Facts about Capricorn/complete interpretation

What makes Capricorn the best sign?

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, Earth element and ruled by Saturn. Thus, people of this sign tend to be balanced and enjoy routine. However, Capricorns are not just about that! Want to know why Capricorn is the best sign in the zodiac? Facts about Capricorn


The tenth sign of the zodiac can be known as boring at times, but the truth is that Capricorn is a very interesting and particular sign. Want to know more? See now 15 facts about Capricorns.

  1. Capricorn people are very sweet and please everyone. However, if someone hurts them or tries to outwit them, they don’t sit still and know exactly what to do to defend themselves.
  2. Also, Capricorns are a great observer, so they always know what you’re going to do. Instead of talking, Capricorns like to listen and observe, which makes them think a lot before saying and rarely regrets what they say.
  3. Before making a decision, Capricorns think about the matter for a long time, because they feel the need to plan. So things hardly ever go wrong, as Capricorn knows how to think and calculate before acting. Facts about Capricorn
  4. Capricorns are extremely faithful and loyal individuals. That way, when you share a secret with a Capricorn person, you can rest assured that he will remain safe. In addition, they demonstrate your loyalty in any relationship and are people you can really count on.
  5. Because he is ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are very sensible and patient, don’t like scandals, and know how to maintain their posture. When he performs a task, he can go a long way, because he only stops when he realizes that he has fulfilled his goal of always being ahead.
  6. Capricorn is an Earth element sign, which gives it the “down to earth” character. Capricorns know very well what they want and work with reality, with what is possible. Besides, they are very constant people and they love the routine.
  7. Although they seem closed off, Capricorns love to talk, especially about the topics that interest them. So, if you want to grab a Capricorn’s attention, take the time to listen to them, letting them talk about the things they like, it will make them very happy!
  8. The greatest goal in Capricorn‘s life is success. If you know someone from Capricorn, you already know that they are always looking for more. Thus, they are not content with a simple job and are always studying to reach higher levels. For a Capricorn, life is good only when success is achieved.
  9. Capricorns are also extremely intelligent and love to learn, especially when it makes them grow. Furthermore, they always support what they say and their references are very reliable.
  10. Although Capricorn people are very sweet, they can be extremely stubborn, and because they have very reliable references, it’s hard to accept that they are wrong. Thus, Capricorn is one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac, as its adherents believe they are always right.
  11. People from Capricorn are usually very homey. Capricorns really know how to enjoy their own company and love to spend long time alone at home rather than partying, for example. They also like to invite friends over for more intimate dinners at home.
  12. One of the facts about Capricorn is that people of this sign are very determined. Their determination makes them never give up on a project and always remain optimistic about the things they aim for.
  13. When Capricorns get angry they can be extremely skittish and say things that really hurt others. So, better not step on his toes.
  14. Capricorns can also be a little snobby at times because they think they can teach everyone everything just because they’re so smart. However, they end up being a little ignorant and don’t help much.
  15. Lastly, they love to follow rules. Capricorns, being routine adherents, rarely break a rule and are very straight forward. Oh, and when they realize they’ve done something wrong, they can’t forgive themselves.


In love, Capricorns have a bit of difficulty entering relationships due to shyness. Also, they don’t like sudden relationships, preferring to always build several steps before it gets serious.

Capricorns are very sensual in love, in addition to being needy and enjoy receiving attention from their partner. These last two characteristics are somewhat contradictory as Capricorns are extremely independent and self-possessed.

When in a relationship, a Capricorn person is very faithful and sincere. For Capricorns, betrayal is unacceptable, as they spend so much time building the relationship. That way, when someone cheats on you, you are deeply hurt and afraid of starting a new relationship later.

People of this sign start relationships believing they will be forever and do everything to make it work. Therefore, in order to relate to them, it is necessary to have the same intentions.

On top of that, one of the things that can hinder a Capricorn‘s relationship is his seriousness and difficulty in appreciating life beyond what he already knows. So maybe a more adventurous sign could help…

The signs that go with Capricorn are: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.


For them, the professional area is the most important in life, and that is why they are always looking for the best results.

These individuals almost always hold high positions and seek to stay on top. For this, they can sacrifice their entire personal life.

They are very human people at work, but they end up craving the place of those above. However, they follow the rules and would never do anything bad to harm someone and take their place.

Also, Capricorns are great leaders and deal very well with a large group of people. However, they don’t work well being led, especially if the boss puts too much pressure on them. When they feel pressured, they are extremely frustrated (which is not very common for them).

Finally, Capricorns are big investors and they know how to make money. In this way, they manage to build their wealth little by little, taking advantage of every moment.

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