Famous Aries personalities/complete description

Outstanding personalities of the sign of Aries

Aries natives are people of strong traits who feel the need to live and make it happen! If you know any Aries, they are probably decision makers and have a very impulsive personality! Famous Aries personalities

Aryans are known for being short-sighted! So they will never put off for tomorrow what they thought today.

Arians are known for being leaders, strong and visionary! They are always ahead of changes and idealizations. They are determined and courageous people who face problems without fear and never give up on their dreams.

Despite all this impulsiveness and aggression, Arians like to do good and support good causes. They are always excited about big changes and can face them with ease.


To learn more about this sign and the people who represent it, we’ve put together an incredible list of Aries celebrities for you to meet! Do not leave there and understand more about the world of these personalities.


Let’s start with one of our most famous champions! Anderson Silva, also known as Spider , was born on April 14, 1975, in São Paulo, but moved to Curitiba at the age of 4, the city where he trained at Chute Boxe , the gym where he trained when he won his world title in the UFC.

Spider started training Taekwondo at the age of 5, being a specialist in the modality. He is also a black belt in Muay Thay and Jiu Jitsu.

Our champion was unbeaten by 17 fights, and that includes an incredible 10 belt defenses in a row, a UFC record for many years. He is considered a legend of the sport and one of the greatest fighters of all time, having beaten big names like Vitor Belfort, Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson. Famous Aries personalities


Juliana Paes was born on March 26, 1979. As a good Aries, the actress was gradually arriving, playing small roles and quickly achieving fame with her talent and beauty.

Beauty is not lacking for Juliana Paes. Owner of a sculptural body, envied by many Brazilian women, the actress became known for her roles in soap operas: Celebridade, América, Caminho das Indias, Gabriela, Força do Querer and A Dona do Pedaço. Juliana Paes was also known among the male audience because of her highlights in men’s magazines and beer advertisements.


World-renowned in the music scene, Lady Gaga was born on March 28, 1986, in Manhattan, NY.

He gained success around the planet in his first album, with the songs Poker Face and Just Dance. With this album, she got 7 Grammy nominations and won 2. In total, she won 9 Grammys and was known for displaying exotic looks.

After the breakout of the first album, it was just success! Among them: Alejandro, Bad Romance, Telephone, Born This Way, Judas, The Edge of Glory.


Still in the music business, let’s talk about Anitta! Born on March 30, 1993, in Rio de Janeiro, she is known for being her own manager and for doing her own marketing, something unusual in the musical world.

The national success came after the hit of the song Show das Poderosas . After that, his career exploded! Rhythm Perfect, Bang, Let Him Suffer, Loka… The success was so great that Anitta began to venture into an international career, making success with hits that appealed to the people: Is That for Me, Downtown, Medicina, Faz Gostoso.


Xuxa, also known as the Queen of the Little People, was born on March 27, 1963. She built a children’s empire and became famous worldwide, broadcasting programs in Brazil, Argentina, Germany and the United States simultaneously! She was once one of the highest paid celebrities in the world, even appearing in Forbes magazines. Famous Aries personalities

Xuxa started her career as a model in 1979, at 16 years old. In 1980, it was already featured on the cover of several national magazines. In 1983, she started working as a presenter and, from then on, it was all success: television, cinema and music!


Bruno Gagliasso was born on April 13, 1982, in Rio de Janeiro. The actor from Rio de Janeiro is considered a Sexy Symbol among women and has several national awards.

He became known nationally for his work in Chiquititas and A Casa das Sete Mulheres . After these works, his career exploded, and he participated in soap operas such as: Celebridade , América , Paraíso Tropical and Caminho das Índias, the latter being always remembered for the role of the schizophrenic Tarsus. The actor also ventures into cinema and has several critically acclaimed films, such as Isolas and Mato sem Cachorro.


Our eternal Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter film series, was born on April 15, 1990.

Its success, however, was not restricted to the Harry Potter franchise. After the franchise finished recording, she went to college and was still acting on the days she didn’t have class. She graduated in English Literature in 2014 and had several prominent roles, such as in the films: Sete Dias com Marilyn and Beauty and the Beast .


The King is also Aryan! He was born on April 19, 1941, in Cachoeiro do Itapemirim, Espírito Santo. O Rei is a national and international icon and has been on the music tracks since 1957!

He was the founder and supporter of several musical genres during his huge career and, nowadays, he is known for his famous end-of-the-year special, which generates many memes by young people on the internet.


The actress was born on April 14, 1982, in São Paulo. She began her career at age 16 as a stage assistant for the presenter Celso Portiolli and began her career as an actress in 2004 at Record.

Paolla is known for being a Sexy Symbol and for having a sculptural body, which makes her be invited to several marketing advertisements. She had prominent roles in soap operas: O Prophet, Ciranda de Pedra, Amor à Vida, Além do Tempo, Força do Querer and A Dona do Pedaço . Famous Aries personalities


And let’s close our list with Sorcerer! Ronaldinho Gaúcho was born on March 21, 1980, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. He was one of the most talented footballers of his time and, to this day, he is considered a genius and reference by many football lovers. His precision passing and kicking, plastic dribbling and ingenious play made him one of the most beloved players on the world stage.

He started his career at Grêmio and then went to play in Europe, where he won several titles, with emphasis on his time at Barcelona, ​​a period in which he was twice voted the best player in the world. Bruxo, as he is known, ended his career at Fluminense in 2015. He is the only footballer so far to have won the World Cup, the European Champions League, the Libertadores da América Cup and the Best Player trophy of the World by FIFA.

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