Cigarette dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about cigarettes really mean?

Dreaming about cigarettes means that there are desires that you really want to be fulfilled. However, not all of them will always be possible. It is necessary to be calm to take it one step at a time and gradually achieve your goals. Cigarette dream meaning

This type of dream can be linked to the need to take a break. The meaning of dreaming about a cigarette can also be linked to a carnal desire or even an addiction. This means that you have wants and you want them to be met. However, not everything can happen in the time you expect. Feelings of victory can also be linked to smoking.

Some variations of this dream may occur. Therefore, we need to understand a little better about them in order to fully understand what it means to dream about cigarettes.


Dreaming that you are smoking cigarettes may be linked to some desire you have. In addition, it can be linked, mainly, to a need to pause and reflect on your own behavior, relating to a certain power relationship exercised by you.

In this case, your influence and leadership may be related to smoking a cigarette in your dream. So this also relates to a sense of victory connected with that power of yours. However, if this dream is constantly repeating itself, it may indicate that you are acting with a certain arrogance. So, review your actions and behaviors and adopt greater humility in your relationships.


A good and prosperous life is what it must mean to dream of cigarette smoke. However, not everything is so simple. Success doesn’t come for free to anyone. You must battle to conquer your space. Cigarette dream meaning

Keep focused on your goals always to be able to overcome any obstacles that may appear along the way. Work hard and you will receive your deserved reward for it. This can also help in preventing financial problems.

This success is related to your ability to make decisions and, above all, your will power. Dreaming about cigarette smoke enhances these characteristics, which will be essential for building your success. So, give them their due.


If, in your dream, you are buying cigarettes, it may indicate that there is a compulsion in your life. Here, the most important thing is that you identify this compulsion and try to understand how much it is being harmful to you. Once you understand better about her, try to reduce or eliminate this negative behavior.

It is not shameful to ask for help to overcome your problems. Ask friends, family or even professional help such as a psychologist for help. When we join forces to overcome challenges, we become more capable of overcoming obstacles. In every case there is a solution. It’s up to you to look carefully what is yours. Take good care of yourself, as few will do it for you.


Offering a cigarette in your dream has the possible interpretation that you should be a little more careful about your health. It might be a good time to take a little closer look at yourself. Your health should be your focus right now.

It doesn’t mean that if you dream about it there is some serious illness affecting you. Stress, physical and emotional strain may be harming you at this time. So review attitudes and actions. It can be a time to slow down and give your mind and body a rest. If you push yourself too hard, it could damage your health even more in the near future.

Take care now to avoid worse problems in the future. Always remember that health is no joke and that prevention is the best remedy in all cases.


Cigarette ash symbolizes small negative events that will happen in your life. However, you are stronger than all of them and your happiness will not be shaken by any of this. However, be warned, do not get too involved in these negative situations, as they will also bring you something negative. Cigarette dream meaning

Avoid problems that could hinder your happiness. She is one of the most important things in life, and we must look after her. These events are fleeting. Never forget that everything in life passes. It’s no use getting stressed for small things, what counts is always looking for the best for you and your life.


This dream is linked to obstacles that may appear in your life. It is an alert given. This obstacle can occur in different areas of your life. That is, it can occur on the personal or professional side. So, stay tuned to be able to face any situation when the time comes.

If you prepare ahead of time, you may be able to handle any type of situation. Don’t get caught off guard. This is an opportunity to re-evaluate some aspects of your life from another point of view so that you can identify even if this obstacle already surrounds you. The more prepared you are, the better you will get out of any negative situation.


When dreaming that you are throwing a cigarette away, you are looking for an evolution in your life. It is a moment of profound maturation. When you quit smoking, you indicate that you are looking forward to a change. You are aware that this is hurting you and you are striving to improve. Get away from what harms you.

Throwing away cigarettes is linked to an inner need for change. You want to evolve. Take the opportunity to review everything that represents a delay in your life. Take a moment to reflect and better understand what you believe should go with you and what deserves to be left behind. Take the opportunity to promote a renovation in your interior.


Disagreement is the key word for what it means to dream of someone smoking. When you see someone like that in your dream, what you can interpret is that you are having a relationship problem with someone. This can happen both with friends and with relationship partners.

Disagreement can lead to some disagreement. It’s normal for you to have different thoughts from other people. Otherwise, we would all be robots. So this may be a time to re-evaluate how you handle other people’s opinions. Cigarette dream meaning

Know how to defend your point of view well, but don’t let it become a problem. It is very important that you stay calm with others in order to build and maintain good relationships.


Dreaming about a lighter lighting a cigarette can be directly related to your life plans. This is because there is a relationship which means that your plans, which may even be one of the oldest, may be close to completion.

So, you must work even harder towards your plans. This is a warning not to give up on them, as success may be approaching.

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