Chicken feet dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about chicken’s foot really mean?

Dreaming about a crow’s foot means a life goal, or a deep desire, in the figure of the crow’s foot itself. That’s why the context of how the dream came about is so important. Chicken feet dream meaning

If you want to know more about what it means to dream about a chicken’s foot, keep reading below!


Dreaming that you see a chicken leg is a sign that you are ready to achieve your goals, whether financial or in your personal life, but you are still not so sure of yourself to take action and get what you want.

If you had this dream but couldn’t interact with the chicken‘s foot, it’s a sign that it’s time to prepare better, to focus more and to redouble your efforts to achieve your dreams.


Dreaming of holding a crow‘s foot, but not doing anything with it, is a sign that there are people envying you or wanting what you have. Holding the crow‘s foot is the symbol for those who are keeping their dreams and goals very carefully in their hearts.

Watch out for malicious people in your work and personal life. You are often attracting the wrong kind of attention, and this can be detrimental to you and your goals and happiness.


Dreaming of too many crow‘s feet can be a sign that you’re going through a time of emotional imbalance and aren’t quite sure what you want out of your life. Many crow‘s feet symbolize the many desires and the many goals you have in your life, and this is leaving you confused and unbalanced.

Try to focus on what’s most important, paying more attention to one thing at a time.


Dreaming about raw chicken‘s feet means that your goals are not yet ready to be reached, or that your desires come at a bad time. Chicken feet can be very nutritious, but we don’t eat them raw. It is necessary to prepare well, cooking properly and if possible following a recipe. Chicken feet dream meaning

That goes for your goals and your deepest desires: the time is not yet. In fact, this dream is a warning to start preparing for what you want to be fulfilled, but only in the future. Stay focused and don’t lose faith that what you want will be achieved. Only for later.


Dreaming about roasted chicken legs means that you should pay more attention to your desires and goals, so that they are fulfilled in the right way and that you don’t regret it later.

Maybe you’re not paying as much attention to your work as you should, and that’s why you’re not getting the promotion you want. This dream comes as a signal to stop stalling and really focus on what matters.

Just as cooking some food requires attention and precision, so that the food doesn’t burn (or doesn’t go raw on the inside), the things in life also require that special attention.


Dreaming about boiled chicken legs is a sign that you may have relationship problems in your family, and soon. Now is the time to take that warning from your subconscious and talk to your family members; find out how you can repair your relationship and avoid a break up.

Be very careful at this point, as the relationship you have with someone in your family may be at stake, and possibly forever. Try to be patient and understand the feelings and emotions of your family members. Be sure to have a good conversation with your family and get along with them right now.


Dreaming of a cut chicken‘s foot is often a wake-up call for your professional or financial life. The cut chicken‘s leg symbolizes a real separation or cut in your professional life, such as losing your job or being transferred.

But this is no reason for despair, as the dream comes with a bright side. The paradigm shift in your professional life comes for the better. Maybe you’re transferred to a place that you really like, or you’re fired and start your own business.

And this “cut” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be unemployed or change jobs, but it can be as simple as giving up an investment that’s gone bad and suddenly switching to a much better opportunity.


Dreaming about grilled chicken legs is often associated with your health and diet. Grilled chicken is one of the healthiest dishes using this animal, and it couldn’t be different from chicken legs.

Make sure you’re not on a crazy diet that’s hurting you, or overreacting to something that’s hurting you. Even if you don’t realize at first that your diet may be harming your health, your subconscious has already sent the message with this dream. Chicken feet dream meaning

Make sure your food is balanced. If you need to, seek help from a nutritionist, and don’t go on crazy diets. Now is the time to pay more attention to your health and the main focus should be on your nutrition.

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