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Gemini Phrases: See the phrases that best suit Gemini

Gemini is the sign of people born between May 21st and June 20th. Governed by Air and by the planet Mercury, it is a dual sign, which seeks to be in sync and in movement with the earth and with the people who inhabit it. Gemini quotes

Their mind works fast and people born with this sign have a lot of intelligence and wit, as well as being very good-humored. His personality can vary according to the situations that occur around him, but he is a carefree sign that doesn’t let himself be shaken by so little.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, he enters the world with the mission to connect people and use their language and gestures to bring them together, it is where in the history of the world people begin to socialize and maintain ties for the arrival of next sun, which is Cancer.

We can say that there are some phrases that define each sign and, here, Gemini phrases will vary according to the personality of each decan. Remembering that you can know your decan by doing your birth chart.

Have you ever stopped to think which phrases best define Gemini native? Well, check below some of the best phrases of the sign of Gemini. Gemini quotes

  •  “Being balanced doesn’t mean standing still, but being able to move without falling”

Geminians of the first deanery, approximately between the 21st and 30th of May, are ruled by Mercury. They are expansive Geminis, who have a quick intelligence, are fickle, and very talkative, the typical Gemini when you think of one. 

Contrary to what many people think, the conversation and the good vibes of Gemini does not come from immature people who want to fulfill something socially accepted in speech. When they don’t exercise that, it’s with the intention of connecting, of being flowing together, like really Air that molds itself between everything.

This is one of Gemini‘s phrases, as he understands that balance is being connected and in motion, but without being affected by the evils of the world. Moving without falling is extremely linked to the way things go, but the influence of that alone, the Gemini, will decide how it affects you.

The Geminis of this first decanate are usually the ones with Mercury in the most evidence, and this planet, being closer to the sun, is what makes the link between the biggest star and the planets of our constellation. That’s why, for a Gemini native, this balance and communication is so important.

  • “Love is constant movement”

The Gemini natives of the second deanery, approximately between May 31 and June 9, are Geminis with Venus more prominent on the chart, have a kinder personality and, at the same time, free. The energy of Air flows along with Venus’ sensuality and desire to be loved. It is the ideal influence for Gemini to surrender in a mental way, exerting its intelligence and constantly moving.

In addition to the loving aspect, we see in the second deanery Gemini a milder way, they will not judge something fast and accurate, they are usually people who take time to assess situations because, to conclude something, he needs to go to the back of his mind about the who judges it to be correct or not to take the final decision there, not only in their social cycle, but in any situation.  

Coming from the sequence of phrases of the sign of Gemini, they will vary according to the decan, Moon or Ascendant placement, and even in some retrograde position of the chart. However, for the most part, Geminis are more willing to live life, connected to people, as it satisfies them, seeing everyone and everything in balance with what their duality expects. Gemini quotes

This is a great sign of Gemini as it is a sign that is often misinterpreted as its mood will change depending on what is happening at the moment. He really won’t always be 100% like any of the other signs, but the influence of that comes from the air, the environment and the people around him.

One side that can be considered negative about Geminis is the way they get sick of things, they love challenges, and the ideal time, especially for second dean Geminis, is the time of conquest, the time when they still feel the passion blossoming. . It may be that some of them get discouraged after seeing things have been given to them so easily. That’s why it’s interesting to always keep with Gemini the feeling that everything is new and renewable, so that he doesn’t feel cornered, because, if that happens, it could lead to estrangement.

They help, they forgive, they are great friends, they like to feel loved and be surrounded by people, they don’t miss a weekend, especially if it’s with the right company, which is the ideal engine to keep this Air regime in contentment with itself. . They can be selfish in some situations, but they are people who are always there to help.

  •  “Happiness is in letting go”

Geminians from the third deanery, approximately between the 10th and 20th of June, have a greater energy coming from the planet Uranus, which is the planet of freedom and paradigm shifts. People who have higher Uranus on the chart tend to have a need for independence and individuality, so they are less attached Geminis who don’t worry so much about the demands of everyday life. They may also have great interest in travel and new discoveries. Gemini quotes

On the downside, they may have a greater tendency to be lazy and hate to do things like everyone else does, their will is to be against them. They don’t like it when they’re told to do something and at work they’ll only feel happy if they’re their own boss.

One of Gemini‘s characteristics is freedom, which, regardless of the decanate, will not change as they move with the air.

However, in this evolution of the signs, the Gemini of the third deanery is already detached from the totally social interaction and is also lazy to deal with something that is not beneficial to him. That’s why the chosen phrase, because here the Gemini already understood that he can and needs to love, but he doesn’t need attachment, pledges of love and consolidations to validate his feelings. He understands the freedom that everyone needs to have and sticks it to his life without much bewilderment.     


Gemini understands about interactions and experiences in the world, he is a sign that loves his freedom and knows how to dose it with an understanding and intelligent way. They are great friends and give the best advice, but they can easily lose their temper. 

The phrases that match Gemini try to bring you this chance to know yourself better, remembering that the path of the zodiac wheel is the same as life and it demands growth and some abdications. Gemini, in turn, is here to shape the world and make it flow with intelligence and innovation. Gemini quotes

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