Dream of urinating meaning/smell/blood/a lot/bed/on clothes etc.

Meanings of Dreaming About Urine

Have dreaming about urine ever happened to you? Do you remember if in the dream you saw someone do it or did you do it? Surely you didn’t make a big deal out of it, like most people. And is that dreaming about this is one of the most frequent dreams and certainly most of us have had. Dream of urinating meaning

It can even happen more than once a week. Plus, it’s one of the most underrated dreams there are, few people really pay attention to it. But did you know that this particular daydream could be talking about your life or way of being? Well, consider the following.

The simple act of urinating indicates having control, in this case of our sphincters. So, dreaming of doing this may be talking about whether or not we have control over our lives. It has a lot to do with being able to deal with emotions righteously and confidently. Not to get exasperated and get carried away by circumstances.

Likewise, it may be telling you that you need to remove something from your life. Think that, through urine, we discard toxic substances, bacteria and waste material. It is a natural process that allows us to cleanse the body. So what you might be going through with your dream about urine is just that.

You need to clear your entire body, mind and soul of anything that has been troubling you lately. You may not even recognize what the problem is, but I guarantee that if you look inside your head a little, you will find it. Believe it or not, this is a very common dream among young children and the elderly.

For the same feeling of not being able to anticipate the desire. However, this also happens in adults. And for everyone, it really has to do with not wanting to be embarrassed. The fear of wetting or wetting the bed translates into fear of being humiliated. Dream of urinating meaning

But this is just one of the interpretations offered by this dream vision. There are many more, but you must analyze them, just like the setting in which your dream is realized. These two factors must be associated with how your current life is emotional, mental and spiritual.

What do dream about urine really mean?

As mentioned earlier, this dream can be as common as it is repetitive. For the vast majority, it is simply a reflex of wanting to go to the bathroom. So it’s not surprising that immediately after this dream you wake up feeling your bladder burst.

It’s normal and is similar to dreaming about wanting to vomit. Likewise, people who have trouble urinating for whatever reason may experience these daydreams repeatedly. What also happens to those who are scheduled to go to the bathroom at certain times.

However, this dream may have to do with feeling liberation. It is true that when you suffer from craving and urination, you experience great relief. So if you look at it from the perspective of dreams, you’ll know it speaks of spiritual liberation.

You may be involved in a fight, but it’s finally settled. Or you’ve just paid off a big debt you had a long time ago. These are all good feelings that make you feel better. However, if your dream to urinate comes suddenly, you should consider what happened during the dream.

Since this would indicate whether or not it is a problem. In this space, you will find useful information about this topic. So keep reading to discover the meaning of dreaming about urine. Dream of urinating meaning

dream that someone piss you

Someone close to you is exerting a lot of power in your life. That’s not good, it doesn’t benefit you at all. Analyze who is manipulating you and you are not aware of it and are allowing yourself to be taken over the edge. This person doesn’t wish you anything good, so he acts like that.

dream that you smell urine

This dream does not bode well. Your health is very fragile and you may fall into bed. It is recommended that you go to a doctor immediately for an evaluation. Don’t miss this warning.

It may be that you have time without control and are treating your body like a machine. You didn’t spend a minimum of time taking care of yourself.

dream of blood urine

Seeing blood in dreams does not bode well; it almost always indicates dangers or problems, and this is no exception. Dreaming that you urinate signals that there will be fights in the family, which can go away for a long time. There is someone in your family that you will discuss a problem with, and it won’t end very well.

This also easily applies to your social circle; there can be problems with a very dear friendship. This situation will cause you to break up and probably, unfortunately, cannot be resolved. Or at least not now, everyone involved needs to have space to calm down and clarify their ideas. Dream of urinating meaning

This is important, as what is said during this dispute can mark someone. On the bright side, this could be a warning. So remember this so you don’t do anything you’ll regret later.

It is also associated with having gone through a period of significant stress and distress. Your body feels exhausted and sore. You may need more than a few days to recover. What you had to live with is not easy and you know it.

dream about urinating a lot

As for this dream, it is not one of the most worrying. Urinating a lot is symbolizing that you are experiencing too much excess at the moment. You are living a life too quickly and carelessly.

You’re not paying attention to your sleep schedule, you work too hard, go out every night, or eat too much junk food. Whatever your body is, it starts to falter and wants you to start eliminating the toxin as quickly as possible.

With these excesses, it can also refer to the fact that, with so many pending issues, you are neglecting your family and social life. If you are married, your partner is not very happy, he feels that you are neglecting him. You need to slow down a bit and realize that other things are also important.

to dream that it really wet the bed

Check your health first to rule out a very obvious physical or emotional disturbance. The best thing to do is to consult an expert. Obviously, in addition, the very real dream indicates the complete release of weights in thought. You have taken control of what you want to accomplish.

Dreaming that another bedwetting

If it’s someone else who urinates in an inappropriate place, and you see it in the dream, it could be related to the way you see and value people. If you laugh in the dream, in the event, then you are an insensitive and indolent person. In any case, you should check these interpretation possibilities and see for yourself what should change as soon as possible. Dream of urinating meaning

dream of wetting the bed

This dream is one that speaks most about you. Indicate that you are someone who does not know how to control your emotions. When you get angry, you lose your temper and speak out saying the first thing that comes to mind, with the sole aim of hurting.

You don’t realize that this can cost you dearly. There are friends and loved ones who already resent and are uncomfortable with you. It is also a sign that you are not in control of your life.

You’re letting things out of your frame and you don’t know how to handle them. You need more maturity in your daily life and you don’t make important decisions so quickly. This can get you into a lot of trouble, especially in the workplace.

Dreaming that you peed on your clothes

You are not controlling your real life. You act by intuition, but in the wrong way. The results after your actions are reprehensible. It is necessary to think before speaking, as it hurts with words and generates conflicts with family, friends and work environment.

With this way of acting you are causing harm to others and it is time for you to worry about resolving this attitude. It is not possible for you to go through life irresponsibly mistreating and not even knowing it.

dreaming of wanting to urinate

If in your dream you wanted to urinate but couldn’t, it means you will have problems. Especially when it comes to your personal accomplishments. And the interesting thing about the case is that you’re going to pose the problems yourself. You feel trapped and cannot move forward, but the truth is that you are the one holding him back. Dream of urinating meaning

Your insecurity and lack of seriousness in decision making will seriously affect you. Unless you act immediately. This is also one of the most frequent views in the vast majority. This may just reflect that your bathroom time is approaching.

Maybe you went to bed without urinating and now your body needs to go urgently. Interestingly, this works as an alarm clock for many people. How the body tends to associate the urge to urinate with the first hours of dawn. It is recurrent in elderly people who suffer from incontinence because they are afraid of wetting the bed.

dreaming of urinating in public

This dream can be very interesting. He’s telling you that you want your privacy. It seems like you’re sharing a lot with a lot of people, and now everyone has something to say about you. You may be getting advice you didn’t ask for and don’t want, but you can’t say no.

It’s probably your family that’s intruding too much on your business and you don’t want to be rude to them. You must face this situation soon, because it is overwhelming you.

On the other hand, it could mean that you have something saved that you would like to say. There is certain information in your possession that you must make public. It can be good or bad. Maybe it’s an important confession or a statement without much relevance. But you will continue to have that dream until you feel free.

dreaming of seeing someone urinate

This dream is very interesting because it has two reasons. The first is that when you see that person urinate, regardless of whether they are male or female, you feel disgusted, it indicates rejection. But not from you or towards you. Dream of urinating meaning

You’re going to suffer a bit of contempt recently, a person you’re interested in doesn’t agree with you. This doesn’t just mean something sentimental, it could be at work or in a circle of friends.

On the other hand, if you feel sexual desire in the dream, it could mean that you like someone. And you can no longer bear the urge to tell him. Of course, it all depends on your current situation.

dreaming that you urinate in the bathroom

The bathroom is the proper place to urinate, so if you have a dream that you are urinating there, don’t worry, as this dream indicates that you want to cleanse yourself of some toxic matter that is in your immediate environment.

You need a decision to do this and you will achieve it. Urinating in the bathroom is a sign that you are going exactly where you belong to get rid of problems.

Dreaming that your urine is cloudy

You have health issues that you must resolve as soon as possible. It can be lightweight. However, you should not neglect yourself and go to the doctor for a routine check-up.

Dreaming that you urinate in an inappropriate place

This is not right, something is not being resolved properly. You chose the path that usually leads to failure. From that dream, try to think about the actions you are taking, because you will surely find that you are totally lost and, if you continue in that direction, you will not get good results. Dream of urinating meaning

dream that you drink your urine

You are in a process in your life of understanding your own mysteries. You investigate yourself and look for answers. You want many things to flow into your daily life. You want to clean yourself deeply.

Dreaming that urine with difficulty or pain

You are having a hard time releasing emotions that restrict and hurt you. The negative memories you want to get out of your mind don’t want to stop appearing, their recurrence weakens and even makes it impossible. You are rebellious in the positive sense and you try to fight what upsets you, but you cannot win.

You’re denying yourself some emotions and that keeps you kind of helpless. You cannot move because you are predisposed and close out possibilities. Your emotional restlessness is very impressive.

Something gets in the way of your business, maybe you are yourself because of so many prejudices you have. Your intimacy is affected by this tendency in your personality. In short, you must internally assess how you are doing and let the change flow.

dreaming that a baby urinates

The welfare of children or younger siblings is your concern. There is something you must specify. A change must take place because you have to, but there are brakes that keep you from moving forward. Problems can flow, but it will require extreme effort. Dream of urinating meaning

Dreaming of seeing someone urinate and you were disgusted

If you feel disgusted when you see that person urinate, you may be in a situation where you feel rejected. Something or something happens that you did that was not approved in your environment, whether at work, family or partner.

This dream may be associated with some oversight with your family and partner. Pay attention to the details that will really generate satisfaction later on.

Dreaming that you wanted to urinate but couldn’t

You will have serious problems. You must be very alert. Obstacles come one after the other and it’s all because you’re not making the best decisions. You don’t know what to do now, you need to concentrate and reflect a little to move forward.

The problems you must solve need you to act as quickly as possible, you cannot get stuck. In short, you are the one who is getting into trouble and is sabotaging yourself with this attitude.

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