Facts about Aquarius/complete interpretation

What makes Aquarius the best sign?

Aquarius is a very interesting sign of the element Air, ruled by Uranus. Like the other Air signs, Aquarius is open-minded and humanitarian in character. That way, if you come across an Aquarius, you’ll see straight away that he lives life his own way and has a revolutionary edge. Facts about Aquarius

Aquarians are excellent people and the proof are these facts that make the sign of Aquarius to be the best in the zodiac, which we present below.


Want to know more about the penultimate sign of the zodiac? See now 15 facts about Aquarians.

  1. Aquarians are very independent, even with what they think. Those who are from Aquarius are very open-minded and this makes them very curious and never trust pre-judgments.
  2. Aquarians are passionate about art in general, but music really touches their hearts. Both the moment of listening to music and playing an instrument are almost meditative. Aquarians are really able to feel the song more deeply and enjoy having a song at all times.
  3. Aquarius people are not very fond of those who have an inflated ego and put themselves as the protagonists of all stories, mainly because these people are generally the most “knowledgeable” and can be bossy. Aquarians hate anyone who wants to impose their opinion on being the best or who tells them to do things, especially when they don’t feel like it. Facts about Aquarius
  4. Aquarians have few friends, but they are certainly the best. They are very selective in their friendships, but prefer to have real friends than many and who cannot be counted on.
  5. The fact that they don’t relate to many people can make them seem a little cold, however, Aquarius isn’t at all. In fact, people from Aquarius just can’t show how they feel, but they certainly care a lot about the people they choose to be friends with.
  6. When Aquarians feel very emotional or immersed in their own emotions, they tend to be quieter in their corner, not going out or relating to people. Thus, they end up hiding what they feel and have a particular way of dealing with it. Also, when someone tries to understand what is going on and is asking too much, the Aquarius can get very angry. So when you see a distant Aquarius, leave him alone to sort out his inner issues.
  7. Aquarians are very independent and believe in what they do. That’s why they don’t like to take orders, especially when they go against what they’re doing. In addition, they do not like to ask for help to solve a problem, as they prefer to do everything themselves.
  8. Aquarians love change and aren’t very fond of routines. So they are always looking for new things to do, and they manage to do everything with a great sense of humour. However, when they go through a monotonous routine, they get irritated and don’t get along well with what’s around.
  9. Therefore, the Aquarius is the most rebellious of the zodiac, the one who hates to follow rules and established routine. Aquarians like to live life their way, no matter what others say.
  10. Also, they are known for always thinking outside the box. So they usually become great inventors, researchers and artists, as there are no boundaries for their ideas.
  11. When he makes mistakes, the Aquarius learns very well from them and rarely makes them again. Because they are extremely rational, they know how to deal with situations, especially those caused by themselves. So when they make the same mistake over and over, they start to get angry with themselves. Facts about Aquarius
  12. Because he handles situations very well, he usually helps others. When someone is in need of advice or just a friend to talk to, the Aquarius is excellent as he listens attentively and gives excellent advice.
  13. Aquarians love to learn and can absorb knowledge quickly. So they are generally great students and are always looking to learn more, no matter what or how. This is one of the main reasons for being unprejudiced and open-minded people, so they never stop exploring and learning about new points of view.
  14. The Aquarius also dreams of changing the world, so he is always willing to forgive and transform. When someone hurts them, they’re sure to get another chance. That’s because Aquarians believe that everything can change, including people, and that’s what makes the world change too.
  15. Finally, Aquarians have very strong opinions of their own and are not afraid to say what they think. They like to listen, but they also like to be listened to, and when they go to talk, they want people to stop and listen and pay attention to their thoughts.

Next, you see more of Aquarius in love and work.


In love, the Aquarius is very independent and needs his space well defined. So they usually don’t get into relationships, and when they take chances, they need to have some time to themselves.

Thus, the Aquarius does not support relationships where he cannot go out alone and talk to his friends, because he hates rules and strings.

Aquarians are looking for a partner forever, so even if the relationship doesn’t work out, they manage to become great friends with their partners. Furthermore, they are extremely loyal and hate to be betrayed.

If you are in a relationship with an Aquarius, always try to get away from the routine and invent cool things to please him.

To relate to an Aquarius, you have to be very sincere and respect the fact that sometimes they don’t show what they feel, even if they feel sorry. The signs that go with Aquarius are: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces.


At work, Aquarians are great leaders and detest injustice. Thus, bosses are very concerned about what is best for the group and for the work environment.

As they do not like routines, they are always looking to innovate and tend to have very different ideas that involve everyone.

At work, the Aquarius doesn’t mind being told what to do, but of course he’ll always find a way to modify something to make it his way.

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