Facts about Scorpio/complete interpretation

What makes Scorpio the best sign?

What makes the sign of Scorpio, a Water sign, the best in the zodiac? Like the other signs, Scorpio is full of particulars. Their intensity makes them unique and very powerful people who seek to change the world. Facts about Scorpio


Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and has characteristics such as intensity, strength and intelligence. Want to know more? See now 15 facts about Scorpios.

  1. People of the sign of Scorpio are very mysterious, which makes everyone’s curiosity aroused. This feature makes their seduction power very high, making everyone feel attracted to them.
  2. In addition, Scorpio people have a natural charm that catches attention right away. This leaves them full of suitors at the end of the night.
  3. Scorpio people always give their best to others, using all their power to protect those they love. In addition, they are extremely loyal and never abandon anyone, a trait that makes Scorpios a great friend. However, they can become overly protective, even a little possessive.
  4. Scorpio people are very honest and always try to say what they think. For them, it is important to express what they feel and believe in the moment. Therefore, they speak their minds even when it displeases someone, as they are loyal to what they believe. Facts about Scorpio
  5. One of the most important things for Scorpios is the truth. That’s why they hate it when someone tells them a lie and it doesn’t take long for them to realize that the story is false. So if you don’t want to get burned by a Scorpio, don’t lie.
  6. Furthermore, Scorpios will always keep their secret, no matter what. For them, a promise is always unbreakable and is synonymous with honor. So if you tell the Scorpio a secret, rest assured that he will never tell anyone. This makes Scorpio people great confidants and great friendships.
  7. Scorpios are always good-natured, but their moods are a little more acidic than usual. They are usually quite sarcastic and make jokes that border on the unpleasant. Also, they make very smart jokes, and to understand them you have to be on the same intellectual level.
  8. Scorpio people look tough, but this is just their exterior: the hard shell serves as protection. Inside, they are very sensitive and sweet people.
  9. Who is from Scorpio is very strong and knows it. These are people who don’t expect to happen, they just do it. They are also very ambitious and go to great lengths to make their dreams come true and, when they fall, they quickly get up.
  10. Scorpios have a winning mindset and know they can go even further. In this way, they are always studying and looking for new ways to work and fulfill their goals, as they believe that their efforts will take them a long way. Furthermore, they are passionate about what they do, which makes them rewarded for their work. Facts about Scorpio
  11. Despite being very loyal and great friends, when someone hurts them, Scorpios are unforgiving. They will always remember that you hurt them or did something bad to them. So, the best thing to do is not to step on the ball with the Scorpio, because that will be remembered.
  12. Scorpios are known to have a heightened sixth sense. That way, they always know what’s going to happen first, predicting whether things will work out or not. However, they cannot explain this phenomenon, they just feel it. So, always listen to the Scorpio’s intuition, as he never makes mistakes!
  13. People from Scorpio are usually very observant, understanding things even from afar. They are very calculating and analytical people, and that is why they know what is happening in any situation.
  14. Scorpios own their own lives, so they don’t care about people’s opinions. As they are very honest people, they believe that loyalty to their own being is also fundamental, so they will never betray their instincts or ideals, which means that they will always make decisions regardless of what others think.
  15. Finally, Scorpio doesn’t accept the middle ground. For them, it’s either yes or no, and they hate it when someone doesn’t take a stand.

Want to know more about Scorpio? Read on to know how Scorpios work in love and work.


In love, Scorpios are extremely seductive. Their power of seduction is practically inexplicable and they manage to leave everyone at their feet.

For anyone from Scorpio, sex and seduction are fundamental, so they are always trying to win people over day after day, and really make those they love feel wanted.

When they feel that there is not enough delivery, especially in sex, Scorpios do not feel satisfied and end up frustrated. So one of the most profound ways to get to know a Scorpio person is through intercourse, because this is the time when you really let go.

In relationships, Scorpios are not likely to take criticism well, so anyone in a relationship with them needs to be careful what they say.

In addition, they are often very jealous and possessive and can be very manipulative.

To relate to Scorpio, it is necessary to understand that they do not accept compromises and like hot passions. Scorpio combines well with Taurus, Cancer, Aquarius and Pisces.


At work, Scorpios always do a great job and are often very proactive. Furthermore, they rarely procrastinate and accomplish all tasks in a short amount of time.

They are people who are always looking for professional growth, aiming for high salaries and positions of power. However, they are not good in leadership positions because they do not deal well with people who do their work differently.

Scorpio natives generally earn more than most and are valued in their work. In addition, they like to maintain a status and stand out from the crowd.

They do well in the fields of psychology, technology and chemistry

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