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Sign of Gemini: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury and its element is Air. They have a great intellectual curiosity. They are always in search of knowledge and have a reputation for wanting to understand a little of everything. They are also party-goers and are always surrounded by friends. And since no one is perfect, they sin through indecision. They are the charming and uncomplicated Gemini natives . Gemini description


Born between May 21 and June 20 , Geminis are very communicative and have great powers of persuasion. Whatever the subject, the native of this sign will ask for the floor and discuss the topic as if he were an expert. It’s simply your professorial way of being.

But don’t be fooled by these “classes” because he also loves to have fun. Learn more about Gemini sign , its characteristics, qualities and challenges.


If we had to define Gemini native in one word, it would be: curiosity. He has a great urge to discover and relate. Geminians like people and don’t enjoy solitude one bit. What for some signs is a moment of peace, for him is considered pure boredom. We list below some more features of Gemini:

1) Indecision – He wants everything at the same time and ends up getting confused when choosing. The Gemini man orders a pizza and discovers that he prefers Japanese food. He goes to Engineering College and finds out what he really likes is Physical Education. You don’t always know what you want. Or maybe you want it all together. Did you understand the Gemini way of being?

2) Restless – With their thirst for learning and discovery, people of the Sign of Gemini will always be active. Their minds don’t stop and they have plenty of energy to both work and play. On the negative side, this restlessness makes people of this sign abandon several projects along the way.

3) Creative and Communicative – They are very articulate and have the gift of speech. It is almost impossible to resist their vehement arguments. Gemini description

4) Fickle – They love to experiment and, from time to time, resolve to bring about a general change in their life. They are definitely not afraid to take chances.

5) Use their heads more – Gemini may have romantic attitudes, but don’t expect him to be 100% hearted. He is not one to get carried away by sentimentality.


The sign of Gemini dates from the period May 21st to June 20th, being ruled by Mercury. This astral conjunction determines your personality, also establishing affinities that may or may not exist between the other signs. In other words, the Gemini sign also influences relationships. See which signs can best fit the Gemini personality.

Aries – have the same thirst for discovery, are equally dynamic and practical.

Leo – vibrate at the same intensity. Both like to have fun. But Leo has to know how to deal with the needy side of Gemini. The two like to be the center of attention.

Libra – as they have the same element, Air, it can be a balanced relationship. But the Libran romantic has to understand the rationality of Gemini.

Sagittarius – as they are opposite signs, it can be a fruitful relationship. Both are party people and happy with life. Gemini description

Aquarius – are two traveling signs with a thirst for discovery.


The Gemini is quite vain, second only to Leo, and may not even like to admit it, but he does have flaws. One of them is just wanting to be right all the time. Let’s find out what your main challenges are?


Manipulation through charm : he won’t admit it, but uses charm to convince people around him to do what he wants. It can be something innocent, but if it becomes a habit, it can disrupt relationships, whether family or professional.

Doesn’t like to be contradicted: Gemini likes to think he’s right and when someone disagrees or doesn’t bend to his wishes, he feels insecure.

Superficiality : wanting to understand a little bit of everything is one of the Gemini sign characteristics that can make natives of this sign remain only on the surface of their potential. The tip is to focus more on what’s really important to them.

Extremely indecisive : Indecision is the “last name” of Gemini people. Also due to lack of focus, they end up choosing different paths and losing time and opportunities in life. Here’s the tip.


Ruled by Mercury, this planet gives the Gemini native intelligence and dynamism. This combination generates in Gemini people characteristics such as a fertile mind and full of ideas, in good and bad sense, as it ends up generating a lack of concentration and a certain superficiality. The Gemini‘s challenge is to stay focused and avoid getting involved in multiple projects at the same time. Gemini also lacks impatience.


In its graphic representation, the sign is illustrated by an image of two twins or two lines. Both refer to the doublings of the sign. This existence in a “double sense”, with attitudes and feelings that are often paradoxical, is one of the most striking characteristics of Gemini. Like Pisces, Gemini can bring together contradictory personalities and attitudes. Don’t forget that this is a multiple, plural sign, and cannot be limited to a single way of being. Gemini description


In Greek Mythology, Gemini refers to the brothers Pollux and Castor, sons of Zeus by a woman named Leda. Because this is a union between a god and a human person, the twins were born opposites: a mortal (Castor) and an immortal (Polux). Both fell in love with two sisters, named Febe and Ilaira, and because they were already betrothed to others, they decided to kidnap them. Upon discovering their intent, the bride and groom of the girls go on the attack. When Castor is hit by an arrow, at the risk of death, Pollux begs his father Zeus to grant his brother his own immortality. Upon realizing that Pollux would die in his place, Castor makes the same request to Zeus, starting both to take turns in death. Faced with this act of brotherly love, Zeus transformed the two into the Constellation of Gemini, eternally linked.


The symbolism of the Sign of Gemini in Greek Mythology translates well the personality of Gemini. The vulnerability of Castor the mortal and the courage and altruism of Pollux the immortal. This means that two extreme sides coexist within the same person. While one takes risks, faces challenges and is eager to discover and grow, there is a romantic and needy side, which also appears in times of greatest vulnerability. The Gemini native should try to balance these two sides, taking advantage of what each has to offer.


There are people who love to be in love, are not shy about playing charm and flirting. Thus can be defined the sign of Gemini in love. They’re not shy at all, and when they’re single, they’ll invest heavily in the art of conquest because they definitely don’t like being alone. Remember they are Gemini, loneliness is not with them.


– Fickle and indecisive – Yes, if Gemini is like that in life, he will also be that way in relationships. He will think and rethink before making a commitment. But precisely because it’s free to experiment, when he takes over, it’s for real. Gemini description

– Free Spirits – Curious and restless, Gemini natives will run a little before defining their love life. And yet, the partner (or partner) must understand that he doesn’t like to be tied down or controlled. They want companions, not supervisors.

– Romantic in measure – They are affectionate and dedicated, but don’t expect them to be effusive or to have grand gestures to declare your love. Gemini natives are not without their individuality even when in love.

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