Dreaming of a dead man in a coffin/inside closed coffin/open coffin

Dreaming of a dead man in a coffin

Dreaming of a dead man in a coffin represents the end of a long affair and marks the beginning of a new stage with new goals. This dream comes to show us the changes in ourselves, in our habits and the change in the way we see and enjoy life.

When in the dream we see a dead man who is inside a coffin, this symbolizes obstacles, problems, fatigue, goals, changes, longevity, health and family.

Dreaming of a dead man in a coffin

This dream suggests to us that we should not resist change, and we should put fear aside, to start working on things that are positive for our life. If the dead person in the coffin is a relative, it alerts us to dangers that we may be running, due to bad decisions. But if we see that the dead man in the coffin is an old man, then this shows that someone will become seriously ill.

When the dead man in the coffin is a young man, it is a good omen, as it indicates a long and pleasant life. Lying inside the coffin together with the deceased person signals that we will have to take care of those around us. Perhaps someone very close to us is about to betray us or they will be speaking ugly things behind our backs. If the person who dreams is an entrepreneur, it alerts us to great losses that will leave us full of debts. If the dead man in the coffin cries, it is a bad omen, as it indicates that someone we know will pass away.

Dead inside closed coffin

If we cannot see the deceased person because the coffin is closed, it reflects our tiredness. We are looking forward to having a moment of peace and quiet where we can get away from all the problems that overwhelm us.

See which coffin has a crown

If we see that the coffin that the dead man has inside has a crown on it, it is a very positive dream, since it predicts changes in plans that will be very beneficial. Also seeing that the coffin with the dead person has a wreath of beautiful flowers on, indicates that we will receive money unexpectedly. Maybe it’s money from an inheritance.

Dreaming of a dead man in an open coffin

When the coffin is open and we can see the deceased person, it indicates that we will be successful in business, or our plans will be fulfilled. If the person inside the coffin is a friend of us, then soon we will have good news that will bring us much joy and tranquility. If the deceased in the coffin is a relative that we have not seen for a long time, it augurs great economic gains.

When we see that they carry a coffin with a dead man

This dream means that we will receive bad news, or that we will have to go through a situation that will make us very sad.

If the dead in the coffin is us

Seeing us dead in a coffin shows that even if we do everything in our power, business failure will be inevitable. This dream also means that many conflicts are coming in the family. If we see that they close the coffin with us inside, it reflects the desire we have to hide from the world and move away to be able to think things better.

See the coffin in a church

When we see that the coffin with the dead is in a church, it shows us that as a result of a bad experience, we will begin to see life in a different way. It will be a new stage where we will really begin to enjoy life.

Dreaming of a dead man in a coffin that moves

Seeing the dead man move in the coffin portends health problems. If the dead person sits in the coffin, it augurs that our marriage will deteriorate until it reaches its end. But if we see the dead man in the coffin moving his hands, we must prepare ourselves because times of great sadness and loneliness are coming. If the dead man moves and falls from the coffin, it is a very good omen, since it shows that our guardian angel will help us avoid great danger.

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