How to win a Gemini man/complete description

How to win a Gemini man?

Born between May 21 and June 21 , the Gemini man is fun, high-spirited, curious and lives surrounded by friends. With his natural magnetism, he attracts to himself not only intense loves, but faithful friends who love to be by his side. How to win a Gemini man?

It turns out that Gemini is very charming and is fully aware of it. He knows the power of his captivating personality and knows how to use it to get what he wants.

Like any sign that has two figures in the representation, Gemini has a duality of behavior and personalities, and may appear fickle and indecisive in some situations.

Your mind does not stop and, as you are curious about everything that surrounds you, it may take a while to settle on what really interests you, including the love field. Want to know how to win a Gemini? Stay tuned for these tips and advice. And good luck!


One thing you need to know about Gemini is that he’s a natural flirtatious man, at least until he finds out who will own his heart. After all, he doesn’t like to be alone and if he finds a partner who brings together what he is looking for in a woman, he will dedicate himself to winning her over and making her very happy.

As a boyfriend and husband, he will be a vibrant partner, but give up on knowing everything that goes on inside him. Don’t worry, he doesn’t even understand himself. Just be patient and make it clear that you love him and respect his individuality. The freer he feels, the closer he will be to you. How to win a Gemini man?


If you want to know how to win a Gemini man, you need to understand how his mind works and have a little patience until he himself understands what is in his heart.

This free-spirited, adventurous man may be a little aloof, but that’s just a defensive strategy. At first, if he feels he’s in love, he may struggle a little before opening his guard. He needs to be sure of how he feels before indulging in a relationship. But don’t worry, because when you fall in love, it’s for real.


Geminis are outgoing and outgoing, but don’t think it’s easy to open up about your feelings. In love, they are more closed and suspicious and have a little difficulty dealing with emotions. Since he’s a free spirit, initially when he feels himself getting involved, he can back off and try to protect himself with a carcass of rationality. But this is nothing more than an initial confusion, because, given time and a lot of talking, he will end up losing the fear of surrendering.


  • Be innovative and creative – Gemini is naturally curious and is attracted to dynamic women who are always looking for new things, whether in their professional, personal or love lives.
  • Be a good conversationalist – If there’s one thing Gemini doesn’t do without, it’s a good conversation. He is always wanting to learn something new, from the most diverse subjects: from religion to ancient history, from psychology to contemporary art. And he admires women who have something to say.
  • Be independent – ​​That woman who needs him to make any decision and is unsure of herself doesn’t have much space with the Gemini man. He respects the individuality of each person and does not accept that someone cancels out because of the partner. How to win a Gemini man?
  • Be fun – The sign of Gemini prefers to see life with optimism and lightness. He cultivates good humor and spontaneity. A woman who is happy with her life and who makes you laugh will earn a lot of points with it.
  • Listen to him – He is always investing in his own knowledge and will love to share it all with someone. Also, he is vain and likes to talk about himself.
  • Have attitude – Gemini doesn’t like passivity and is attracted to decisive and opinionated women. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative if you feel you must. He likes to be won over and values ​​self-confident women.


  • Don’t be jealous – You got a little jealous, don’t show it, don’t make a scene, don’t ask for an explanation. The most you can do is talk it over calmly at another time.
  • Don’t wait, do it! – Gemini appreciates determined women who take the initiative in any area of ​​life. Even loving.
  • Futility, never! – Women with airy heads, who only think about shopping and hairdressers don’t have much space with Gemini. He values ​​knowledge and not just appearance.


To drive a man with twins crazy, you just have to be natural, spontaneous, no pretending to be what you’re not. Lightness and good humor at all times. A little mystery and never be dependent on his decisions. Go to the fight, take the initiative, assert your will.

The Gemini man appreciates independent and secure women. That goes for everything. From that trip you decide to take without him, because it’s important for your professional future, to that spicy night you prepare just for him.


He is a born conqueror, flirtatious, knows what to do to win a woman and leave her enchanted. But is this man who exerts fascination on women also jealous? How to win a Gemini man?

No way. He trusts his stick too much to think his partner is going to be interested in someone else. Furthermore, Gemini does not see the woman as property but as a companion. For him, jealousy is something for someone with a backward mentality.


If you’ve broken up or are shuddering, it’s important to know a little about your Gemini‘s personality so you know what action to take. The Gemini man is not the type to suffer from a breakup.

He prefers to lift his head and move on to another. Don’t be surprised to find out that a week later he’s at a club. It’s not that he’s going to be looking for someone. In fact, he’s just trying to have fun to get over the hurt.

If you think it’s worth trying again, stay tuned for these tips:

  • Don’t dramatize – face the breakup the same way he does. With maturity. Make it clear that you would like another chance, but you won’t “die” if you don’t. He values ​​whoever values ​​himself.
  • Smile on your face whenever you meet him – Gemini doesn’t like victimhood. The more he feels you are getting on with life, the better.
  • Give yourself time, but be sure to be present – ​​Always as a friend, call to remind you of a theater play or ask for a tip about movies. That way you maintain the bond and create opportunities for him to ask you out.
  • Be honest – If you miss them, tell them the truth. Open your heart. Sincerity will always be the foundation of a relationship. Even if it ends in friendship.

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