Candle dream meaning/burning/flame/unlit/buying/melted etc.

Meanings of Dreaming Candles

Candles are the most intimate representation of fire. It is the moment when a flame gathers to give us tranquility and light in our lives. Dreaming about a candle  means life or death, light or darkness, love or sadness, but it will depend on the state the candle is in in our dreams and also on the stage of our life in which we are. Candle dream meaning

Dreaming of a candle is for many a spiritual sign that heralds great moments and positive changes. But others are constantly afraid to link it to death.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a lighted candle, you’ll think you’ve been to a religious temple and that’s why someone would get sick, so we’ve created a list of meanings for you to interpret your dream well.

What do dream about sailing really mean?

Did you dream of candles? It is one of the rare dreams we have and it is due to the intimacy that represents dreaming of candles in any state and color. Next, we will represent the most frequent dreams with their respective meanings.

Keep in mind that it will depend on your emotional state to dream about one or the other candle, but keep in mind that if during the week you have been buying candles or have a pendant, it is likely that the interpretation is not accurate for you.

dream about white candles

Weeks of tranquility and harmony are coming. Dreaming of white candles foretells us that we need an inner balance and seek peace with our families and friends. If you are going through a bad stage, it is advisable to light white candles to create emotional stability between your reality and your subconscious.

Generally, white candles are those used for moments of spiritual intimacy. Therefore, your spiritual energy will be able to give advice and some people will approach you to ask for your help and opinion to get out of their problems.

dreaming of burning candles

Dreaming of lighted candles foretells life and strength itself. If you go through a stage of illness or distress, it will come to an end. Lighted candles represent people’s lives and how we relate to the environment.

If you’ve dreamed of a burning candle but felt sad and lonely, it means you’re going through a stage where you want to stop feeling those feelings, but you don’t have enough support. However, this dream predicts that you will soon be in a different emotional state. Candle dream meaning

dreaming of red candles

Soon, people with love and passion will come to you. If you are single and dreamed of red candles, your situation will change to a new love relationship, however, it will be with a person you already know and never tried to be together.

If you are in a relationship, your red candle dream invites you to take the next step or strengthen your relationship.

dream of colored candles

For having a dream with colored candles where a certain color does not predominate, foresee new situations in life, that is, the routine you bring to this day will change where you want to tip the scales.

If you are a person with a positive frame of mind, the best surprises and the best relationships are coming soon. But if you find yourself in a negative frame of mind, changes are likely to occur, but you will not take them into account and miss out on great opportunities.

dreaming of black candles

Dreaming of black candles does not predict the death or illness of a family member or friend, but it is a sign of bad luck and personal problems. It is a phase full of worries and unstable emotional states.

Anticipate negative changes in your life, therefore, you must be prepared to face stressful situations and conflicts with other people. It is advisable to light a white candle to neutralize bad energies.

dream about chandeliers

Chandeliers symbolize intellect, great academic efforts. Candles in chandeliers that don’t light symbolize frustration, something that isn’t finished or finished, if they’re going out it means luck is deserting you.

dreaming of new candles

If you dream of buying new candles or finding new ones, you are about to make a major change in your life that will affect you positively, but will drive away old acquaintances that have harmed you and will invade you.

It’s a special time to choose a new career, look for a new job and if you’re single, find a new relationship. New candles indicate vitality, but remember that feelings will play an important role, as you may just need to be alone to clear up your doubts and find a better perspective on your life. Candle dream meaning

dreaming of blue candles

It’s one of the rare colors to dream about. Therefore, its meaning is exact and announces the need to remain calm and meditate daily. It’s an invitation to stay relaxed and focused on your goals.

Take short days of meditation and write down the changes you really want in your life. Dreaming of blue candles invites us to get out of depression and anguish, to organize the next steps to take.

dream of the candle flame dancing

If the flame is constantly dancing, there will be changes in the way things are seen, evolution in thinking and simply leaving immaturity.

dream of yellow candles

New material goods will come into your life. Dreaming of yellow candles prepares us to use our intellectual capacity in new economic and educational projects. Furthermore, it predicts that those obstacles that were being presented will soon disappear and the new energies will be in our favor.

dream of green candles

Did you dream of green candles? If you go through a stage of health that is uncomfortable for you, it will soon come to an end. If your emotional states are low and you have frustrations, these green candles herald the renewal you need in your life.

In the immediate future, people with growth intentions will arrive who will provide the help you need. It is advisable to light green candles so that these energies reach us faster.

dream about lighting candles

During sleep do you light candles? It will depend on the color of the candle you are lighting to find an exact meaning, if you remember, read in this article what that color means. Candle dream meaning

In general, lighting candles is a sign that we need a change in our life, that we seek this light to find our way and above all an inner peace. It is a common dream for people who do not find a positive meaning for what they do in their daily lives and are looking for reasons to continue growing in their lives.

Dreaming of unlit candles

If you have dreamed of extinguished candles, you will soon witness the death of a loved one or the loss of something important in your life. It should be noted that it is precisely material losses that occur after dreaming of unlit candles.

Today we have become materialistic people, so our dreams interpret the material as something important to us, but they alert us to the dangers of leaving aside the spiritual and the conscious of things.

Dreaming of saints and candles

If you are Catholic, dreaming of saints and candles is a sign of fortune or profit for you. If you’ve been praying recently, many books claim it’s a sign that your prayers have been heard and your requests will soon have a positive response. For those who are not Catholics, it foresees a spiritual change in life and a feeling of peace, far from problems.

dream of buying candles

Have you dreamed of buying candles? It is one of the signs that you need an urgent change in your life. The feelings we carry daily determine our future, so the candles will represent light or darkness and it will be up to us to choose the correct candle to start a new path from this point. Dreaming about buying candles is the clearest sign to seek positive change in our lives and drive away bad energies.

Dreaming of melted candles

There are several meanings of dreams with melted candles, dreaming with melted white candles means that what you are praying or asking for, and waiting for a long time will happen. Candle dream meaning

When we dream of melted candles, they reflect situations that are going to end or are ending, it can also mean that we must end or end some situation that causes us discomfort or bothers us in some way.

Dreaming of melted blue candles means the need you feel to find and keep calm and meditate daily. This invites us to stay thoughtful and focused on what we want to achieve.

If you dream of melted yellow candles, it means that you will obtain new material goods and they will come into your life in one way or another. It also means that we must use all our intellectual capacity in new projects.

It also foresees the disappearance of those obstacles that impede the achievement of the proposed objectives and the arrival of new energies.

dream that candles surround you

Candles around people indicate that some damage may be caused, you must be careful with people around us. Candles that surround you with a very strong flame, are a symbol of an uncertain future, or some disease that will arise.

Dreaming of candles that have a wick

Dreaming of candles that have the wick on the side melting the wax on the side is the death of someone close if you dream of lighting the candle is a wedding at the door or very close, if you manage to light without difficulty they are successes achieved.

dream of pink candles

Dreaming of pink or pink candles is linked to relationships with others, friends, family, co-workers and people around you, that is, all relationships that do not involve passionate love. Candle dream meaning

When you dream of pink candles, your relationships with others, how you feel about them, and the existence of any unresolved problems, tensions, or conflicts that have an effect on your current life are highlighted. If the flame is steady and high, it means your relationships with others are strong, honest, and true.

If, on the other hand, the candle flame vibrates a lot, is low, or has difficulty staying lit, this means that there are relationships that are not stable, that generate mistrust, or that there are unresolved issues.

If you dream of lighting a pink candle, it means that you need to expand your social circle, that you feel stuck in your relationships with others, or that you don’t feel understood or understood by your environment.

If you dream that once the rose extinguishes itself, it means that someone in your environment will leave your side will disappear or take another path that will keep you away. If you dream of blowing out a pink candle, it means that you will discover a betrayal, a dishonest act, or that you will realize the falsehood of someone around you.

dreaming of purple candles

Dreaming of purple candles is about everything you should take out of your life, everything that slows you down or impedes your progress. When you dream of purple candles, you are expressing your need to be able to go on or reach a different state, but for that you must free yourself from something or someone.

If the flame is steady and high, it means that you are clear about what you must get out of your life or what you must end in order to continue or feel happy or free. Candle dream meaning

If, on the other hand, the candle flame vibrates a lot, is low or is difficult to stay lit, it means that you doubt, that you do not feel able to make a decision right now, that you still need time to do so.

If you dream of lighting a purple candle, it means that if you want things to change in your life or in a specific aspect of it, you need to start by changing yours. If you dream that a purple candle goes out on its own, it means that you are not able to make that decision and sacrifice yourself for a good opportunity.

If you dream that you blow out a purple candle, it means that it will try by all means to get what it wants without giving up anything, which will cause you disappointment and important confrontations with the world and with yourself or with yourself.

Dreaming of smoking candles

If you dream of candles that emit smoke or a lot of smoke, it means that you should leave your initiatives or endeavors for now, which is not a good time to make decisions, take risks or act impulsively.

The smoke from the candles symbolizes the difficulties, inconveniences, and dangers you might have exposed to if you acted now.

Dream of candles dripping wax

If you dream of candles that drip wax, that spill down the sides like tears, it represents the suffering you experience due to a circumstance in your life or in general.

The more wax or marijuana spills, the greater will be your suffering or suffering, whichever you are enduring, which will drive you to act in one way or another to overcome it, to survive. This dream reveals that you are in an extreme situation. Candle dream meaning

dream of many candles

Finally, dreaming of many candles will depend on the color represented in our dream. We detail each color and its meaning, as well as whether they are turned on or off.

It is important to determine whether they were single or varied colors, this indicates how much energy we will receive and how we will act in the days ahead. The candles will represent light, but if they go out, it will be a sign that things are not on the right track.

Dreaming with many candles predicts a change and depending on the feelings that surround us during these days, it will be the change we will receive, remembering that sometimes we will need solitude to find a better horizon.

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