelings. If you are happy, you are vibrating. If you’re sad, you’re devastated. He gives in to all the emotions and when he doesn’t get affection back, he suffers like no one else. If you want to get back together, see what you can do to convince him to open his heart again.

  • Be honest – Get to the point and say how important it is to you. The native of this sign is very true and values ​​sincerity.
  • Don’t push him – No being invasive and calling several times a day asking to come back. Invite him to a frank conversation and be willing to listen.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes – Apologize if you need to. He prefers a person who makes mistakes and admits than someone who doesn’t want to.
  • Act like a friend – Show that you care about him, even if it’s just out of friendship. He will appreciate that white flag gesture.  How to win a Pisces man?


You know that saying: “don’t do to the other what you don’t want them to do to you”? For Pisces takes this literally. He is an inveterate romantic who believes that a relationship is built on trust. So you won’t risk losing the person you love for a little getaway. I’m glad there are men like that!

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