How to win a Leo woman/complete description

How to win a LEO woman?

Leo people are those born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August. They are determined, daring women who like to be noticed. They are usually among the staff, and preferably leading! They are highly regarded, fun and very independent. They like the excitement and fun, but in dating things can’t be jokes. For leonine, it’s all or nothing. She doesn’t like compromises. This feline represents her element well: Fire! How to win a Leo woman?

Although Leo‘s wife likes to command, she also appreciates people with a unique personality and who have their own opinions, if only to roll that old debate of “which came first, the chicken or the chicken?”.


Leo’s wife, when she falls in love, surrenders completely. They like to be the center of attention, so don’t even think about putting them in the background. She is faithful and a great friend. If you live with Leo people, you know how loyal and dedicated they are to those they love. Check out some tips to win a leonine below!


Leonine cannot stay still. She likes to party and mess. Staying at home watching a movie is usually not the first option. She is looking for a partner for these moments of relaxation and fun. The Leo woman has a fun and light spirit. Don’t try to imprison her. You will be taking away a part of her that you love so much.

As she likes to be the center of attention, Leo‘s native will even want to have some time alone with you, but she’ll want it to be in a public place so that everyone can see how beautiful what you have is. So, don’t be surprised if she always wants to go out.


The leonine is decided. She doesn’t like to waste time and cuts to the chase. She likes to feel in control of things and often she can even be bossy. As she has a strong, well-formed personality, the Leo girl has a natural tendency to lead. That doesn’t mean, however, that you will be his “big dick”. How to win a Leo woman?

A Leo woman finds someone who has the same steady posture as her incredibly attractive and arousing. Despite looking tough and self-sufficient, Leo likes to be cared for and protected. It makes her feel wanted and loved. Know how to balance the moment to command and the moment to yield.


Or at least that’s how she sees herself. She is very vain and likes to take care of herself. She doesn’t like to be second. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to quit football with friends on Wednesday or kiss your independence goodbye. She also likes having freedom and having her time with her friends. Just schedule outings with her in advance. If you always make appointments with other people and leave her alone, you can be sure she will find someone who values ​​her in no time! She’s not the type to be swayed.

She LOVES compliments. If you want to know how to unfold a leonine crush, fill the Leo girl with praise. She’ll let her guard down for you to come closer. But it can’t be those old cliché lines either, right? Please! Be original and true. Don’t say things you think every woman likes to hear. Observe her and give praise according to her personality and actions. Knowing that you are watching her and that she is her object of desire will be exciting for her. If only to inflate your ego.


Your element says it all: Fire! You cannot be shy with her. Leos like intimacy. In fact, for her, foreplay is more important than the sex itself. Want to drive a leonine crazy? Kisses, caresses and compliments will take you to the height of excitement. She likes to joke and tease. Also likes new things in the H time. Be creative.


Leo‘s wife has a very strong protective instinct. Just as a lioness is able to give her life to protect her partner or cubs, a Leo woman becomes a beast if someone messes with her husband or children. Although Leo isn’t very jealous, she likes to protect and mark her territory. If a woman is dragging her wing over her boy, she will make a point of using public displays of affection. Not here! A passionate Leo doesn’t leave it cheap! How to win a Leo woman?


If you are tempted to lie, withhold or betray her trust, remember: she is a Leo! Just as she has the protective instinct of a feline, she also has the preservation instinct. Regaining her confidence again will be very difficult.

Leo is an indomitable spirit. Don’t try to trap her or make her someone she isn’t. You fell in love with her bossy, confident, and outgoing way. Accept that it hurts less… for you, but mostly for her!

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