Hair falling out dream/on floor/bald head/brush full of hair etc.

Meanings of dreaming about falling hair

Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming about hair falling out? In all cultures and throughout history, hair has had a very important symbolism related to strength. Certainly the story that seems most familiar to you is that of Samson, a kind of biblical hero with superhuman strength and extremely long hair. That strength completely disappears the day Delilah gets her hair cut. Why? Hair falling out dream

Because hair is a reflection of our full potential. Likewise, we worry when our hair falls out for no apparent reason, we think we are weakening or that we have a serious illness. Strength, power, power are some of the symbols of hair, but it also has other interesting aspects such as freedom, fertility or, later as we saw in the punk movement, rebellion.

The curious thing about hair as a symbol is that it refers to both the outside and the inside of the person. A well-groomed hair, a long, shiny mane give others a lot of information about us, but also about ourselves. Let’s be honest, how many times have you been to the hairdresser before the psychologist in a time of emotional crisis? Let us remind you here that both actions are not exclusive.

What do dream about hair falling out really mean?

In real life you can lose your hair because of an illness, a vitamin deficiency or the change of season, and this always happens with a certain sinister air. So the meaning of this dream of your hair falling out is no better prospect, although you can always use this information to your advantage and stop the fall now.

In contrast to having long, well-groomed hair, dreams of your hair falling out alert you to a complicated and conflicted time in life. You realize the danger as soon as you wake up and wonder what’s going on in your life to have a dream that can easily turn into a nightmare. Your intuition is correct.

Having your hair falling out in a dream indicates that you are losing strength, that you are discouraged, that you can’t take it anymore, and it usually coincides with those moments when anxiety problems begin to affect and condition your entire life. Don’t be frightened by this very negative interpretation, but wake up and act accordingly.

Dream hair loss also indicates a problem with self-esteem, insecurity, or self-worth, as well as an aspect of your personality that makes you pay more attention to what others think than to your true happiness. It is important that you wake up as soon as possible from this dream and reactions, as it is in your hands to stop that hair loss.

Dreaming that hairs fall out

This dream is a clear symptom of insecurity. Surely you wake up thinking you are sick and most of the time you associate hair loss with cancer. You know that this relationship is not so direct, that hair loss is not a symptom but a consequence of chemotherapy and you are not at that point, not even close. But the nightmare feeling is inevitable. As inevitable, there is also the need to learn to deal with uncertainties, not only related to health, but in all aspects of life.

Dreaming of lots of hair on the floor

You look in the mirror and there’s no shortage of hair, but what you see around you when you look at the floor is a lot of hair on the floor. As if it had fallen or been cut. This scene is typical of those moments in life where you put yourself at the worst, where you fear certain consequences that have not yet arrived and may not even come.

dream about bald head

Besides being a dream, it can happen to you in real life because of stress. And that is precisely the warning of this dream. Be careful, because you’re about to explode, you can’t take it anymore, maybe because of the pace of life or maybe because of emotional exhaustion, because of that other stress that is not so obvious, but is so harmful. Find a quiet time for yourself, ask for your vacation, rest and reorganize your priorities, because it’s time for a vital change.

dream of going bald

Dreaming of going bald can also be considered a nightmare and reflects this fear of the opinion of others. As we’ve already said, the hair dream is closely related to strength and also to self-esteem and right now your self-esteem is not as much yours as it should be, but it depends on others. You expect others to value and validate you, and you fear they won’t. We assume that by now you’ve figured out what’s failing and that it’s time to learn to love yourself.

Dreaming of a brush full of hair

You know that sometimes, in seasonal changes, the hair falls out more obviously, but that doesn’t stop you from being startled in the dream when you see more hair left on the brush than usual. Are you one of those people who anticipate problems? Because maybe you’re living in too much fear that things will get messy, that the problems are too big to deal with, and maybe you’re venturing into a bleak future when the truth is that the future hasn’t arrived yet.

Dreaming of being bald at the hairdresser’s

This dream is the most frustrating because you go to the hairdresser for a change of look that makes you feel better and refreshed and the opposite happens. Be careful because this dream will make you reflect on all those things that you don’t want to leave in the hands of others, not even in the hands of your own life. Be careful because maybe you have an excessive need to get everything under control and this is the most direct way to get serious anxiety problems.

dream of hair falling in hand

Hair has a special emotional value from the point of view of self-esteem in relation to the image itself. In other words, in addition to being an aesthetic component, this aspect transcends the psychological sphere. Abundant hair loss causes concern when a person experiences this fact in real life. For this reason, a dream that revolves around this theme also reflects a state of worry or anxiety on the part of the protagonist.

For example, when a person dreams of going bald, he experiences that moment with anguish. In this case, if this dream is repeated repeatedly in a short period of time, generating emotions of discomfort in the affected person, it is positive that the person tries to reflect whether this dream can be conditioned by a personal circumstance of insecurity, fear, concern, significant stress or chronic.

Many of the positively unresolved emotions acquire a greater presence in the language of dreams. For example, concern about hair loss can show the helplessness of someone who feels they have lost control of a certain situation in real life.

Dreaming of hair falling in strands

When a person is very concerned about their physical image and naturally does not accept the passage of time, observing aging through a negative light, dreaming that their hair is falling out can manifest this state of alertness conditioned by the limitation of ideas about old age

This plot shows this concern, especially in those people who are in a stage of maturity in which they are already experiencing the first signs of passing years.

The fear of aging reflected by the concern with hair loss is a feeling that goes beyond aesthetic concern and reaches the emotional level from the perspective of feeling the vulnerability of old age. A dream that can occur, for example, in an age crisis in which the person feels at a vital crossroads.

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