Dream of someone hitting me/complete interpretation

What does it mean to dream of hitting someone?

Dreaming of hitting someone means something linked to the aggressiveness of that act itself. Thus, the dreams of hitting can also be linked to the battles you have been facing in your daily life in search of your dreams. Dream of someone hitting me

In addition, there is a possibility that this means aggression against you, whether physical or not, and it may be linked to bad experiences you have had recently. In general, the meaning of dreaming about hitting can deal with positive or negative aspects related to aggression. On the one hand, it can mean your success in your pursuit of your goals; on the other, you may be reporting negative experiences, and it’s up to you to find what best fits your profile.

However, each dream usually presents a different context, and the variations presented can lead to new interpretations. Thus, it can be interesting to know a little of each of the possible variations so that you can understand more fully what it means to dream of hitting.


This dream often indicates that you have some kind of pent-up anger, most likely at the person you’ve assaulted. There’s a good chance you’re a person who avoids arguing because you don’t want to get involved in any kind of mess, but that’s behavior that won’t always do you good.

This doesn’t mean you should hit someone, but it can be important to talk to the person to let them know how you’re feeling. This helps to avoid nurturing an unnecessary grudge and can make it clear how happy you are with the situation.

Also, the dream can be an indication that you are in a bad mood, in general, and that this is even affecting your relationships. As much as you are going through problems, closing in on it will only create a cycle of stress and negativity, which will eventually reach people who have nothing to do with it. Therefore, it is important that you try to break this cycle to open yourself up to positivity.


Although some people do not like animals, in general society condemns those who mistreat animals. An owner who attacks his pet is not seen with good eyes, passing the image of negligent. Dream of someone hitting me

Thus, this dream is an indication that you have not been taking care of important things in your life, and that you may be disappointing your friends, relatives and even your pet. So reflect to understand if this is really the case and what you can do to reverse it.


Dreaming of having crashed your car or nearly crashed it may mean that you have been living a very aggressive lifestyle and that you may be putting yourself or others at risk.

In addition, it may mean that you have been acting in a way to put yourself in direct counterpoint to the people you live with, and this could end up generating some kind of disagreement. Therefore, just as we must be careful in traffic, this care is necessary in our relationships and we must be careful not to end up hurting anyone.


Dreaming of hitting a friend may indicate that you have been having a disagreement with that person in some respect, and this has created some kind of stress between you. It is time, then, to let this pass. You have already “taken out” this anger in your dream, so it is no longer necessary to pursue this issue further.

Friendship is something very important, but it is necessary to have maturity to understand that there will be times when there will be disagreements and that this is part of it. You can’t throw a friendship away for small reasons.


Dreaming of hitting someone in the family can mean that there is some kind of resentment between you. Just like a friend, a family member is someone very important in our life that we cannot dismiss due to some disagreements.

This is even more problematic as it can affect the family as a whole. So if the situation isn’t too serious, it’s best to move on. However, if it was something that hurt you a lot, it could mean that you need some time to process the situation, and that’s normal, so you don’t need to push yourself too hard. Dream of someone hitting me


This dream is linked to the innocence of children and how they tend to be a more primordial essence of people. So, this may be related to self-harm, as you have been feeling that you are betraying your principles in life. Try to remember what you believe and understand that your actions may not be consistent with it. If there’s one thing we can’t forget in our lives, it’s who we really are.


Dreaming that you’ve hit strangers can indicate that you’re on a quest for respect and don’t want to let anyone get in the way. This is not to say that you want respect from strangers, but he is here acting as a symbol to everyone else in your life.

However, it’s important that you don’t take this to the violence side of your life. Respect does not come from rude words or rude attitudes, but from gestures and words that are worthy of it.


Dreaming of hitting your enemy is indicative of the negative feeling you have for that person, but also for anything that might pose a danger to your happiness. You’ve been feeling worried, and it’s a good time to give some thought to what you should do to overcome your life challenges.


Dreaming that someone attacks you gives you a certain passivity, because you are the one who is suffering the action. Thus, you may feel attacked by some situation in life and feel that you have no resources to fight against. Therefore, it is time to change your posture and attitude and be proactive in the face of complicated situations you face in life. Dream of someone hitting me

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