Dream about going blind/complete interpretation

What do dream about blindness or blindness really mean?

Dreaming of blindness or blindness means it’s important that you trust your friends, those who truly deserve your trust. It is a sign that you will be victorious in some disputes that you will participate. Dream about going blind

Dreaming of blindness or blindness is more common than you might think. Despite the great discomfort and often the feeling of anguish, it indicates that there are situations in your daily life that you do not see, or even refuse to see.  

The meaning of dreaming blindness is very much connected to your reality, and you must try to become aware of these situations immersed in your subconscious so that you can shed light on what is under the darkness.

Don’t run away from what you still don’t understand or hide because you don’t want to understand, it’s better that everything comes to light and you know where, when and how you can act. Continuing to ignore situations happening around you is like dreaming that you are losing your sight. In other words: you see, but you only see what you want to see.

That’s not how life works. It’s really complicated, but there’s nothing unsolvable.

Don’t be afraid to face the reality that imposes itself. Problems will always exist, and each time you manage to solve one, you will get stronger and stronger. And, thus, gaining experiences, you will be better able to find solutions to new unpleasant situations.


It is very distressing to dream of going blind and find yourself in a condition to feel around to find a way or to find a helping hand that will lead you to any place. But, actually this dream can be your unconscious sending you a warning for a better perception of your reality.

Something may be going on in your life that doesn’t really matter, but you’re putting too much value on it, and in the end it will be a huge waste of time and dedication; or, you may not yet be prepared enough for an opportunity about to break out, and that has scared you a little; or, at this moment, you may be sentimentally dedicating yourself to a person who definitely doesn’t deserve all of your appreciation. Pay attention and better observe the events around you.


When someone dreams that he sees a blind person, the first feeling that wells up in his chest is compassion, but the meaning of this dream brings the connotation of changing your habits, the customs implemented by you in the professional environment. Indicates that you need to act more cooperatively with all your coworkers.

You need to be more positive, more dynamic, with more dedication and sympathy. Get closer to the people you relate to, especially when it comes to colleagues with whom you spend a large part of your day sharing the same environment and breathing the same air.


The saying goes that the worst blind is the one who doesn’t want to see. Dreaming that you are blind can be understood along the lines of this saying. But when you don’t want to see it, you run the risk of bearing consequences that are often disastrous.

Problems and annoyances of all kinds will never cease to exist in our lives, and it is up to each one of us to face them, always looking for a good solution for the case, whether in the professional, emotional or spiritual field. Running away from them or getting around them is simply postponing their troubles. One day they will come to the surface and, perhaps, with much more difficulties to be solved. 


It seems pretty depressing to dream of many blind people. Mainly because this kind of dream brings the meaning of danger, of dread. Dreaming of people who are in complete darkness indicates that you do not want to be aware of the conflicts and problems you are experiencing at the moment.

Awakening to reality, however harsh it may be, is experiencing the facts as they really are. And if this is not the case, it will never be possible to find solutions that will take you away from anguish, fear and affliction. Courage to face the annoyances is the first action to be taken. One step further and awareness will open your eyes to look for solutions and resolve at once what is needed.


Dreaming of a blind man recovering his sight is basically the search for awareness of existing problems and the consequent determination to solve them. Try, through a meditation, to find your “inner self”.

To do this, close your eyes and step away from the real world for a moment. Make a deep review of your life, your attitudes, your conduct towards the people around you, whether in the workplace, in the circle of friends or in the family environment. Dedicate yourself to your deepest intimacy. This will do you a lot of good and help you find a safer and more confident path. From there, the solution to your problems will arise naturally.


Dreaming of a blind child can demonstrate that reprehensible behavior from the past persists in haunting your life. This memory can be quite painful and, therefore, it is necessary to work on this conflict to get rid of it. Look for a therapeutic professional who will help you get rid of this discomfort.

This dream may also indicate that you need to be more aware and not trust too much of everyone who will approach you. Don’t tell your secrets or open your heart so easily. Be more restrained.


Dreaming of a blind person walking down the street indicates that you are dedicating yourself to a friendship that doesn’t deserve your sincere feelings. Be wary of this friendship and stay alert, as this person may be trying to create difficulties with the intention of boycotting you.

Always believe in people, as there are a lot of good people, well intentioned and who want our good, but while you are not sure who you are dealing with, be very careful not to be disappointed in the future. You can’t be too careful. Open your eyes and walk safely.


This dream seems to have a view to social work or volunteering, but in fact, dreaming of a school for the visually impaired means the arrival of major conflicts in your life. Be prepared to face the problems that will come, because they won’t be easy to solve. But, with great caution and intelligence, you will be able to resolve all these annoyances. Act very calmly and prudently. Don’t get carried away with anxiety to see all conflicts resolved as quickly as possible. All in good time.


Here, the old saying can also be applied: the worst blind is the one who doesn’t want to see. Dreaming that you are blindfolded does not mean that you can easily ignore the problems that arise in your life. That’s not how it happens, you’ll have to face them.

At first, you may even despair because you don’t see a solution, but in fact, you will need to be very calm, because there is no evil that will always last, so the solution will always be on the way. With wisdom you will find the right resolution. Letting go of the problem won’t help you at all, as it won’t go away on its own.

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