Facts about Sagittarius/complete interpretation

What makes Sagittarius the best sign?

Sagittarius, a sign of people born between November 22nd and November 21st, is known for its vitality and joy. Furthermore, the sign is also linked to the desire for freedom and adventure. Just because of these characteristics, you can already know that whoever is from Sagittarius has a lot of strength, isn’t it? However, these are not the only particularities of this much-loved sign. Facts about Sagittarius


Sagittarius is a sign full of life and joy, and rarely displeases anyone. See now 15 facts about Sagittarius.

  1. Sagittarians love competition, and even more, winning. This is because Sagittarius people are very vain and self-confident. Thus, when an opportunity arises to show all the good that they have, they will spare no effort to do so.
  2. Also, Sagittarians love to receive praise. When someone praises them, they magically become friends with that person, as they love to be flattered, especially if they feel that the person is being really sincere in the compliment.
  3. Sagittarius people are very careful about the energy they give off and always try to keep their mood balanced, even when things seem to go wrong.
  4. Sagittarians are also always willing to sacrifice for others. So, if a friend is going through difficulties, he has no problem taking it out of yours to give to him, because they hate to see those they love suffering.
  5. People with the sign of Sagittarius know very well how to argue, and they almost always win arguments. However, they can end up imposing their opinions on others, not making room for a healthy debate. So they do well in careers like law and degrees.
  6. Sagittarians love to play sports, especially if it involves competition. Generally, they practice several different activities and are always looking for positive results in all the sports they are willing to practice.
  7. Anyone from Sagittarius is usually a sore loser. Their competitive spirit does not allow them to accept defeats in any area of ​​their lives. So if you’re around Sagittarians, you need to remember to give credit to every action they take.
  8. People from Sagittarius are very eclectic and respect everyone’s tastes. So, they listen to all kinds of music and have fun at the most different parties. For them, the important thing is to know everything and have fun.
  9. Sagittarians are a lot of fun and playful, but they know the right time to do it. When they want to be funny, they can amuse everyone around them.
  10. Anyone from Sagittarius is always willing to listen and advise others. They are very friendly and empathetic people, and they can easily understand the problems of others, which makes many want to open up to them. Furthermore, they are very deep people who show their affection at any cost.
  11. When they are parents, Sagittarians are excellent. However, they may use education methods that are slightly different from the conventional one, which ends up shocking outsiders. However, this is what makes your children become your great friends and accompany you throughout life. Sagittarius parents know how to make their children feel loved and welcomed.
  12. Sagittarians know how to enjoy life and are very optimistic people. For them, bad times are great for learning and don’t let them be shaken by it. Furthermore, they always seek to reach higher goals.
  13. People from Sagittarius are very direct with their opinions and don’t like to play with words. For them, saying what they think is the best way to resolve misunderstandings. Furthermore, they do not like people who play with what they say or lie, as they place great value on the word.
  14. Sagittarians are extremely creative and restless. This makes them always creating crazy things. They are also very curious and love to learn new things, especially about people.
  15. Finally, Sagittarius is not very adept at routine and doesn’t like to spend a lot of time doing the same thing. As individuals with an adventurous spirit, they like to explore and experiment with new ways of doing something. Thus, they may not do well in very inflexible jobs.

In addition to these facts, Sagittarius also presents particularities in love and work. See more things about Sagittarius below.


In love, Sagittarians prefer to act transparently in all ways and for them it is important that their partner also act in this way.

They are also very adventurous and like to try new things.

Although they are open-minded, they cannot stand betrayals and when they know that their partner has been disloyal, they forgive but cannot continue a relationship.

As they are a little unstable, Sagittarians like to relate to calmer people, who work to make the relationship a little more peaceful, however, they hate to feel stuck in relationships. Sagittarius matches: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces.


At work, Sagittarians like to take risks, in the sense of venturing into new things and creating something out of the ordinary. Their keen creativity makes them develop different techniques and new ways of working.

Also, Sagittarians are very smart and have a passion for reading and writing. Furthermore, they like to look for new things all the time, which is why they need to work in areas related to research.

Sagittarians also like to be in touch with new ideas, so they love to hear what their co-workers think (and tend to have a very good relationship with all of them). However, it is necessary to be calm to expose the ideas, because they can be a little impatient.

Finally, Sagittarians do very well in their professional lives and generally earn a good salary. However, he can’t keep up for a long time performing the same job and when he feels limited in his job, he doesn’t hesitate to change his air.

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