How to win a Cancer woman/complete description

How to win a Cancer woman?

Affectionate, attached and sensitive, the Cancer woman carries many feelings inside her. Discover a little more of this sign and learn how to conquer a Cancerians. How to win a Cancer woman?

Considered one of the most sensitive and tearful signs of the zodiac, Cancer owes a lot of this to her ruling planet, the Moon, which influences her way of living according to her feelings and emotions. Cancer women were born between June 21st and July 21st and have the element of Water.

The Cancerians personality involves a lot of affection, sensitivity and attachment too, whether for material things that have a meaning, for the family or for the partner. Furthermore, it is a sign that subtly gets a lot of what it wants, playing the victim sometimes to get what it wants. But, underneath all the protection that this sign seeks to show, we find a person who is vulnerable and who seeks security in their relationships.


Cancer people in love need to feel secure in order to surrender. Because they have a more sensitive and emotional side, the pair of women with cancer must also have the sensitivity to know how to deal with this personality.

Affectionate and genuine, the Cancer woman will give a lot of value to someone who knows how to touch her heart and who is willing to really have a serious relationship with great fidelity and companionship. Because, when it comes to jealousy, Cancer’s girlfriend or wife doesn’t like insecurities.

If there is any sign of her, her jealous and slightly possessive side may show up. But, know that they are protective and care for the feelings of others.


She is from Cancer and feelings will not be lacking in her personality. So, if you want to win a Cancerians, show sensitivity to feelings and emotions. Being romantic and kind is also important to arouse the interest of the Cancer girl, who values ​​affection. How to win a Cancer woman?

Meaningful gifts or a handwritten letter are sure to make the Cancer woman’s heart beat faster, and she will most likely treasure this memory. Also try to understand the Cancerians personality, who can sometimes fluctuate in mood or opinion. Always try to keep your balance and never take out something that grossly bothers you on a Cancer woman, as she can get hurt easily. Conversation is the best way.


Being cold to feelings and emotions is something the Cancer will not like. Your partner also needs to be sensitive and show attention to the more sentimental side that cares about the other.

Therefore, do not take advantage of this situation or transmit bad energy, as a Cancer woman is vulnerable and can capture these vibrations that are not positive. Be genuine, someone who exudes good things and makes the atmosphere light.


Falling in love with someone else is a delight! Often it is for someone who has characteristics very similar to yours and other times they are opposites, which end up attracting each other and making the relationship an adventure. In love, every experience is valid for us to mature and learn something.

But, when it comes to signs, there are some variations that match, and a lot, with the female profile of Cancer. One is with the sign of Taurus. This combination has everything to be stable, peaceful and even lasting. Both value a serious relationship, the family and when they feel trust in each other, they truly surrender. Another combination is with the sign itself, Cancer with Cancer.

Since the two look for the same things in their relationship, in their family and in their daily lives. The relationship has great potential to work, as this couple will know how to behave in the face of the other’s feelings and take care so that the partner feels safe.

With the sign of Sagittarius some difficulties may arise. Because the sign of Cancer in love seeks security in the partner and Sagittarius may be insufficient in this regard, bringing insecurity to the Cancerians. Another point is that sometimes the Cancer woman can use her more manipulative side and this will easily drive the Sagittarius away.

With the sign of Gemini, there can be an emotional instability that you both have a hard time dealing with. In addition, Cancer is more homely and Gemini loves to party, go out, which is a problem that needs to be solved by both.

But, relationship is a box of surprises. No one person is equal to another and that’s where the fun to relate is. To be able to discover the defects and qualities of others and with that, together, grow and try to build a lasting and happy relationship.

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