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Descendant characteristics in signs

When we talk about astrology, we often refer to the sun house sign as the one that defines the personality, however, we are linked to a map of possible combinations between planets, houses and signs that defines our personality in different aspects, and not just through our sun sign. Descendant sign

The Descendant sign is opposite the Ascendant and is located in the seventh house of the birth chart. It is present in our map and defines several aspects, such as the way we relate to each other in a relationship, the characteristics we seek not only in our partner, but in all the people we live with.

When we get to know our Descendant, we can also better understand our own defects, as he also symbolizes virtues that we lack and that’s why we seek. Check below the main characteristics of the Descendant positioned at home.


People with the Descendant in Aries usually have the Ascendant in Libra, making them indecisive, so they tend to look for people who really connect with relationships, they need people who are decisive, who face what lies ahead together, without thinking long before acting.

Intense love is a characteristic of people with the seventh house in this sign. They are also very objective and enthusiastic people, they like to have contact with creative people and who have the potential to put projects that are worth moving forward.

A problem in relationships for people with Aries Descendants may be the high expectations she places on the relationship. They usually look for people who take the initiative and, when that doesn’t happen, they can feel frustrated and easily become discouraged from the relationship. Descendant sign


The Descendant in Taurus seeks to establish constructive and secure relationships, usually have the Ascendant in Scorpio, which drives them to search for stability and depth in the relationship.

Generally, people with the seventh house in this sign tend to have very lasting loves and friendships, they are quite selective because they are afraid of hurt. They like people who can demonstrate that they are trustworthy, they are also very loyal.

At the same time, they tend to be very possessive and tend to demand a lot of reciprocity. If they feel insecure, the tendency is for the relationship to break up and distance themselves completely from the person, as if they no longer know them.


Generally with the Ascendant in Sagittarius, which brings lightness and curiosity, people with the Descendant in Gemini tend to seek intellectually powerful people, with whom they can exchange subjective experiences and form new knowledge.

Like communicative people and who follow the same communicative wave, they may have difficulty understanding introverted people, not being able to establish a good connection with them.


Individuals with Ascendant in Cancer usually have the Ascendant in Capricorn, which makes them look for people who are truly engaged in the relationship and offer security, and causes them to be very loving and express a lot of their emotions, contrary to their Ascendant.

People with a Cancer Descendant look for courage and strength to give their heart, as they are intense and give it completely, that’s why they look for people who show they care about the emotional side of others and value shared moments. Descendant sign


People with a Leo Descendant often have an Aquarius Ascendant, making them need to express their feelings, be affectionate, and establish deeper connections with the people they usually admire.

People with Descendants in Leo like to feel loved and to be pampered, they love to be present in every part of each other’s lives to feel really important in the relationship. A problem with Descendant relationships in Leo can be selfishness and over-demanding, which can cause others to seek more space to think about themselves and distance themselves.


People with the Descendant in Virgo are usually quite whimsical and dreamy, having the Ascendant in Pisces. Thus, they generally look for people who are more organized and want a more stable daily routine, bringing more reality and routine to their lives.

They also like to be attracted to their partner much more than the sexual side, but also their intellectual and relationship qualities. People with a Descendant in Virgo hand-pick their companions, always looking for the qualities they like best before indulging in the relationship.


People with the 7th house in Libra usually have the 1st house, which is the Ascendant in Aries, and have a very strong, impulsive, and intense personality. The Libra Descendant comes to allay this immediate need, looking for someone who is more romantic and calmer and who demands that you think about the relationship before going deep into it. Descendant sign

They usually relate to calmer people, precisely to balance with the more nervous and aggressive side of the Ascendant, they can be bossy and always demand more from their partner in the relationship, no matter how hard he is trying.


People with the 7th house in Scorpio usually have the Ascendant in Taurus, which brings a need for stability and aversion to change. In this sense, people with the Descendant in Scorpio tend to seek to establish relationships with people who are very passionate, who are not afraid to show their emotions.

They are quite sexual and feel intense desires for the person with whom they relate, they need delivery and trust, otherwise the relationship does not have fluidity and loses its naturalness, discouraging the Descendant in Scorpio.


People with Descendant in Sagittarius have the Ascendant in Gemini, which reinforces their need for intellectual connection with people in their social life. They have a tendency to like people from different cultures, which gives them daily contact with something they didn’t know.

While the Descendant in Sagittarius is freer and is not very interested in relating to people who deprive them of their freedom, the Ascendant in Gemini brings the realization that they cannot live alone, and therefore seek people who surrender, be smart, have a sense of belonging, but don’t be too clingy, dramatic, or jealous.


The seventh house in Capricorn indicates an Ascendant in Cancer, and the combination requires the individual to look for people who possess emotional intelligence. They need to feel confident and secure that the other person is mature enough to be around to work out a future together.

The relationship for the Capricorn Descendant has to be very deep and caring, usually looking for people who inspire respect and fellowship, who like to share and are attentive to each other.


The Descendant in Aquarius matches the Ascendant in Leo. They like to admire those they relate to and don’t like monotonous relationships. They look for people who have an adventurous spirit, who are very confident and dedicated to the relationship. Descendant sign

At the same time, a person has to leave the Descendant in Aquarius with clipped wings, he has to feel naturally attracted, or he will feel suffocated.


People with Pisces Descendants generally have Virgo Ascendants and are more practical and serious people. To balance the Descendant, it brings the need to relate to people who are more affectionate, romantic and in high spirits.

To take the focus off self-criticism, usually people with Pisces Descendants get involved with caring people who like to be around and are dedicated to the relationship. They usually look for people who make them feel useful and welcome, who truly seek the company of this Descendant.

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