Cocaine dream meaning/consuming/selling/snorting/seeing etc.

Meanings of Dreaming Cocaine

Cocaine is, of course, an extremely dangerous drug and should be avoided at all costs. However, millions of people continue to use or try it, paving the way for it to be transferred to the dream world. However, dreaming about cocaine does not mean you are an addict. Cocaine dream meaning

But if you hide a hidden desire to try it at some point. Drugs of any kind in a dream are often a sign of insecurity. If you use cocaine in your dream, your subconscious is warning you of the consequences of your actions.

Perhaps you are one of those people who act before you fully think about something, or you may be starting something new that you haven’t really thought about. However, you must accept that your actions have consequences.

This dream can also have a connotation in how other people perceive your actions. You feel a new sense of energy and rejuvenation as a result of drug use. But those around you see you as restless, energetic, or anxious. Remember that it is difficult for us to see ourselves, while others see more easily.

What do dream about cocaine really mean?

Those who dream of cocaine denote opulence and life satisfaction. Perhaps you are welcoming a new relationship. You are taking on responsibilities that will give you a lot of anxiety. The dream is evidence of fun, social pleasures, grace and culture. You yearn for the child in you. Cocaine dream meaning

The manifestations of dreams with drugs, specifically cocaine, signal the power of your subconscious. You are showing off and showing off. No matter what happens, you will go after your desires. But be careful! You must consider other elements that will help you better interpret this vision. Here are the details.

dreaming of consuming cocaine

The meaning of dreams of using cocaine suggests that you will live a season of fun, joy, togetherness and surrender. You need to be strong, able to make a choice and act on a relationship. This dream represents intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection and loyalty. Someone or some situation has strong control over you.

Seeing yourself in dreams taking cocaine denotes emotions of love, desire, lust and burning passion. You are experiencing a dilemma in your life about whether or not to continue with your partner. You must decide as soon as possible, because later it will be too late and the damage from your actions will be irreparable. Cocaine dream meaning

dream of selling cocaine

When the dream shows someone selling cocaine, it means the dreamer knows someone’s secret. Here there is no fear of becoming a discovered person, but of knowing what someone close to you is hiding. The person who has this dream probably has little or nothing to do with what is kept secret from the majority of the group.

However, somehow he found out or was placed in a position of trust, receiving the secret to be kept. Thus, he has become someone who helps another person to seek what brings joy, even if he or she disagrees. That’s why the dream shows someone selling cocaine.

If a person works in sales, he does not necessarily use and find something positive for the person who does it. Likewise, the dreamer is making it easier for someone else to get what they want, even if it’s something hidden and may not work in a positive way.

dream of snorting cocaine

The interpretation of dreams of snorting cocaine is a harbinger of romantic and financial concerns. You are not being realistic. Your negative and pessimistic attitude is jeopardizing your future. This dream is an indication of your ability to get to the bottom of a problem.

However, you have no confidence in what you are doing. If you see your partner snorting cocaine, suggest something you need to act on quickly or someone else will. You are trying to contain your worst flaws. Cocaine dream meaning

Dreaming about a lot of cocaine

Dreaming about too much cocaine is a sign of the deep emotional stress you are experiencing right now. It’s time to move on. It’s time to reinvent yourself and have a new perspective on life. This is a harbinger of courage and strength.

A drug-rich vision represents ambition, hope, goals, and success. You are changing your beliefs about something. You will stand out from the crowd. You feel full of vigor and vital energy. You must face your weakness and the challenges ahead.

dream of seeing cocaine

Dreams of cocaine reveal the power of conviction you have over the people around you. You are happy with the way things are going in your life, but you feel misunderstood. This dream is an omen that your goals and aspirations will be realized. Though you fear being punished for the actions of your past. Cocaine dream meaning

dream of buying cocaine

Dreaming that you are buying cocaine means giving up on hiding the things you love, gathering courage and exposing yourself. Whoever has this dream is someone who, for a long time, was doing something hidden.

This action is not necessarily a bad thing, in all cases where cocaine is shown in the dream, it is just a representation of something that may be negative in the group to which the person belongs.

Thus, it may involve an affair with someone the group disapproves of, giving up on a diet or ending a vocational course. Regardless of what you were hiding, when this dream occurs it is because the person has decided to rejoice, ignoring the opinions of others.

Having this dream represents the experience of a new stage, in which you do the things you love without being afraid of what other people might think or say.

Dreaming of someone who uses cocaine

Dreaming that you see someone using cocaine is knowing someone’s secret, even if that person doesn’t know what you know. Having this dream implies discovering something that someone in your social cycle does in secret. So, as someone who uses cocaine, you’ve seen it, although it’s usually done with the eyes. Cocaine dream meaning

Although he knows, he hasn’t told anyone, not even the person who owns the secret. The fear here is that other people will find out, because it’s something you think is not positive in your life.

That way, when this dream occurs, it can be time to have a frank conversation and tell the person who knows your secrets, seeking help, if appropriate.

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